Calculation BlazeTV to your Roku streaming device is pretty straightforward, only may seem daunting. We’ll accept yous through each footstep of the process below.

First, here’s a quick video showing the basics of adding a channel to a Roku device. You can learn more at Roku’south support website, here.

Now, let’south talk specifically well-nigh setting up BlazeTV on Roku. Yous can add the BlazeTV channel according to the video above. Simply before you can starting time watching, you’ll need to connect to your existing BlazeTV account (or create a new ane if you’re not already a BlazeTV subscriber).

Hither’south how:

  1. Navigate to the BlazeTV channel on your Roku device and open up it upward.
  2. You’ll be taken to the BlazeTV home screen showing contempo episodes, live events, and shows.

  3. Select a bear witness or episode (whichever you similar).
  4. You’ll be presented with a screen prompting you to “Delight log in to continue.”

  5. Here are the options:
    1. LOG IN
      ← Select this if you already take a BlazeTV subscription
       (run across step 6)

    2. SIGN Upwardly

      ← Select this if y’all Do NOT have a BlazeTV subscription
       (encounter step 10)

  6. When you select the “LOG IN” pick, you’ll initially see a popup prompting you to “create your account.” Please SKIP this pace by selecting “Abolish.”


     Unless your Roku account e-mail address is the same your BlazeTV business relationship email, be sure to select “Cancel”—NOT “Continue.” (Hitting “Continue” will prompt you to use your Roku account email address, and if it’southward not the aforementioned e-mail as the one associated with your BlazeTV account, y’all won’t be able to connect.)

  7. Enter the e-mail address for your BlazeTV business relationship. So striking “Continue.”

  8. Next, enter your BlazeTV countersign. (If y’all forgot information technology, you tin can reset your password here.) And then hitting “CONTINUE.”

  9. Once you lot’ve logged in with your BlazeTV credentials, you’re all set! You can start watching BlazeTV on Roku right away.
  10. If yous are non already a BlazeTV subscriber, you can create a new business relationship past selecting “SIGN Upwards” on the screen shown below.


     If you lot take an existing BlazeTV account, Do NOT select this choice equally it will create a duplicate account and you may chance beingness double-charged.

  11. When you select the “SIGN UP” choice, you’ll be prompted to create a new BlazeTV business relationship that volition be billed through the payment method connected to your Roku account.

  12. Follow the steps to specify the e-mail address and password for your new BlazeTV account.
  13. Side by side, you lot’ll exist presented with BlazeTV subscription options (monthly or almanac). Choose the pick that best suits y’all.

  14. Finally, you lot’ll be asked to ostend your billing method. One time you lot’ve created your BlazeTV account, you’re done! Yous can now get started watching BlazeTV on Roku.

For answers to additional Roku-related questions or technical issues, please reach out to Roku Customer Support.