How To Get Better At Cad

Earlier, we launched serial of discussion articles named
Piece of work Meliorate with AutoCAD. I didn’t become equally many responses as I expected. I saw that coming, considering non many people are seem interested to join. But I decided to become with information technology anyway. I hope the small numbers just because you don’t take fourth dimension to follow the serial and give your thoughts and share your opinion.

In that location are a couple of active participants (give thanks you PepaR and Neaton) who encourage me to finish the series. These are the topic we discussed. Feel free to read and share your opinion if you take spare time.

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What is ‘Work Better with AutoCAD’ all about?

It’southward a framework. A checklist. You can use it as a guide to improve your AutoCAD workflow.

  1. Many new users learned AutoCAD and then don’t know where to go from there. Practice makes perfect, but information technology would be better if we accept a guide and learn from others mistakes. Non our own.
  2. If you are good in AutoCAD, you lot have to improve your system regularly. We have to meliorate it because our team size change. Because nosotros piece of work on projects with new/unlike requirement. Or considering only there are new features we can have advantage of. Hopefully, these list can assistance you to meliorate it.
  3. And other reasons (Feel free to add your reason in comment section below this post).

In that location are 10 tasks posted. You lot tin do ane each day and complete them in 10 days, or yous can ready your own pace to complete them.

Part i: Working with Templates

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Template can set starting signal for you and your team. Creating a correct template tin increment your productivity significantly. Brian Benton covers why nosotros should utilize templates in AUGI here. Skillful reading if y’all haven’t used templates.

Here are some steps you tin do to create correct templates for your company.

Task one: Examine our typical drawings

First thing you tin do is to find settings and chemical element y’all tin can add to your template. Each industry may require different template. And so what you lot need to add to your template possibly different with the others.

If your company is a multi-discipline engineering science visitor, you may demand to create several templates. Observe mutual drawings and settings that you tin add to your templates.

Read and discuss what kind of settings and elements we usually add to our template here.

Task 2: Add layers information to our template

The most common setting we have in templates is layers data. You can use standard layer naming, or using standard you’ve been using in your company. If you use layer filters and layer states, you tin consider to add together them too.

Read and discuss how we usually create new template and add layer information to the template here.

Task 3: Add styles to our template

Another common settings we add together to our template is styles. Styles command many annotations appearance. They tin exist text styles, dimension styles, table styles, etc. There are some (relatively) new features that can impact your styles setup, like annotation scale.

Read and discuss what kind of styles we add together to our template here. Too discuss how many styles y’all usually use in a drawing.

Task 4: Setting up plot styles and page setups

Using folio setups can help us to speedily setup sheets/pages to plot. Your tin can save all your plot setup here, so yous don’t demand to fix them up every time you lot plot your drawing.

Read and discuss how to setup folio setups and plot styles here.

Task 5: Saving and using the template

Afterwards configuring your templates, now information technology’southward fourth dimension to save it and using it. Hither we discuss where you can save it. If yous desire all your colleagues to use them, and then you need to place them in networked location.

Nosotros also embrace how to set up it as default template and how to choose template when creating new drawing.

In addition, we also tin fix CAD standard using our template. It can be a good reminder when anyone creating styles or layers that are not ‘standard’ as configured in your template.

Read and discuss how yous salvage and use AutoCAD templates here.

Role 2: Reusable Contents

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Many objects in our drawings are typical. Instead of creating them over and over again, nosotros tin salve our typical objects so we can use them later.

We’re already using reusable contents in the old days, using dry transfer. Because today reusable contents are digital contents, nosotros should be able to get many benefits from them.

Task six: Working with reusable contents

In this task we examine which objects we demand to create as reusable contents. Nosotros as well cover block benefits, then you tin can make better decision. Blocks in AutoCAD is not only to reduce drawing objects repetitively. Blocks tin provide data and smarter.

We can employ blocks not only to speed upwardly the drawing process, but they’re as well can assistance for revisions.

Read and discuss about using reusable contents here.

Task vii: Creating your reusable contents

In this task, we hash out what are mutual reusable contents. We usually create common objects and some annotations as blocks. We also comprehend some benefits of creating blocks for those objects. And some tricks we can employ to blocks.

Read and discuss most common objects we can make as blocks and the benefits here.

Task eight: Manage and share reusable contents

After nosotros created our blocks, at present nosotros need to manage it. We can share those blocks so everybody tin use it. The simplest matter to do this is by sharing them on shared folder in your network.

You lot tin can then admission the blocks using several methods, the easiest way is using tool palettes. Or you tin create some AutoLISP or customization if you have experience with it.
Read and discuss about managing and sharing your reusable contents here.

Function three: Cartoon Management

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We as well need to manage and share drawing files to collaborate with the others. To allow you work simultaneously, you need to break the files to several files and combine them using reference files. This practice is mutual, but managing and sharing the files maybe tricky.

Task 9: Managing and Sharing AutoCAD drawings

Sharing and collaborating with AutoCAD drawings is similar with sharing reusable contents. Nonetheless, in that location are tools that you can use to manage files further.

AutoCAD provides Canvass Set to compile your drawings in a folder, to let the squad easily access latest cartoon. If you desire to go farther, you lot can consider to use Autodesk Vault or other CAD information management applications.

Read and talk over well-nigh cartoon file direction here.

Function 4: Customization

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The terminal topic in this framework is using customization. Why do we need customization? Because we take dissimilar ways to work, different requirement. Sometimes we need to customize AutoCAD merely to work faster. Or to do something vanilla AutoCAD can’t do. AutoCAD is very general CAD software, many industries use it. So it’s very likely y’all volition need some specific tools it doesn’t have.

Task ten: AutoCAD customization

Customization isn’t necessarily creating circuitous plan or plugins. Information technology can be uncomplicated tweak or finding the right plugins for you. You can consider to customize your command alias, add new command to ribbon (or toolbars), or creating uncomplicated to complex programme.

Read and discuss about customizing AutoCAD here.

Keep information technology simple, don’t overdo information technology

Those tasks cover many things you tin consider to work better with AutoCAD. Information technology doesn’t mean you need to do all of them. If it works well for others, it doesn’t hateful information technology works well for y’all. We need to go along information technology simple and easy for everybody.

Business man decision process management flowchart

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Our arrangement is supposed to make things uncomplicated. If we piece of work in big company, when new people come, they should be able to utilise it without too much defoliation.