How To Grow Pumpkin In Minecraft

How To Grow Pumpkins In Minecraft

Updated: Aug nineteen, 2022 2:53 pm

Minecraft Pumpkins have more than uses than yous might realise. Of course, yous tin apply them for food, merely at that place are other, more than decorative, uses, too. And fifty-fifty an important survival awarding.

To farm Pumpkins in Minecraft, you’ll starting time need to find a pumpkin or Pumpkin seeds in your Minecraft overworld. Pumpkins are often plant in the Windswept Hills, Windswept Gravelly Hills, and Plains biomes, or in Villages. You may also find Pumpkin Seeds in loot chests in Villages, Dungeons, Woodland Mansions and Mineshafts.

If you’re working from a Pumpkin, though, once you’ve constitute 1, it’s time to dig it up. Simply hit the Pumpkin with the utilize push button, the same as you would the suspension a tree or other cake. While you lot tin interruption a Pumpkin with your manus, the quickest method is with an Axe.

How to get Pumpkin Seeds in Minecraft

As mentioned above, y’all tin can find Pumpkin Seeds in your Minecraft earth without having to locate Pumpkins in the wild. Pumpkin Seeds may announced in loot chests in Dungeons, Villages, Mineshafts and Woodland Mansions. In Bedrock Edition, if you offset your game with a bonus Chest, yous may fifty-fifty outset off with Pumpkin Seeds in your arsenal.

While yous’re looking through these chests, you may also find Beetroot Seeds and Melon Seeds. Beetroot Seeds tin exist found in all of the same locations, as well as End Urban center Chests, while Melon Seeds might be found in Dungeon, Mineshaft or Woodland Mansion Chests.

Pumpkin Seeds in Minecraft Mineshaft Chest

If you find a Pumpkin out in the wild before you find its seeds, so don’t rush to plow it into a Pumpkin Pie. Make sure y’all get those seeds out, and subcontract them – for endless Pumpkin Pies!

Where to find Pumpkins in Minecraft

To craft Pumpkin Seeds, you tin can either use a Crafting Table or your own, on-person crafting block. Simply open your inventory and place a Pumpkin in any of the crafting grid spaces. You lot’ll then be able to take four Pumpkin Seeds out of the right hand side of the Crafting UI.

Pumpkin Seeds Minecraft Crafting recipe

Actually, the best mode to obtain Pumpkin seeds involves the best of both worlds! By carving a Pumpkin – not just for Halloween – you volition get together Pumpkin Seeds, while too keeping a nice decorative Carved Pumpkin item to boot. Equally yous’ll see farther down, this in itself has its own uses.

How to farm Minecraft Pumpkins from Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are intended for field planting only. They found a stalk where planted, and finally create a pumpkin on any side by side Dirt block, Grass block, Farmland, Podzol, Moss Block or Coarse Dirt cake.

Pumpkin farm Minecraft

If a Pumpkin has already grown on a nearby block, the stem will remain fallow until the pumpkin is removed, as each stem can but grow one Pumpkin at a time. However, each unmarried stem has an infinite capacity for producing pumpkins. So, unlike other arable crops, you don’t take to re-sow seeds each time you obtain a Pumpkin.

In order to grow, Pumpkin Seeds – and subsequent stems – need a minimum light intensity of 10 in the block above the stem to grow and produce pumpkins.

While Bone Meal does affect the evolution of Pumpkin Seeds into a stem, it does not affect Pumpkin production. The stalk twists after a pumpkin has grown from it. A fully-adult single stem may connect to a Pumpkin in any adjacent square, giving the stem a full of five singled-out appearances. When the Pumpkin is removed, the stem reverts to its original direct shape.

Pumpkin stems are technically blocks. They are not available every bit things in Coffee Edition, only are editable in the inventory or added to Bedrock Edition via add-ons.

Uses for Pumpkins in Minecraft

Carved Pumpkin

A carved Pumpkin is created past chopping a pumpkin using shears. The Pumpkin itself tin either be placed first, or can be carved correct on the stem before picking. A carved pumpkin, despite its lack of protection, may be used as a helmet. When worn, the player’southward perspective is limited to a mask pattern resembling the carved confront of the pumpkin.

Minecraft Carved Pumpkin helmet

The pattern is not visible from a third-person perspective or when the F1 key is pressed.

Every bit mentioned, this doesn’t provide a lot of protection, and hinders your vision, then is not best used in place of a Helmet apart from one specific situation… Around Endermen! If you lot habiliment a Carved Pumpkin on your caput near any Endermen, anywhere, they will no longer exist aggravated when you look at them, meaning you’re far less likely to be attacked. This is nigh useful in Warped Forests in the Nether and in The End.

What’due south more, Carved Pumpkins can simply be used as an crawly decorative block, particularly in October!…

Jack O’Lanterns

Speaking of which, you can also turn a Carved Pumpkin into a Jack o’Lantern, a solid block of light that is formed by putting a carved Pumpkin on top of a Torch in a crafting grid.

Jack o Lanetern crafting recipe

When immersed in water, Jack o’Lanterns still emit light and have a brightness of fifteen. They are capable of melting snow and ice, much like the majority of other sources of light.

Try mixing some Carved Pumpkins with Jack o’Lanterns around your base of operations next Halloween!


A subsequent use of Carved Pumpkins and Jack o’Lanterns themselves is in the creation of Golems. Both Snowfall and Iron Golems can be forged with the use of a Carved Pumpkin or Jack o’Lantern (though the latter would be a waste product of a perfectly good Torch, as it makes no difference to the final appearance of the Golem).

To make your own Iron Golem, you’ll need the Carved Pumpkin and 4 Blocks of Fe. Place the four Iron Blocks in a T-shape, finally placing the Pumpkin on elevation, immediately causing the formation to come live!

Iron Golem Snow Golem Minecraft

To create a Snow Golem, on the other paw, you’ll need just two blocks of Snowfall, placed one on top of the other. Finally, place the Carved Pumpkin on acme, and your cool new friend will appear!

You can have this one stride further still by using Shears on a Snow Golem, which volition remove the Pumpkin, and your Golem will look more like a archetype snowman…

Minecraft Snowman

As you can see from the images, a Snow Golem is useful in creating a trail of Snow that y’all tin then pick upwardly with the right tool!

Pumpkin Pie

Past placing a Pumpkin in a crafting filigree with one Sugar and one Egg, you’ll be able to bake yourself a delicious Pumpkin Pie! Eating one restores 8 hunger and four.8 saturation.

Oft Asked Questions

Why Won’t My Pumpkins Grow In Minecraft?

Ascertain that your pumpkin has at least 1 vacant space next to the stem. Additionally, the block immediately adjacent to the pumpkin stem must exist made of soil, gritty dirt, grass, or farmland. Every other block volition be pumpkin-free.

How Oft Practise Pumpkins Grow In Minecraft?

Each pumpkin stalk takes around ten to thirty minutes to abound. This is about equivalent to 1-half to ane-and-a-half Minecraft days. Ensuring all iv neighboring blocks to remain open reduces the duration to less than ten minutes.

What Is The Best Way To Grow Pumpkins In Minecraft?

Past placing h2o up to three blocks out from your farmland, you may hydrate the nearby farmland, giving the dirt blocks a darker brown colour. Crops planted on hydrated soils volition grow at a faster pace. Recollect, dissimilar wheat, melons and pumpkins do not grow on the same block as they were sown.

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