How To Layer Videos On Iphone

Motion picture-in-Moving picture (PiP) is a beneficial tool for creating many types of videos. This effect puts a smaller window inside of a larger window so that you can watch them both at the same time. For movies that yous create, this is a handy fashion to testify a narrator speak to the larger video playing or a shut-up view of the bigger picture.

If you’d like to utilize this type of event, follow along every bit we bear witness yous how to create a Pic-in-Picture video in iMovie on Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

Create Film-in-Picture in iMovie on Mac

Open your pic for editing in iMovie on Mac, and then follow these steps.

Get downward to your movie Timeline and
select the first clip
that you desire in the Picture show-in-Picture view. This will be the flick you want in the small window.

Drag that clip
to the acme of the second ane you lot want in the Moving picture-in-Moving picture, which will exist the total-screen picture, and release.

Drag Picture in Picture clip over another clip in iMovie on Mac

Click the
Video Overlay Settings button
at the top of the Viewer.

In the drib-downwardly on the left, select
Picture in Picture.

Picture in Picture in iMovie on Mac

You lot should now see your image or video clip in a Motion picture-in-Picture view.

Edit your Moving-picture show-in-Picture window

You can make several adjustments to the smaller window one time yous create the Picture-in-Motion-picture show effect. Select the clip in your Timeline and make sure that the Overlay screen is notwithstanding open up in the Viewer. If not, click the Video Overlay Settings button.

Yous can and so adapt the following:

Click and drag the window where you want it on the screen.

Click a corner of the window and drag to resize it.

Apply a transition:
Click the drop-downwards box to the right of the Picture show-in-Picture setting. You can accept the smaller window dissolve or zoom as it leaves the larger image. Yous can also cull to swap the pictures. Side by side to the transition, you can enter the number of seconds for its duration.

Add together a border:
Choose a sparse or thick edge and select a color to the right if you similar.

Add a shadow:
Mark the Shadow checkbox.

Edit Picture in Picture settings in iMovie on Mac

Create Motion-picture show-in-Picture in iMovie on iPhone and iPad

Open your pic for editing in iMovie on your iPhone or Pad, and and so follow these steps.

In your movie Timeline, you will accept one or more video files.
Tap one of the desired clips to select information technology. This clip will serve as the background, and a Moving picture-in-Flick window will float on this prune.

When you tap to select a clip, make sure the playhead (long vertical bar) isn’t at the end of the prune. If information technology’s at the end, y’all volition meet an error in step 4 proverb, “Movement the playhead away from the end to add together an overlay.”

Tap the
plus sign
at the top to add the prune or photograph y’all want to brandish in Picture-in-Picture.

Add image or video for Picture in Picture in iPhone iMovie

Select the epitome or video and tap the
(three-dots icon) button.

Picture in Picture.

Picture in Picture in iMovie on iPhone

Y’all should now encounter your image or clip in a Picture-in-Picture view.

Picture in Picture successful in iOS iMovie

Edit your Moving picture-in-Pic window

Yous tin brand a few adjustments to the smaller window once you create the Motion-picture show-in-Picture effect. Tap the clip in your Timeline so tap the Overlays push at the bottom.

Tap the Zoom button and pinch to zoom in on the image in the window.

Tap the 4-sided arrow and elevate the window where yous want it on the screen.

Tap the 4-sided arrow and pinch the window to resize it.

Add a border:
Add a sparse white border to the window.

Edit Picture in Picture settings in iOS iMovie

Using the Picture-in-Picture outcome in iMovie is a cool way to show more one image at a time in your movies. And information technology’s ideal for how-to videos or a zoom effect for the larger image. Are you lot going to requite this feature a try?

Some other selection for having two images on the screen in iMovie is Split Screen, and nosotros have a tutorial to cover that result too. So be sure to check information technology out.

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