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How to install Wordle on an iPhone or Android phone

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If you’ve been wondering how to install Wordle on your iPhone or Android telephone, or simply what is this Wordle game that the NY Times allegedly spent over a million dollars to larn, so you’re in luck as we have the answers.

Wordle is a unproblematic word game created by Josh Wardle that is now but available via the New York Times website. Still, if y’all are one of the many that have been drawn in by the game we have a quick and easy method on iOS or Android to place the game on your home screen like an app.

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Wordle is playable once per 24-hour interval and gives you six chances to guess that day’south give-and-take with color-coded hints after each approximate. Yellow indicates the letter of the alphabet is in the give-and-take, but in the wrong spot and light-green indicates you got it dead on. If y’all opt to play in hard mode y’all volition have to reuse whatsoever letters that were yellow or greenish in the previous round. For those familiar with the game evidence Lingo from the 80’s and early on 2000’s, it’s very similar to that. Once yous’ve installed the game here are some tips on how to play Wordle.

The express nature of the game is part of the appeal as you lot can’t spend too much time playing Wordle and the ease of sharing your outcome for the 24-hour interval with the visually pleasing colored filigree has helped contribute to the game’south virality. Others have tried to leach off its success by releasing paid clone apps in the App Shop and Google Play, simply the original creator is sticking to the free online-only model, which for now remains despite the NY Times acquisition.

How to install Wordle on iOS: Share sheet, Add to Home Screen and then Add.

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How to install Wordle on your iPhone

  • Open the Safari browser
  • Navigate to
  • Tap on the
    push button
  • Select
    Add to Home Screen
  • Tap
    in the upper-correct corner

That’s it, Wordle will now appear on your home screen but similar any other app. The ane caveat for this is that it won’t bring over your electric current streak. Wordle isn’t soon designed to comport over between browsers or devices, and so yous volition have to outset fresh.

How to install Wordle on Android: Overflow menu, Add to Home Screen and Add.

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How to install Wordle on your Android phone

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Navigate to
  • Tap on the
    overflow menu
    (three dots) in the upper-right corner
  • Select
    Add to Home screen
  • Tap

That’south information technology, Wordle will now appear on your home screen merely like any other app. Just like on iOS the i caveat is that it won’t bring over your current streak. Wordle isn’t presently designed to carry over between browsers or devices, then you will have to start fresh.

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