How to join Twitter Spaces

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Back in 2022, Twitter launched Spaces as its answer to the growing live audio format popularised by apps like Clubhouse.

Spaces take no time limit, no limit on the listener count and can back up upward to 13 speakers at a time, including the host and 2 co-hosts.

And then, how do you bring together one? Gyre downwards to observe more about Twitter Spaces, including how to join a Space and what features you tin access when you lot’re there.

How to join Twitter Spaces

When Spaces kickoff launched, users needed to exist logged into a Twitter account to apply the characteristic. While this is no longer a necessity now that users can share Spaces via links, you’ll nonetheless accept a much easier fourth dimension finding a Infinite to bring together when logged in equally Twitter highlights the Spaces your friends take joined in your feed.

Here’south how to join a Twitter Infinite on iOS or Android…

What y’all’ll need:

  • An iOS or Android device with the Twitter app installed
  • You lot tin also utilize a PC to join, but you won’t be able to create your own Spaces this manner

The Short Version:

  1. Find a Space
  2. Tap on the Space
  3. Hitting Showtime Listening
  4. Explore features like emoji reactions and asking to speak
  5. Leave the Space when y’all’re done listening – that’southward information technology!

How to join Twitter Spaces

  1. Step


    Observe a Space to bring together

    You can notice Spaces linked in tweets, in your DMs or in a majestic circle at the very top of your timeline. You tin can also run across a longer list of alive Spaces in the Spaces tab at the bottom of your feed.

  2. Footstep


    Tap on the Space

    This will present you with a preview of the host(s) and who is listening.
    Tap on a Twitter Space

  3. Footstep


    Tap Start Listening

    Yous’ve just joined a Space. You can finish here if you want!Join a Twitter Space

  4. Step


    Tap the Guests icon to run across who else is in the Space

    This volition show you a complete listing of the host, co-hosts, speakers and listeners.
    See guests in a Twitter Space

  5. Footstep


    Choose whether you desire to encounter captions

    To toggle captions on and off, tap the iii dot menu, choose Adapt Settings and select View Captions.
    Toggle captions in a Twitter Space

  6. Stride


    Tap the Request icon to speak

    The Request icon looks like a microphone. Hit this and wait if you’d like permission to speak in some other person’south Space.
    Request to speak in a Twitter Space

  7. Step


    Tap the middle icon to send reactions

    Tap the icon to see the five emojis y’all tin can use as reactions. These include a centre, a laughing confront, clapping hands, a peace sign and a wave.
    Send reactions in a Twitter Space

  8. Step


    Tap the Share icon at the top of the Space to get a link you can ship to your friends and followers.
    Share a link to a Twitter Space

  9. Stride


    Tap Get out to exit the Space

    When you’re set to go, hit the blood-red Leave icon in the top right corner.
    Leave a Twitter Space

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Can you lot join a Space on desktop?

Yeah, you can join a Space on the desktop version of Twitter, but you can’t currently commencement your own Space there.

Tin people see me in a Space?

Yes, Twitter Spaces are public, then anyone can join a Space and anyone in a Infinite tin can see your proper name and profile picture when yous bring together it. Your followers will likewise see the Space along with your account at the top of their timelines when you’re listening in to one.


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