How To Install Xanax Build 18.9

In this post, you volition find the detailed instructions to install the Xanax build on Kodi. The instructions piece of work on the complete range of Kodi platforms including the Fire TV devices (FireStick, FireStick 4K, etc.), Mobiles, Computers, Raspberry Pi, and more.

Xanax is a very popular Kodi build. It is oftentimes considered as the fork of the Durex Build. The Durex Build was besides very popular once. However, information technology is defunct at present.

The Xanax Build for Kodi comes with a fine line-upwardly of popular Kodi addons such as Exodus Redux, Loki, Numbers, Cant, The Magic Dragon and many more. This means the build has enough of streaming options to offer.

It is one of the well-nigh user-friendly builds as well. Even if this is your showtime Kodi build experience, it volition not accept very long to get familiar with it. The build’southward side is slightly on the heavier side. Yet, I am surprised that information technology works smoothly on FireStick, Android Boxes, and other low-RAM devices. That’s probably because the build has been thoughtfully coded.

Xanax is now included in our collection of Best Kodi Builds. Personally speaking, it is one of my favorite builds too.

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How to Install Xanax Build on Kodi

Xanax Build is non sourced from the official Kodi repository. Information technology is sideloaded onto Kodi from a third-party source. This means we need to tweak a system setting of Kodi to permit the installation.

So, let’s first get this part covered. Here are the steps:

– Access the Kodi

You lot can practise that by clicking the gear symbol on the home window in the top-left corner

– When you see the post-obit fix of options on the Settings screen, click

Users with Kodi 17.6 need to click System Settings

install xanax build

– This window is now displayed. On the left click

xanax kodi build

– At present the
Unknown Sources
security option is displayed. Movie the toggle and switch it ON

how to install xanax build on kodi

– A cursory warning message is displayed. Dismiss it by clicking

how to install xanax build on kodi

We are all now set to install Xanax build on Kodi

Steps to Install Xanax Kodi build

There are a lot of steps involved. However, don’t go overwhelmed. The process is quite simple. Here we go:

one- Open the Kodi application

Get to

2- Yous fill up find
File director
in the top-left. Click it.

install kodi xanax build

iii- You must at present detect the
Add source
option on both sides of the next window. Click one of them

xanax kodi build

iv- At present this window pops. We will click
to replace information technology with the source URL

how to install xanax build on kodi

5- This is the source URL nosotros are going to provide:

after rechecking the path

install kodi xanax build

6- Now the source must be named. It doesn’t accept to be any specific name. Though, it is expert to keep the relevance

I name it


xanax kodi build

7- From the home screen of Kodi get to:
Settings >
on Kodi 18 Leia
Add-ons > Open-box symbol (superlative-left corner) on Kodi 17.6

install kodi xanax build

8- Open the option
Install from zip file

xanax kodi build

nine- Click
or whatever other source name you chose

download xanax kodi build

x- Open the file named

install kodi xanax build

11- Expect for a minute. The
Xanax Repository
installation notification is displayed soon

xanax kodi build

12- Now you may click the choice
Install from repository

how to install xanax build on kodi

thirteen- Access the
Xanax Repository
on the following window

how to install xanax build on kodi

fourteen- Get ahead and open
Program add-ons

xanax build

15- Yous should now meet the Xanax Wizard. Click it

xanax kodi build

16- Click the

how to install xanax build on kodi

17- It may accept more than a minute to install the wizard.
Xanax Wizard
installation notification is displayed in the superlative-right corner

install kodi xanax build

18- This popup appears afterwards the installation of the sorcerer

Striking the back push or simply click
Go on

xanax kodi build

19- Click the
Build Menu
next and jump to Step 22

If you lot missed this prompt, follow the next step

how to install xanax build on kodi

20- From the Kodi home screen become to
Add-ons > Program add-ons

Xanax Wizard

21- Click

22- Click one of the listed
Xanax 18

Xanax build is available via multiple servers. If one server fails, choose another 1

install kodi xanax build

23- Choose
Fresh Install

Or, you may cull Standard Install if you lot like. I prefer Fresh Install

xanax kodi build

24- Go ahead and click
when prompted

xanax kodi build

25- Now simply wait while the Xanax Kodi build downloads and installs on your device. This procedure may accept a few minutes

how to install xanax build on kodi

26- The moment the installation completes, you run into this prompt. Click
Force Close

install kodi xanax build

This is how the Xanax Kodi build is installed. The build will load upward the next time you start Kodi.

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Step ii:
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A Quick Wait at the Xanax Kodi Build

Y’all don’t demand to do anything special to start the build. Equally I said, merely open Kodi and the build will load upwards automatically.

Here is the new home screen of Kodi with the Xanax Build:

xanax kodi build

It has the standard layout of bill of fare-bar and submenu-bar combination. The featured/recommended videos are displayed above the card bar. The featured video-addons appear underneath the submenu bar

Yous may access the following streaming categories from the principal menu: Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Music, Family unit, Sportz Boob tube (requires Sportz Tv set IPTV subscription), Misc.

The quick admission to featured content and addons makes information technology easy for you lot to starting time streaming without having to dig into the build any farther. However, if you lot want to lookout man something that you don’t encounter on the home screen, you must search the addons manually. To go to the listing of the addons navigate to
Add-ons > Video Add-ons
from the dwelling screen

how to install xanax build on kodi

Here are some of the popular addons Xanax build sources its streams from: DeathStar, DejaVu, Venom, Numbers, Luxray Video, Mercury, cCloud Television, Cant, vii of ix (AIO), Exodus Redux, Limitless, Loki, Seren, ReleaseBB, Sportowa TV, SportsDevil, The Magic Dragon and more.

Y’all may now start exploring the build. If yous have any questions, experience free to let us know through the comments section beneath.

Wrapping Upward

To tell yous the truth, I am really fond of the Xanax Kodi build. It has an impressive user-interface, which gives access to all the important things without making itself cluttered. Information technology follows the regular layout standards, but the build is smoother than many other Kodi builds I accept used.

The home screen features sections for popular categories like Movies, TV Shows, Sports, etc. This gives yous quick admission to a wide range of content. You may even admission many pop addons from the domicile screen. Talking of addons, the build features the best Kodi addons that are almost popular currently. Xanax Kodi build is extremely popular and you lot will know why when you start using it.

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