How to Get Cinematic Mode on iPhone 12, iPhone 11, and Older iPhones

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Forth with ProRes and macro photography, Cinematic Mode is the biggest highlight of the all-new iPhone 13 Series. What makes Cinematic Mode so impressive is the ability to shoot videos with a shallow depth of field and existent-fourth dimension focus transitions for a cinema-grade output.

Considering the rave reviews, would you lot like to go Cinematic Manner on your older iPhone? Is there a way to make it happen? Turns out, you are not completely out of luck. Thanks to a third-party app called “Focus Live”, you tin actuate Cinematic Mode on your iPhone 12, iPhone xi, or fifty-fifty older iPhones to more than just satiate your thirst for vlogging. Moreover, y’all don’t take to spend any money to use the app. Cool, isn’t information technology?

While Focus Alive tin’t lucifer Apple tree’s Cinematic Mode, you can shoot videos with a pretty good bokeh event. Equally for requirements, ensure that you have an iPhone with either a dual or triple-camera module. Now that the requirements are out of the way, information technology’s time to go downwards to business.

How to Get Cinematic Mode on iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone XS

Step 1: Start and foremost, caput into the
App Store and then download Focus Live

on your iPhone running iOS 12 or later.

Step 2: Launch the

Focus Live

app on your iPhone.

Step 3: Tap the

Take Video


tap the take video option in Focus Live on iPhone

Step 4:
Correct in a higher place the shutter button, you should run into multiple video recording options:

  • Capture selfie video with portrait consequence:
    Located on the far left-hand side, this selection lets you lot shoot selfie videos with a shallow depth of field.

  • .5:
    Select this option to shoot a video with a bokeh effect using the ultra-wide-angle lens.

  • 1x:
    Choose information technology to shoot video with the mistiness effect using the wide-angle lens.

  • 3x:
    Select information technology to tape video with a bokeh outcome using the telephoto lens (but available on iPhones with a triple-photographic camera setup (i.due east iPhone 12 Pro and newer models)

Select the desired fashion and then shoot videos to your middle’s liking.

Shoot Cinematic video on iPhone 12 and 11

Edit Cinematic Videos with Focus Live on iPhone

Focus Live besides comes with a solid library of tools to let yous edit cinematic videos on your iPhone. So, if you want to tweak the background, use different furnishings or fifty-fifty add a funny vocalism-over, the app can alive upwards to your expectation.

Step i: Open the Focus Live app on your iPhone.

Step two: Tap the
Edit Video
choice located at the height right corner of the screen.

Edit Cinematic video on old iPhone models

Footstep 3: Adjacent, tap the
tab that appears at the lesser right corner of the screen.

Pace four:
You should see all of your cinematic videos. Select the ane that yous wish to edit and then tap
at the upper right corner of the screen.

Select the Cinematic tab in Focus Live app for iOS

Step 5:
Up next, it’southward time to utilise a plethora of editing tools on offer. From letting you change the background to utilize middle-catching effects, and to using different audio effects, it’s got you fully covered. So, exercise non fail to experiment with several tools until yous are satisfied.

Bear in heed that while Focus Live is available for costless, yous volition need to upgrade to the premium version ($one.99/month or $15 for lifetime admission) if you wish to unlock all the functions and effects.

Use Focus live to edit Cinematic video on iPhone

Step vi: Once you take perfectly edited your cinematic video, tap the tiny pointer at the top right and then select
Consign Video
in the popup menu. You tin observe the edited video in the stock Photos app.

Export Cinematic video in Focus live on iPhone

At that place you have it! And so, that’due south how you lot can apply the Focus Alive app to record cinematic videos on your older iPhone. Equally I said to a higher place, the app tin can’t go caput to caput confronting iPhone 13’s Cinematic Style in terms of precision. Notwithstanding, if all y’all need is a pretty swell tool to let you shoot decent-looking videos with a shallow depth of field on your iPhone 12 or older iPhone model, this one tin more than just alive up to your wish.

Since the app is available for costless, you lot can give information technology a shot right away to effigy out whether or not it’s worth your time. For me, it ticked all the essential boxes. The only thing that I would love to run into in it is the existent-time focus transitions. Hopefully, Xiaodong Wang (the app programmer) checks off this box as well quondam soon.


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