How To Get Metaverse Explorer’s Backpack

created brand new Avatar items to celebrate the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards. The all-time part? These items are available for free to all players! However, you’ll have to participate in special Bloxy Awards events to earn them, like completing a scavenger hunt for the Metaverse Backpack.

How to go the Metaverse Backpack in Roblox

To get the Metaverse Backpack in
you lot’ll need to complete a scavenger hunt inside the eighth Annual Bloxy Awards game. At that place are eight items in total to collect and they are scattered throughout the game area. Luckily the area isn’t too large, then finding them shouldn’t require a lot of time.

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Withal, a couple of these items are subconscious in difficult spots. Read on beneath for the exact locations of all eight scavenger hunt items.

Note:While it isn’t necessary to complete the scavenger hunt in whatsoever particular order, we propose post-obit along step-past-step to this guide. We believe that some items are easier to notice when gathered in this social club.

Item One: Ticket – Updated Location

Update March 29, 2021:Robloxremoved the speakers that were on the Footing Flooring. Because of this removal, they take moved the location of the ticket. We’ve updated Item Ane: Ticket with the new location, with a new moving picture provided.

One of the first items you’ll find is a Ticket, which tin be found
straight between a concession stand up and window, on the basis flooring area where you spawn.

When y’all spawn into the Hub game, look toward the big window. One time you’re facing the window, look toward the left concession stand up—the ticket is right behind that shop.

Item Two: Plushie

The 2d item you lot’ll want to take hold of later on the Ticket is the first Plushie. The Plushie is located
above one of the concession stands, atop a hanging ledge.

For further context, you’ll want to
climb the concession stand
that is located closest to the Bloxy Award speakers, on the
left side of the area.
Once you’re nigh the correct concession stand,
sew the ramp and jump toward the hanging ledge.
When you’ve made the spring successfully, the Plushie will exist available to collect.

Item Three: Ticket

The 2nd Ticket is notwithstanding located in the Shop surface area. You lot’ll find the Ticket
directly on top of 1 of the concession stands.
The correct Shop to climb is the concession stand
located in the far-right corner of the main area.
One time found, run upwards the ramp to collect the Ticket.

Don’t worry if you’ve climbed the wrong Shop; there are four Shops in full, so you lot’re bound to find the Ticket eventually.

Note: Don’t leave this spot simply yet!
The adjacent item is located close by, and you lot might get confused if you run abroad from this concession stand.

Item Four: Imagination Core

The Imagination Cadre detail tin be found directly
on the large Television receiver screen
in the primary expanse. Withal, climbing your fashion to the TV tin be difficult if yous don’t know where to look!

To detect the Imagination Core, nosotros recommend
starting at the Item 3: Plushie location.
This corner of the room is exactly where yous desire to exist. Once you’re at the Item 3: Plushie location, expect down at the open path where the Television hangs. In the right corner there is a
thin, dark grayness ledge
(run across image below) that can be
climbed to the summit of the Goggle box screen.

Once y’all’re at that dark grayness ledge,
press jump multiple times
until you’ve reached the height. From there, you can
drop to the Tv screen
and collect the Imagination Core.

Item Five: Bloxy Cola

The Bloxy Cola item isn’t also much problem to find. Once yous’ve exited the Shop expanse and
entered the Walkway,

immediately wait left.
You’ll find the Bloxy Cola particular resting in the corner.

For further context, the Bloxy Cola item can exist collected by
locating the floating piggy
in the Walkway surface area.

Item Six: Plushie

Finding the 2d Plushie might exist confusing; it definitely confused the states at first. While most of the glowing windows on either side of the Walkway are closed off, you can actually
enter the glowing window with the floating house.

Once you’ve entered the window with the floating house, the
Plushie tin be found floating backside the house.

Item Seven: Wrench

You’ll find the Wrench item directly
parallel of the force field.
To find the strength field, travel through the Walkway until you accomplish the very terminate of the surface area. This area is where players will hop aboard the Metaverse journey experience during the main Bloxy Awards event. The Wrench is hiding
behind one of the large lights.

A Fun Notation:If you accidentally bear upon the force field, your Avatar will go limp and float effectually for a couple of seconds!

Item Eight: Helmet

The Helmet is constitute in the
same area equally the Detail Vii: Wrench,
albeit on the contrary side. Just search in one of the corners effectually here and you won’t be able to miss the Helmet
resting on the floor.

And that’s all viii of the item locations! Yous’ll know you lot’ve found all of the items if a Badge Notification appears in the bottom-correct corner of your screen. If y’all’ve missed the Badge notification, don’t worry: the Metaverse Backpack will automatically be placed in yourRobloxInventory, ready to exist equipped at your leisure.

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