How to Get iOS 15’s Live Text Feature on Your iPhone Right Now

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Alive Text is i of the major new features in iOS 15. The feature volition allow yous to easily copy text from images and photos on your iPhone and paste it into any text window. With iOS xv’s public release all the same a few months away, here’s a flim-flam on how you can become the Live Text feature on your iPhone correct away running iOS fourteen.

Apple’s Live Text feature might seem revolutionary at first, only it is not exactly new. Google Lens has had a similar feature for quite a few years at present, and by using it, yous can get a taste of how Live Text will piece of work on your iPhone correct away. Plus, non all iPhones and iPads will get the Live Text feature fifty-fifty when iOS 15 drops. The characteristic volition only be bachelor on iPhone XS and newer iOS devices.

Admittedly, Google Lens on iPhone is not every bit integrated every bit Live Text will be in iOS 15. Nonetheless, if you merely want to copy text from an prototype, Google Lens can also become the task done. To apply Google Lens on your iPhone, you will take to use the Google Photos app. There is no defended Google Lens app for iPhone like on Android.

How to Get iOS 15’southward Alive Text Characteristic on Your iPhone Right Now

Step ane:Download the Google Photos app from the App Shop on your iPhone. Set the app to backup all your photos and videos.

Footstep 2:
Open the Google Photos app and then proceed to open the image from which yous’d like to re-create the text.

Footstep three:Y’all should automatically get aCopy text from imagepick at the bottom.

If not, tap the Google Lens icon and look for Google to analyze the image. Tap the menu push on the left corner and select the second icon, which looks like a document.

Google Lens Copy Text from Image

Step 4:Google Lens will then show aText constitute in prototypeimprint at the bottom. You can so select all the text from the photo or manually drag your finger over the slice of text you desire to re-create. Then, select theCopy textoption that shows up at the bottom.

Google Lens on iPhone

Step 5:You also have the selection to copy the text to your calculator directly. Select theCopy to Computer
option. This feature requires that you have Chrome open up and its sync enabled with the same account with which you admission Google Photos. If the requirements are met, the text volition be automatically copied to your PC’s clipboard.

You tin can also directly interpret text from images and photos using Google Lens on your iPhone. Y’all can also use the feature to identify or gather more information about diverse objects in photos or images, similar to the new Visual Lookup feature in iOS 15.

Live Text in iOS 15 Has Superior Integration

Every bit mentioned above, Live Text in iOS fifteen will have deeper integration with your iPhone, dissimilar Google Lens. You will be able to employ Live Text throughout the OS across any image or photo that you come up across. So, you’ll be able to re-create text from within the Photos app when browsing through photos or from an epitome in Safari.

This makes Apple’s Live Text implementation superior to Google Lens, which requires y’all to utilize the Google Photos app. The latter has ane advantage: it will let y’all directly interpret whatever text you lot come across in an epitome.


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