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Due to the increasing network space (netspace), winning blocks in Chia is a very difficult task, and can take months fifty-fifty years for users with multiple hard drives farming Chia. Pooling can allow you lot to win consistently, in small amounts. For example, a user earning 2XCH per 20 weeks while solo farming, can instead earn 0.1XCH per calendar week, in a much more than consequent schedule.

The Chia pooling protocol allows you to assign plots to a “Plot NFT”, which is kind of like a contract on the blockchain which you control, and in which you tin can set your currently assigned pool. You can also change the puddle that the Plot NFT is assigned to at any time.

With the pooling protocol, your farmer volition communicate with a specific pool server, and transport proofs of space very frequently to that puddle, in order to prove how much plotted infinite yous have. Therefore the pool tin keep track of the space of each of its members (the farmers), and whenever 1 of the members wins a block, the pool can distribute rewards proportional to the amount of space that each farmer contributed.

Therefore, pooling is kind of like lottery insurance: all of the members participate in the Chia “lottery”, and whenever 1 member wins, the puddle gets the advantage and distributes information technology to all of the members, minus a small fee. i.75 XCH is divided between the puddle members, and 0.25 XCH goes straight to the farmer that won that block. As the winner of the block, you would likewise earn a minor slice of that ane.75, based on how much space yous have, and how the pool decides to distribute rewards.

How to Beginning Pooling in 6 Steps

Onetime plots that were made for solo farming (OG plots) cannot be used with the new portable pool protocol. In order to participate in pooling, yous will have to create new plots. Even so you tin can subcontract both OG and pooling plots on the aforementioned computer.

Step 1: Sync your total node and wallet

To start, you lot need to update to Chia 1.2, and sync up your Chia full node and wallet. In the full node tab, the status should be “Synced”, and in the wallet tab in the superlative right, it should say
equally well.

IMPORTANT: If you lot are using the aforementioned central (24 words) on more than i computer, you should update both computers to 1.2+ before creating your plot NFT. If you have already created the plot NFT and the 2nd estimator is running a version older than 1.2, it will not be able to see the plot NFT. This can be fixed past shutting down the application on the second calculator, and deleting the
folder and all files inside of it.

Step 2: Receive some XCH

To offset pooling, you offset need a tiny amount of chia in your wallet. You can inquire your friends to transport you some mojos (1 mojo is 0.000000000001 XCH), or get some using Yous tin use the receive address on the “Wallets” page, and you can also create new receive addresses. Any of the receive addresses tin can exist used, they are all part of the same wallet.

Footstep 3: Create Plot NFT

Once yous accept some XCH in your wallet, go to the pool tab, and click on “Add a Plot NFT”. You now have two options:

  1. Self pooling: this plot NFT volition not be connected to any pools, and the 1.75 XCH will become directly into your wallet. This is unlike than OG (original) plots, since OG plots are locked in to cocky farming forever. From CLI:
chia plotnft create -s

  1. Connect to pool: join a puddle, and immediately start pooling, as soon as yous make some plots. From CLI:
chia plotnft create -s puddle -u

Note that even if you cull 1, yous can join a pool after, and you can switch your puddle at any moment. If you determine to bring together a pool, enter the url (must start with
https://), and expect at the clarification. If y’all agree, create the Plot NFT, and wait for information technology to be confirmed (click merely one time). It can accept several minutes for it to be confirmed and to prove up in the Pools tab. You lot only need 1 plot NFT.


Step four: Add Plots

You can at present start creating plots for this Plot NFT, which means these plots will be “pooling” and can earn rewards more often. Click on the three dots in the Plot NFT that you want to create plots for, and select “Add a Plot”. This will select this Plot NFT in the plotting screen. If you lot don’t select anything or select “None”, that will make an OG plot. The plot will be forever tied to the Plot NFT that y’all choose (or forever OG).

If y’all are using the CLI or a 3rd political party plotter, hover your mouse over the question mark in the Plot NFT page, and re-create the Pool Contract Accost. This is the address that you need to use while plotting, by specifying the
statement. Annotation: When plotting using the CLI for pooling, exercise NOT use the
statement anymore, simply
-c. Yous can still specify the
argument like before, and other arguments have not changed.

Step 5: Manage your Plot NFT

Y’all should see your plots in the Plot NFT interface. The status should say “Pooling”. From hither, you can see your difficulty, the number of points earned, and how many points the pool thinks you have (points balance).

The difficulty is a value that is dissimilar for each plot NFT, which determines how hard information technology is to find a proof for those plots. This will get prepare automatically and then that your plots notice proofs very frequently (every few minutes or hours). Each proof found volition laurels you with
points. Farmers with many plots will have a college difficulty, to keep disk usage low.

Points are a way to count how many proofs your plots establish. Each k32 plot will get on average 10 points per day, independent of what the difficulty is. Points are NOT the same every bit Chia (XCH). Points are just a value that reflects how much farming you lot have done. Think of it as an bookkeeping tool. It is the responsibility of the pool to periodically advantage yous with XCH based on how many points you lot obtain, and then reset your points back to 0.

