While many players assume that diamond is the pinnacle of weapons, tools, and armor in

, players can take things a step farther with enchantments. These are powerful modifiers that can increase the efficacy of an particular or make it harder to break. While they are nearly always useful, there are a few enchantments that are more malicious in intent. These enchantments are referred to as curses instead, and one example of such a malicious enchantment is the Expletive of Binding. Players curious about what the Curse of Binding does and how they tin can go about getting information technology should read onward.

Curses take the unabridged concept of enchantments and flip it on its head. Rather than aiding the player that equips the particular, a expletive negatively affects the wearer. The Curse of Binding is one of the nastier ones that tin can be found in
Minecraft, as it comes with a drawback that is incredibly difficult to circumnavigate.

Updated January 9th, 2021 by Russ Boswell: The Curse of Binding in Minecraft is i of the worst curses that players tin deal with, especially if they’re playing in a Hardcore world. This frustrating curse can take away a actor’s equipment slots and force them to use unfavorable gear. So what exactly is the
Expletive of Binding in Minecraft
and how can it touch on players? To amend showcase how dastardly the
Expletive of Bounden in Minecraft
can exist, the following guide has been updated to include fifty-fifty more information pertaining to the curse and all of the ways that it can negatively affect a thespian and their earth.

What Does The Curse Of Bounden Practice In Minecraft?

When the thespian equips an item with the Curse of Binding enchantment, it is impossible to remove by normal means. There are just iii ways to remove an item with the Curse of Binding, and only two of them can be washed in a normal survival mode game. The commencement method is to only clothing the particular until it breaks. This may take a while and can be a pain if the item isn’t very good (similar leather armor or something), but information technology will piece of work. Impatient players could instead opt to put their valuables in a chest and die, as this will besides remove the particular. Finally, switching to creative manner will allow players to remove the particular normally.

Thankfully, items are only attached to the player in one case they are equipped, and then information technology is vitally important for players to always read the enchantments on an detail BEFORE equipping it, as once it is equipped information technology will get locked and unable for the role player to remove. It is incommunicable to remove the curse from an item normally, and then players will be unable to scrub any items clean of the curse using a Grindstone or Crafting Table. The only exception to this rule is a Pumpkin Head or Mob Head. If players place these items into the game world and break them (without equipping them first), the Curse of Binding will disappear.

The Curse of Binding tin can be pretty annoying for players that run into information technology, as it means they will have to either crook or succumb to death in gild to get rid of it, simply it can be an absolute death sentence in a Hardcore run. Many players that load upward a Hardcore world and are afflicted with a non-durability item that carries the Curse of Bounden volition find themselves essentially missing an equip slot. The only way to rid themselves of an item like this in Hardcore Fashion is to cheat, or die, the latter of which will effectively end the run. This can be even more frustrating for those that are attempting a speed run and are a good distance into a potential run. Accidentally equipping an particular with a Curse of Binding can be a massive mistake in these instances.

What Can Players Do With The Expletive Of Binding In Minecraft?

Anyone that knows what the Curse of Binding does would obviously non equip the detail, so players wanting to troll others with it will need to either choose an unsuspecting target or call up outside the box a bit. Through the utilize of dispensers, armor pieces tin can be forcibly equipped on other players, so this could exist used every bit a trap of sorts. 1 of the more interesting methods here is to put a carved pumpkin in a dispenser and link it to a pressure level plate. When the histrion steps on it, they will have a Curse of Binding pumpkin on their caput that limits their vision significantly.

This enchantment can only be plant on books, so players will need to search chests, complete raids, fish, or trade with villagers to get it (only present in Java mode). Nevertheless, information technology tin can be a fun style to mess with friends, simply be careful to read the enchantments of an item before equipping information technology or players run the risk of falling prey to that very aforementioned trick.


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