Don’t want the app to rail your location the whole fourth dimension? You may wonder how to hide your location on Bumble when you want to.

Is there an pick? Or do I have to live with Bumble’southward automatic location tracking?

In this mail, we’ll prove y’all the trick of hiding (faking) your location when you lot’re active on Bumble.

What’s the take chances of the geotracking?

Bumble will always gear up your location based on where you lot are physically located when using the app.

This is the key part of using this dating app. Only is information technology always a adept matter?

Some of you may become nervous that
sharing your location impacts your privacy, and you may besides worry that
some vulnerabilities may be exploited by an assaulter,

even if Bumble doesn’t reveal your specific location.

What’s more, if you live in a small town or rural area, having a match two miles abroad could instantly give you away.

Tin I turn off geotracking?

This app but won’t piece of work if yous plow off the location choice.

Bumble won’t piece of work without location permissions. Unlike other apps, the app volition take its data from your Wi-Fi info and your phone’s GPS information instead of letting you set a location manually.

You lot may find that yous can’t run into someone’south location on Bumble. How could this be possible?

They’re either on snooze mode (for those you lot’re already matched with), or they’re not near one of Bumble’s geographical pinpoints, or they haven’t opened the app for several days.

how to hibernate my location even if I’m active? Actually, there’s a trick to make information technology happen — spoof your location.

There’s always software
that allows y’all to spoof your phone’southward GPS location.

However, if yous’re using an Android phone, you tin can plow off your GPS and utilize a VPN to change your location. Likewise, unmarried people that unremarkably use online dating apps should, according to TechRadar, consider using a VPN to avoid unwanted tracking online or in the real globe.

We recommend using a strong yet affordable VPN:

What nearly the Bumble Travel mode?

If you lot just don’t want your real location from showing on Bumble, you may want to take reward of this feature – Bumble travel mode. Still, it requires Bumble coins.

The travel way supports up to vii days, during which you tin modify your location as many times equally you wish.

Wrapping up

Don’t want others to know where you lot’re? Y’all tin hide your location on Bumble by using a third-party tool to spoof your GPS location. To farther protect your online privacy and security, it’s e’er to wise choice to go online on a VPN.

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