PUBG Mobile is a very popular battle royale title in the globe. In the game, if yous have a look at your contour, yous will find that you have a thing called Merit points sitting at the corner of your profile. So
what is Merit in PUBG? I am glad you asked because that is something you really should know if you lot care about your PUBG Mobile account.

In this article, we will give you the respond to these questions What is Merit in PUBG Mobile? Why is it so of import? And how to increase information technology?

 one.What is Merit in PUBG?

In PUBG Mobile, they have a system to measure the behaviors of players, and information technology is Merit. All players in PUBG Mobile start with 100 Merit points. Y’all tin can bank check your Merit points in your PUBG Mobile profile. There is likewise a Merit History that keeps rail of how your Merit points increased and decreased.

The maximum amount of Merit in PUBG Mobile a player can obtain is 100 and the minimum is 0.

Yous can check your Merit points in PUBG Mobile in your profile.

Your Merit points will stand for your behaviors in the game. It volition be decreased if yous take some inappropriate behaviors in the game such equally being racist, adulterous, team killing,… PUBG Mobile uses these points to make sure players volition take a good overall playing feel.

2. Why y’all should care nearly Merit in PUBG?

So what is it about these Merit points that yous should care about? Well, if you take depression Merit points in PUBG Mobile, you will exist taken abroad certain privileges and get penalties. The lower the Merit betoken yous take, the worse it will go. Basically, you would want to keep your Merit points in PUBG Mobile above 90 points and absolutely don’t let it fall below sixty points.

Low Merit Penalties

Here is the list of penalties you will get when your Merit points accomplish certain thresholds.

  • threescore – 90 points: Yous volition get a xxx% reduction on your Battle points and Experience points.
  • 60 points or less: You will non exist able to find multiplayer matches in Duo or Squad when your Merit points are lower than threescore. Also, you will get a 50% Battle points and Feel points reduction.
  • 0 points: Yous will get a week ban.

Things that reduce your Merit points

  • Teaming upward with a cheater: You will non get punished the first time. Within a seven-day period, for each fourth dimension you practice it again, yous will lose 15 Merit points.
  • Squad killing (detected by system): The first time, yous will lose 10 Merit points. The 2nd time inside vii days, y’all will lose xv Merit points. After that, you will lose thirty Merit points each time.
Team Killing Pubg
Killing your teammate will reduce your Merit points
  • Squad killing (reported past players): Get reported for killing teammates will be even worse. The kickoff time, you will lose twenty Merit points. The second time within vii days, you will lose 30 Merit points. Afterward that, you will lose 60 Merit points each fourth dimension.
  • Cheating: Your account will get banned and you will lose 60 Merit points when the ban menstruation is over.

100 Merit points perks

  • The maximum daily BP earned is increased past 200.
Bp Earn Pubg Mobile
You can get more BP saily in PUBG Mobile with 100 Merit points

3. How to increase Merit in PUBG?

When you have less than 60 Merit points, you cannot find matches in Duo or Team mode anymore. If your Merit points somehow get reduced to less than threescore points, y’all need to increase Merit indicate in PUBG Mobile if you want to play with other players over again.

How To Increase Your Merit In Pubg 1
Play Classical Solo matches and become high placement to restore your Merit points

how to get 60 Merit in PUBG?
In order to get back your Merit points, the only way is to
play Classic Solo matches with practiced behaviors. The better your results in a friction match, the more Merit you volition earn.

  • Tiptop ten: Yous will get 3 Merit points.
  • 11th – 50th place: You lot will become 2 Merit points.
  • 50th place to 100th place: You will get 1 Merit bespeak.

And then basically, in order to get more than Merit points as possible, you need to play as many Solo matches as possible with expert results. The all-time map to exercise this is Livik map because information technology is the smallest map in PUBG Mobile. With a size of only 2×2 km, it volition have you around 10 minutes on boilerplate at almost each friction match.

Livik Pubg Mobile
Livik is the best map to get back your Merit points considering it is the smallest map in PUBG Mobile

Also, brand certain you don’t violate the rule of PUBG Mobile while playing. The corporeality of Merit reduction is much more than the corporeality of Merit y’all tin can earn. Otherwise, you will have to go along playing Solo forever.

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