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How to hide likes on Instagram? Are likes just a vanity metric you shouldn’t pay attending to or mayhap one of the factors brands and agencies use earlier they decide to collaborate with whatever creator?
Should you hide Instagram likes or allow them to scream at anyone who visits your profile? Stick around to discover out  how to quickly hide likes for yourself or for others and check out our list of pros and cons of hiding likes that should answer all of these questions.

If You Hide Likes on Instagram, Can Others See It?

The first matter to say here, is that there are ii options when it comes to hiding likes and views count.

You can hide them on  Instagram posts, and that works for regular feed posts – y’all tin can only scroll through the accounts that liked the video simply numbers are invisible.

Yet, y’all’ll however be able to see likes and views
for Reels.

What can I say… We’re a bit inconsistent, Instagram, aren’t we?

Can Yous Hide Similar Count On Reels?

With Reels, the preview for the likes count looks the same equally for feed posts, but when you really click on it, you’ll still come across how many times the video has been played and how many likes it has.

So whoever tin explain why Reels are an exception from this rule, yous’re welcome to share this info with us in the comments below. We tin’t come up with annihilation amend than simply, Reels are a popular format on Instagram atm, and they want to create some kind of FOMO in people past tempting them with numbers, or…The numbers are supposed to be an indicator of what’south trending on the platform… Only these arguments still don’t seem like a good enough reason for me.  Personally, I but think that if some people don’t demand or want to see likes, just give them that option on everything. That’s all.

On the other hand, you lot tin hide likes on your ain posts from other people, and of course you can also use both solutions at the same time.  In this instance, people won’t see likes or views count for your regular feed posts (so whatsoever images including carousels, videos up to 60s, of course with the exception of Reels).

Can you hide who sees your likes on Instagram?

Should I Hide Likes?

Initially, the reason why Instagram decided to gyre out this feature is as they said themselves, to give people more control over their experience on the platform. They wanted to depressurize Instagram, make information technology less of a competition, requite people more space to focus on connecting with people that they love and things that inspire them, which was a very noble matter to do. Yet, after a while of testing the feature they’ve decided to arrive optional since it ended up existence polarizing for the customs, as said by the Big Instagram Boss Adam Mosseri.

This doesn’t modify the fact that y’all might still want to hibernate likes for your posts and discover it beneficial, so permit me evidence you how to do it right now!

How to Hide Instagram Likes – Guide

1. Allow’southward get with the option numero uno: plough off likes on others Instagram posts, so yous won’t see them yourself.

Beginning, go onto your
profile. From there,
select the hamburger menu
in the tiptop correct corner of the screen.

Go to ‚‘Settings’. click on privacy and so the posts icon.  Correct at the tiptop of the screen you’ll run across the  ‘Hide like and view counts‘ option. Switch it on and you’re done. Now you can’t see likes or views on other people’s posts.

two. If yous’d similar to hide likes and views on your ain posts from the people who visit your profile you have two ways to do it:

Yous tin practise information technology at the stage of creating a post:

Upload a photo or video, add a explanation and hashtags, all the usual stuff. Once y’all’re done with your post tap
Avant-garde Settings at the bottom of the screen

and toggle on
Hibernate Like and View Counts.

And that’south it, return to your post and publish it. Everything that people can run into in your post from at present on,  are profiles that liked it without whatever numbers fastened.

how can I hide likes for reels

three. If yous’d like to hide likes on the existing posts. The process is really straightforward also.

Become to the post you desire to hide likes for. Click on the iii dots menu in the top right corner and striking „Hide like Count”. Too, if you don’t fancy people commenting on your mail service. You lot can switch that option off here as well.

The but thing y’all need to recollect about, is that you lot will have to repeat this process for every mail service you lot publish equally there is no way to make this the default option.

Another step checked off the list, and so now’southward a good time to make up one’s mind if it’s a good idea for you lot to hide the number of likes and views in your posts.

how to hide likes instagram

Is It Meliorate to Hide Your Likes on Instagram?

Here’southward when we retrieve you could consider ditching likes count from your posts:

one. Beginning, permit’s follow up on the origin of the idea for hiding likes.

The characteristic was supposed to empower people, and shape a more positive feel on Instagram, so If yous feel broken-hearted about these numbers. You lot’re nervously checking your phone for notifications after you lot post anything, or fifty-fifty worse start judging your own worth based on how you measure up against other people who appear to be doing better or worse than yous do on Instagram – in these scenarios hiding likes look similar a adept first stride to building a healthier relationship with the platform.

We’re not psychologists or therapists, so this is of course not professional advice but we exercise believe that small steps e’er pb to bigger ones and nosotros hope this can exist i of them for you.

2.  If the only matter holding you back from hiding likes is a business organisation that this volition bear on your stats, you should as well not be worried.
The algorithm won’t go upset with you about it. Yous’ll still be able to access your posts’ insights. Which is fifty-fifty amend if y’all think nearly it, considering you’ll be looking at the overall operation of your post. Not focusing just on how many likes it got.

3.  Another reason why you could endeavor hiding your similar count is when it becomes a vanity metric.
What we mean by that is when the number of followers, likes or shares  on your posts become more than important than your objectives equally a creator or a business organisation owner. Your Instagram objectives should go manus in hand with your business goals. Whether information technology is building a mailing list, raising your brand sensation or finding brands to collaborate with, your likes count isn’t the only metric you lot should be relying on to reach these goals.

How to hide likes on your own posts

Cons of Hiding Likes on Instagram

1. Instagram has been testing the characteristic since 2019, which translates to a lot of feedback from Instagram users.
The large Instagram Boss, Adam Mosseri, brought to lite that ‘For those who liked it, the feature worked simply the way they wanted information technology to piece of work. It  depressurised the experience. Only for those who didn’t, they used likes to get a sense of what was trending, what was relevant on Instagram, and they weren’t so happy virtually not seeing likes in other creators‘ feeds. So earlier you hide likes on your business or creator account, the thing to remember is that very oft people’s first instinct is that large numbers of likes mean quality content and eventually can attract more than people to follow your profile.

2. Thankfully, these days brands looking for collaborators pay attention to other performance indicators than just likes.
They use professional tools like socialauditor to audit influencers and determine if they’re the right fit to promote their service or a production. But if they don’t use advanced tools like this one, they will almost likely however pay attention to your likes count, the number of followers, your engagement in the comments and more often than not how your posts resonate with your audience. In which case, keeping your likes count visible can exist a good idea.

tactics to create shareable content

Nosotros feel that the more people make up one’s mind to hide likes on their posts the healthier Instagram ecosystem can become past reducing the negative effects of the social comparing on the platform, and creating a safe space for our more authentic selves. Which would exist a fantastic thing.

I hope that this article helped you to make a decision well-nigh hiding likes in your posts, and if you decided to go for it, we made it easier to go it washed with our brusque tutorial

If you enjoyed reading this post, let me know in the comments below what’due south your opinion about hiding likes on Instagram? Have you already done information technology or possibly you’re completely confronting it. I’one thousand very curious to see what you guys think about it!