How To Install Poweriso On Linux

Install PowerISO on Linux

We will draw the installation on the Debian-based (Ubuntu, Mint, etc.) Pardus operating system. The Poweriso application has both a graphical interface and a Command Line Utility. If Poweriso is to be used with GUI, the operating system must likewise have a desktop environment (Gnome, KDE, XFCE, Cinnamon, etc.). We utilize KDE Desktop on Pardus Os. Permit’s talk virtually the installation/usage steps of Utilise with GUI and Using Command Line Utility.

What is PowerISO?

PowerISO is a powerful CD/DVD and Blu-ray Disc image processor. The application has versions that run on both windows and Linux. With PowerISO;

  • View deejay images
  • Extract information
  • Write an image to disk
  • Epitome creation
  • Image editing
  • Converting to different epitome formats
  • You can do many operations such as mounting the virtual drive.

PowerISO supports many disc prototype formats such as ISO and BIN.

Unlike methods to install PowerISO in Linux

Method-1: Install Poweriso using GUI

On Linux, 3rd party applications are located under the
directory. So go under the
directory with the following control:

foc@pardus:~$ cd /opt/ foc@pardus:/opt$

Then download the setup file with the post-obit command:

foc@pardus:/opt$ sudo wget
        --2022-08-fifteen 22:28:56-- https://world wide Resolving ( Connecting to (||:443... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK Length: 28594208 (27M) [application/x-gzip] Saving to: ‘poweriso-x64-1.1.tar.gz’  poweriso-x64-one.1.tar.gz 100%[===============================================>] 27.27M 1.58MB/s in 15s  2022-08-15 22:29:13 (1.fourscore MB/s) - ‘poweriso-x64-one.1.tar.gz’ saved [28594208/28594208]

The downloaded tar.gz compressed file is extracted:

foc@pardus:/opt$ sudo tar zxvf
        poweriso-x64/ poweriso-x64/ poweriso-x64/ poweriso-x64/libc.and then.6 poweriso-x64/libdbus-i.and so.3 poweriso-x64/ poweriso-x64/ ... poweriso-x64/libsystemd.and then.0 poweriso-x64/libuuid.and poweriso-x64/ poweriso-x64/ poweriso-x64/ poweriso-x64/libxcb.and so.1 poweriso-x64/ poweriso-x64/libXrender.and then.1 poweriso-x64/ poweriso-x64/poweriso poweriso-x64/

After the command, executable files and necessary libraries are excerpt.

Go to the extracted directory:

foc@pardus:/opt$ cd poweriso-x64/

Then the application shell script is run:

foc@pardus:/opt/poweriso-x64$ ./

Now you tin employ Poweriso.

How to Install PowerISO on Linux [Step-by-Step]

On Linux it tin exist difficult to e’er run applications from the terminal. Let’south create a shortcut to run the Poweriso application from the desktop. Correct click on the

Create New

Link to Application.

How to Install PowerISO on Linux [Step-by-Step]

Enter the following data on the Application tab and press the OK button.

  • Description = Poweriso
  • Command
    = /opt/poweriso-x64/
  • Piece of work path =

How to Install PowerISO on Linux [Step-by-Step]

Now you can admission the Poweriso app from the desktop.

Method-2: Install PowerISO through terminal in CLI

This application is the terminal version of Poweriso. You lot can download the Poweriso Command Line Utility to your system with the following command:

foc@pardus:/opt$ sudo wget
        [sudo] password for foc:  --2022-08-16 18:40:12-- Resolving (world wide Connecting to world wide (||:443... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK Length: 904587 (883K) [application/x-gzip] Saving to: ‘poweriso-x64-1.half-dozen.tar.gz’
        poweriso-x64-i.6.tar.gz       100%[===============================================>] 883.39K   540KB/s    in one.6s      2022-08-xvi xviii:xl:xv (540 KB/due south) - ‘poweriso-x64-1.6.tar.gz’ saved [904587/904587]

And so allow’due south motility it to

foc@pardus:/opt$ sudo mv poweriso-x64-1.6.tar.gz /usr/local/

Let’s go to

foc@pardus:/opt$ cd /usr/local/bin/

Then the downloaded file is extracted:

foc@pardus:/usr/local/bin$ sudo tar zxvf poweriso-x64-1.6.tar.gz

Let’s create a symlink under the

foc@pardus:/usr/local/bin$ sudo ln -s poweriso-x64 /usr/bin/

So you tin use the poweriso-x64 command from any directory in the final:

foc@pardus:~$ pwd /home/foc foc@pardus:~$ poweriso-x64
        PowerISO Version Copyright(C) 2004-2022 Ability Software Ltd Type poweriso -? for help


In this article, we talked about the Poweriso application. There are many alternatives to an awarding on Linux. You tin detect the most popular alternatives to the Poweriso application below.

  • Brasero
  • CDemu
  • AcetoneISO
  • Iso Master
  • Aaru Information Preservation Suite
  • Pismo File Mountain Inspect Package
  • Pismo File Mount Audit Package
  • xorriso
  • Silicon Empire
  • Gmount

If you are using Poweriso from final, you lot tin can employ the post-obit command for help:

        poweriso-x64 -h
        PowerISO Version 1.6 Copyright(C) 2004-2022 Ability Software Ltd             Type poweriso -? for help  Usage:    poweriso <control> [parameters] [-switches]  <Commands>   list <image file> <directory>    List files and directories in image file.      Example:  List all files and directories in root direcory of                 /home/sam/test.iso recursively.      Command:  poweriso list /home/sam/test.iso / -r   extract <image file> <dir/file name>   Extract file/directory from image file.      Example:  Extract all files and directories in root direcory of                 /home/sam/exam.iso to /domicile/sam/excerpt recursively.      Command:  poweriso extract /habitation/sam/test.iso / -od /domicile/sam/extract   catechumen <image file>    Convert image file to other format.      Example:  Convert /dwelling house/sam/test.iso to /dwelling house/sam/test.daa       Command:  poweriso convert /home/sam/examination.iso -o /habitation/sam/examination.daa   create        Create paradigm file from files or folders.      Instance:  Create exam.iso from /home/sam/test and /home/sam/      Command:  poweriso create -o /dwelling house/sam/test.iso -add /home/sam/test /

References – Download PowerISO for Linux
world wide – Command Line Utility for Linux

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