How To Leave A Facetime Group

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Acquire how to hang upwards on a FaceTime call and how to leave a grouping FaceTime telephone call to avoid those embarrassing situations where you stay on the line well afterwards the call has ended.

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Does the Side Button Work to Cease a FaceTime Call?

If you lot are on FaceTime sound, you tin can hang upwards your FaceTime call by pressing the Side button on your iPhone. However, if you have placed a video call, you cannot apply the side button to hang upward. Instead, follow the quick two-stride tip below! If yous like tips similar this, exist sure to sign up for our gratuitous Tip of the Day newsletter to learn even more than tricks for using your Apple devices.

How to Finish a FaceTime Call

  1. Tap anywhere on the screen during a FaceTime telephone call to bring upward the menu.
    Tap anywhere on the screen during a FaceTime call to bring up the menu.
  2. TapExit
     in the elevation correct corner.
    Tap Leave or End in the top right corner.

If y’all are in a group call on FaceTime, the button volition say
Leave, merely if you are in a one-on-i phone call, it will say
End. And that’s all in that location is to it! It’s super like shooting fish in a barrel to brand sure you never stay on the call when you meant to hang upwardly. This volition get yous out of whatsoever FaceTime call, whether it’south 1-on-one or a group phone call. If you lot demand actress assurance that the phone call has ended, heed for the disconnect chime. If the call is still in progress, at that place will be a greenish timer at the elevation indicating the length of your call. In one case you take disconnected, this icon volition go abroad. If yous take any issues with your FaceTime, check out these troubleshooting tips.

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