How To Get Procreate On Mac

If you lot’re an artist, y’all’ve probably heard of Procreate – one of the most well-known cartoon and sketching apps available on the market place. Information technology’due south a portable art studio that includes such astonishing features equally QuickShape feature for perfect shapes, 3D painting, 25+ layer blend modes, colour naming, continuous car-save, and many more.

Withal, there are a few things about this software that forestall some artists from taking reward of it. In this article, nosotros explain why the Procreate tool isn’t for everyone and compare apps like Procreate with each other.

Allow’s start with a couple of the about important things you should know about Procreate before investing money into it.

Procreate is a handy tool for digital hand-drawn art, only non for graphics. Because it’s raster-based, scaling images upwardly and downwardly is difficult. So if you lot want to make a living as a graphic designer, Procreate shouldn’t exist your but tool.

On height of that, this drawing and sketching app was designed exclusively for the iPad Pro. Earlier purchasing the app, cheque the iOS version of your tablet considering only iPadOS fourteen.4 or newer can be installed on the device. You can also use a Procreate Pocket version on your iPhone.

Is in that location Procreate for Mac desktop?

The curt reply is no. As mentioned higher up, the app is simply compatible with iPads and iPhones. You also won’t be able to employ it on Android and Windows.

Can you run Procreate on Mac?

Although there is a way to use Procreate on MacBook by “sideloading” the tool on the new M1 bit Macs, Apple is making information technology increasingly difficult. Recent updates to Large Sur and Monterey have blocked this backdoor for most apps.

With this in listen, we created a listing of the best drawing apps for Mac.

Tayasui Sketches

Tayasui Sketches is a beautiful, gorgeously minimal drawing tool compatible with iOS, Mac, and all Android devices. The best part about the app is how uncomplicated information technology is to use, cheers to the clean UI and bones yet powerful functionality.

Tayasui Sketches allows you to experiment with layers in your artwork. Y’all can start with pencil sketches and get to watercolors and more with an unquestionably small merely sophisticated brush selection. There are ultra-thin pens, pencils, markers, calligraphy brushes, a smudging stick, a knife, paintbrushes, and an airbrush among other things.

The software has a cute feeling of minimalism well-nigh information technology, which makes it even more appealing to artists.

Tayasui Sketches’ pinnacle advantages are:

  • Convenient pattern
  • multiplatform back up (Mac, iOS, Android)
  • pen, pencil, and brush stroke effects that are incredibly realistic
  • saveable colour palettes

Disadvantages of Tayasui Sketches:

  • No canvas rotation selection as you lot draw
  • the complimentary version lacks layering

The cracking affair about Tayasui Sketches is that it’s part of the Setapp app collection. By paying $9.99 per month, you become admission to 230+ useful tools for Mac and iPhone. For example, Hustl, 1 of the beloved apps of artists, allows yous to record your Mac’southward screen and turn the recording into a high-quality time lapse.



Krita is a free and open-source painting program that may be used by both novice and professional artists. Illustrators, 3D artists, concept designers, and visual effects creators dear it because of its rich features and rapid performance. Krita is as well widely used in the film and video game evolution industry.

Information technology comes with a diverseness of tools for layering, transforming, blending, duplicating, smoothing, mixing colors, and more.

What we liked nearly Krita the almost was its brush engines. Yous tin can play with the settings of the brush engines and make your own brushes. Possibilities are endless.

Krita’s interface is simple and well-organized but not as clean as Procreate’s UI.

Creative person and Express are the two versions of Krita. The Artist edition is designed for experienced digital artists who desire to produce excellent work while giving their audience more than liberty and flexibility. The Express edition, on the other paw, is designed for users who have no prior expertise with digital painting. The tool is compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Krita’s meridian advantages are:

  • Flexible interface
  • 100+ professional person brushes + unique engines to customize brushes
  • price (it’southward free)

Disadvantages of Krita:

  • No mobile version of the tool

ArtStudio Pro

ArtStudio Pro

ArtStudio is another great Procreate culling for MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. It includes all of the tools needed to produce amazing drawings and paintings. Brushes, pens, and pencils all function together smoothly and precisely. You’ll definitely like the brush editor with 80 customizable settings. To accomplish a level of intricacy and depth, you tin create and edit art pieces in carve up layers.

The tool tin fifty-fifty record a video of you drawing, which can then be turned into a cool time-lapse.

ArtStudio Pro costs $xix.99 for Mac and $14.99 for iOS (one-time).

ArtStudio’s top advantages are:

  • Lots of different customized brushes
  • available for both iOS and macOS
  • unlimited layers
  • screen recording

Disadvantages of ArtStudio Pro:

  • The user interface is not very supportive
  • no documented set of written guides on all its features



ArtRage is a digital artist’s studio that includes a full set of familiar tools that look and piece of work just like the existent thing – canvas for thick, expressive oils and soft watercolors, a sketchpad with a complete set of pencils, and a sheet of paper with a stack of wax crayons. The app comes with a small-scale selection of brushes that can be customized depending on your needs, but y’all can upload brushes created by others.

If you plan to share your work with your colleagues, you’ll notice the collaboration/sharing tools rather handy.

Artists, illustrators, animators, sketchers, and anyone else who wishes to discover or rediscover the thrill of sketching and painting will honey this app!

It’due south available for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

ArtRage’s pinnacle advantages are:

  • Stylish and intuitive interface
  • realistic painting tools
  • suitable for beginners and experts
  • multiplatform support

Disadvantages of ArtRage:

  • No sail rotation option as y’all draw
  • a express supply of brushes



Photoshop is well-nigh renowned for its photograph-editing capabilities, only it also has tools for a variety of other tasks. It features digital illustration tools similar to Procreate, such as a brush drove and the ability to create numerous layers in a project.

However, while Photoshop allows you to have hundreds of layers, Procreate limits their number depending on the size of your canvass. This means you tin can utilise Photoshop to design considerably more than intricate and detailed projects.

The tool is available for Mac and Windows, and while nearly people use information technology on their computers, information technology’due south too available as an iPad app. You lot can buy Photoshop on a subscription basis starting at $nineteen.99 per calendar month.

Photoshop’south top advantages are:

  • A wide range of tools that tin can handle illustrations, graphic design, animation, and photo edits
  • works on both PC and Mac environments

Disadvantages of Photoshop:

  • Expensive app with a monthly fee
  • the learning curve for understanding all of the tools and functionalities is quite steep

Best alternatives to Procreate for MacBook: our tiptop picks

And then hither y’all have a list of the most usually used painting apps for Mac instead of Procreate. Tayasui Sketches, Krita, ArtStudio Pro, ArtRage, Photoshop – all of them offer a wide range of features and capabilities to assistance you bring your creative vision to life.

While all are flexible and great to piece of work with, it’s of import to know which ane is right for you. Luckily, some of them are completely gratis (Krita), others can be tested during a trial period. For example, Tayasui Sketches is function of the Setapp app drove. In add-on to this tool, you can accept advantage of 230+ apps (including Hustl) to solve whatever tasks related to inventiveness, productivity, blogging, task direction, security, and more than.

Try Tayasui Sketches for free for a 7-twenty-four hours trial period with your Setapp subscription.