How to Install Fonts on iPhone or iPad

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iPhone and iPad can be bang-up productivity machines. The new iOS 11 features will brand things easier. But because iOS is a closed system, in that location are always some friction points. One of them is the lack of customization. There’south no easy way to add your ain custom fonts in apps like MS Give-and-take or Keynote. But of grade, at that place’s a third party app that tin aid you out.

All Fonts is a $0.99 app for iPhone and iPad that lets you install any font file in TTF and OTF format directly to the Bone. This means that any third party app that can look up the font directory on the device can use the custom fonts. Apps like Microsoft Discussion, PowerPoint and Apple’southward iWork suite already back up this characteristic. So do smaller writing apps. Getting fonts installed is a scrap tedious but once that’south done, you don’t need to do annihilation else on a per-app basis. In true Apple fashion, it merely works.

Download: All Fonts

How to Transfer Fonts from PC to iPhone or iPad

All Fonts has a feature that lets you transfer font files from your PC to your iOS device wirelessly using the Wi-Fi Transfer feature. This just works if both the devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.

First, keep the font files gear up to go along your Windows PC or Mac. Here are the step-by-stride instructions on how to transfer fonts from PC to iPhone or iPad:

Step ane: On your iPhone or iPad, launch the
All Fonts
app. Brand sure you’re on the
Transferred Fonts
tab. You’ll come across that there’s nothing hither. On the top, yous’ll observe the sharing URL.

install custom fonts iphone ipads 1

Step 2: Go to your PC or Mac, open a browser like Chrome or Safari and enter the URL that’s shown in the All Fonts app.

install custom fonts iphone ipad transfer

Step 3: Y’all’ll see a transfer UI here. Drag and drib the font files from the folders to this window and they’ll be transferred directly. While you do this, make sure the iOS device is running and All Fonts app is open.

The font will testify up in the
Transferred Fonts
section, at the height.

install custom fonts iphone ipads 12

How to Import Fonts from Dropbox to iPhone or iPad

If you already have the fonts saved in Dropbox, you don’t even need your PC to install fonts. Here are the footstep-by-footstep instructions on how to import fonts from Dropbox to iPhone or iPad:

Step 1: Open up the Dropbox app and find the font you want to install. Tap on the font.

Step 2: Dropbox will tell you that the font tin can’t be previewed. Tap on the
Carte du jour
button and select

install custom fonts iphone ipads 8

Pace 3: You’ll see the Share sheet. Tap on
Open in.

install custom fonts iphone ipads 8

Step 4: Now select
Copy to All Fonts.

install custom fonts iphone ipads 11

Just like that, the All Fonts will open and you’ll run into the font added to the top of the
Transferred Fonts

How to Install Custom Fonts on iPhone or iPad

Hither are the step-by-step instructions on how to install custom fonts on your iPhone or iPad:

Stride 1: Once the font is transferred, you’ll come across it in the Transferred Fonts list. Tap on a font and you’ll encounter a preview. At the bottom, in that location’s the
Install Font
button. Tap on it.

install custom fonts iphone ipads 1

Step 2: You’ll be prompted to open the font in Settings.

install custom fonts iphone ipads 3

Stride iii: The Settings app will ask if you desire to install the contour. Tap on

install custom fonts iphone ipads 4

Step 4: In the second popup, tap on
once again.

install custom fonts iphone ipads 5

At present the font has been installed. Repeat the same process for whatever other font you want to install.

install custom fonts iphone ipads 5

In this example, I’ve used Dropbox. Simply you tin can basically import fonts using the Share sheet from whatever other app that supports the feature. Apps like Mail, iCould Drive, OneDrive, and others volition work just too.

How to Use Custom Fonts on iPhone or iPad

Now that the fonts of your choice are installed, let’s run into how to utilise them. I’one thousand going to utilise Keynote as an case but it volition work similarly for other apps.

Basically, find the font picker in the third-political party app and you’ll find your custom font in the list. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to apply the custom fonts on your iPhone or iPad that you have installed:

Footstep 1: Start, relaunch the app to make sure the newly installed font shows up on the listing.

install custom fonts iphone ipads 12

Footstep 2: In Keynote or other iWork apps, tap on the text and then select the paint castor icon. From here, notice the font section, tap on information technology, curlicue and notice your new font.

install custom fonts iphone ipads 14

Footstep 3: You tin tap on the new font to select it. If you’ve installed multiple versions of the font, tap on the trivial
icon to select an alternative version of it like Italic so on.

install custom fonts iphone ipads 15`

Download: All Fonts

The Alternative: AnyFonts

All Fonts is of course not the only app that does this. We choose to highlight the app because it offers the broadest options when it comes to importing fonts. The but problem I accept with the app is that there’s no fashion to install multiple fonts at the same fourth dimension. You lot take to go through the boring procedure of installing profiles for each and every version of the font.

If that’due south a chip too much for you. Look into AnyFonts. Information technology costs $1.99 and its similar to All Fonts. Except y’all can install multiple fonts and open zip files directly in the app. If you buy the pro version using in-app purchase, yous can add more thou fonts right from the app.

I would love to be able to change the arrangement font on my iPhone and iPad, simply this the closest you can practice to use a custom funky font to jazz up that presentation you’re working on.

Which fonts did you end up installing? What’southward the project that yous’re working on? Share with us in the comments below.

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