To change pools, click on the “Change Pool” button and enter the new puddle URL. Notation that changing pools has a waiting period that tin be from a few minutes to an hour or so. Please do not close down your application while this is happening. You tin can change pools as many times as you desire, and there is no penalty or registration required for doing so. Be aware that if you change pools, your old pool is not obligated to pay you anymore, more than they already take.

You should ensure that your points found in the terminal 24h are accurate. You should be obtaining around 10 points per day per k32, then if you take 100 k32 plots, yous should exist getting effectually 1000 points per twenty-four hours. Make certain your points remainder is going up. After you become paid, the points balance will reset to nothing. Points will come at random times, since finding proofs is still random. Therefore expect a lot of variability and times of both good and bad luck.


Step 6: Wait for Payouts

You are now done. If your points balance is increasing, you are properly pooling, and you should check your pool to run across how oft payouts happen, and to optionally log in to a pool interface.

Boosted Data

Multiple Plot NFTs

Y’all can have multiple plot NFTs on the aforementioned primal, and they tin can all be farmed at the same time. Y’all can as well farm original (OG) plots every bit well.

Multiple Computers

You can have your 24 words and enter them into a unlike reckoner, and when it is synched, the current Plot NFTs and pool information will be automatically downloaded from the blockchain. All information almost your pool, plot NFTs, and smart contract addresses is completely backed up on the blockchain, and can exist recovered using the 24 words. Make sure to read the important note on footstep 1, about updating to new version on all computers.

Multiple Keys

You can likewise take multiple keys farming at the same fourth dimension, but exist careful with this. Each key has to sync separately, and if you change pools in one computer (reckoner A), and then y’all must sync up your wallet on figurer B in order to farm it separately. If computer B has multiple keys, brand certain to sync each cardinal up to the latest changes in the Plot NFT.

Puddle Fees

Puddle fees refer to the small cut that pools have when they distribute rewards to farmers.

Blockchain Fees

Blockchain fees are fees are paid to the creator of the block (farmers), to incentivize them to include your transaction. Fees are currently 0, but they are likely to rising as the blockchain gets more usage. When fees rise, yous might have to pay small amounts of Chia to brand transactions. Sending XCH to an address is a blockchain transaction, but creating a plot NFT, or changing pools is likewise a transaction, which requires fees. The user interface will be updated to include fields for fee amounts, and guidance will be provided here when fees become necessary.

Invalid Land

If y’all enter into an invalid state, you lot demand to re-join or change to self-pooling once more. This can happen if you close the GUI before a pool switching functioning has finalized. Please click “change puddle”, and re-enter the puddle URL, or switch to self pooling. Sometimes you might need to await a flake for the pool switching timeout to cease.

Payout addresses

The cake advantage is divided into 2 components, the pool portion (7/8 of the total reward) and the farmer portion (1/8).

  • The puddle portion gets paid out to the puddle, which will pay y’all according to their payout schedule. This is configurable in the Pool tab of the GUI: Click the three dots on the upper-right corner of your plot NFT and click “Edit Payout Instructions.” This is as well configurable in
    in the pool_list section under payout_instructions.
  • The farmer portion will become to your farmer target address, which is the aforementioned equally the OG plots. This is configurable in the Farm tab of the GUI, or in
    under farmer.xch_target_address.

Self Pooling

If you are self-pooling, you will additionally demand to claim your rewards afterwards winning a block. This tin can be done from the GUI or CLI every bit well. In that location is no time limit for this, but if y’all do non merits your rewards earlier switching to a pool, the pool will be able to claim those rewards, and you will lose these funds.

Remote Harvesters

Remote harvesters work the same manner as always. They do not demand to have any keys, and yous tin can plot straight on another auto with the
arguments. The farmer machine needs to accept the individual key for the
key, and the private primal for the wallet that created the plot NFT. Your harvesters will find proofs more oftentimes when pooling, since the difficulty is lower. Remote harvester plots will now be visible by doing
chia farm summary.

Control Line Interface

Using the CLI, you can perform the same operations every bit with the GUI. In that location is a new command, called
chia plotnft. Type
chia plotnft -h
to see all the bachelor sub-commands:

          » chia plotnft -h Usage: chia plotnft [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...  Options:   -h, --help  Bear witness this message and exit.  Commands:   merits           Claim rewards from a plot NFT   create          Create a plot NFT   get_login_link  Create a login link for a pool. To get the launcher id, use                   plotnft testify.    audit         Go Detailed plotnft data as JSON   join            Bring together a plot NFT to a Pool   get out           Leave a pool and render to self-farming   show            Show plotnft information

To create a Plot NFT, use
chia plotnft create -u, entering the URL of the pool y’all want to use. To create a plot NFT in self-farming mode, practise
chia plotnft create -s local. To switch pools, you tin use
chia plotnft join, and to go out a pool (switch to self farming), employ
chia plotnft get out. The
control can be used to check your current points balance. CLI plotting with
is the same equally before, but the
is replaced with
-c, and the pool contract accost from
chia plotnft show
should exist used here.