How To Leave A Snapchat Group

It’s very easy to go caught upward in the Snap world, and before you know information technology, you’re in a grouping chat with people you barely know. Maybe y’all joined a group chat with friends of friends, and it’s just not your scene. Or, perhaps, you’re set up to move on from that group conversation.

Whatever the reason, here’s how to leave a Snapchat group.

To exit a Snapchat group, become to your list of chats, find the group you lot want to exit, and agree down on the chat. Select “Exit Group” from the pop-upwardly carte du jour and ostend the action by tapping “Leave.”

Yes, it’s that easy to leave a Snapchat group. However, there are diverse things to remember before hit that “Go out Grouping” push button.

In this informative piece, we have covered everything you need to know well-nigh leaving a Snapchat group. And if you’re trying to disappear quietly, we have explained a method to practice just that in the commodity later.

  1. What are Snapchat Groups?
  2. How To Create Groups on Snapchat?
  3. How To Add Snapchat Friends to a Group Chat?
  4. How To Exit a Snapchat Group?
  5. Is It Possible To Go out a Group Without Letting Anyone Know?
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQs

What are Snapchat Groups?

Snapchat Groups are a nifty way to go on in touch on with friends and family. They allow you to
share snaps, chat, and fifty-fifty video telephone call
with your close people.

To give you a perspective, it’due south like the groups on Whatsapp or Instagram, but Snapchat has added a piddling flair of its own. For example, y’all can add together filters and stickers to your snaps and putter before sending them.

Apart from this, Snapchat Groups besides let you know when someone in the group takes a screenshot of what you’ve sent. The snaps you share in the group are non counted as snap streaks; they are only shared with the group members.

On a Snapchat grouping, you tin add upwards to 100 people at a time.

How To Create Groups on Snapchat?

Snapchat groups are really fun, and you can create a Snapchat group with the post-obit process:

  1. Firstly, open the Snapchat app.
  2. Tap on the
    chats icon
    in the bottom bar.
  3. You’ll discover the
    blue new chat push button
    in the bottom right corner. It’ll open a
    new window
    for creating a conversation.
  4. Tap on “New Group.”
  5. Add the
    group proper name and add together people
    to the group.
  6. One time y’all are done adding people hit “Chat with Grouping,” and you lot are done!

How To Add together Snapchat Friends to a Group Chat?

The outset method is adding your Snapchat friends to a group when creating it. In the process, you tin can add people with the “To” field.

In case you missed someone, don’t worry. Yous tin can add together them later. Just printing and hold on to the group chat, tap “Add Members to Group,” and add more than people to the group.

How To Leave a Snapchat Group?

You lot might come across a time or situation when you desire to leave a grouping for personal reasons. Maybe the group is too active for your liking, or yous just don’t want to be a part of it anymore. Whatever the reason, leaving a Snapchat grouping is like shooting fish in a barrel. Hither’s how you lot do it:

  1. First of all, open the Snapchat app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on the
    chat icon or swipe right
    to open conversations.
  3. Tap and concur the proper name
    of the grouping you want to go out.
  4. Select “Exit Group” to quit the group.
  5. It’ll ask for confirmation; select “Go out,” and you’re done.

Is It Possible To Go out a Group Without Letting Anyone Know?

Unfortunately, no. As shortly as yous leave a group, anybody in the grouping will exist notified.

But you can try a
little hack
and get out of the group quietly. The process is a bit elaborate but is worth the endeavour.

Then, it is Snapchat’s privacy policy that when yous block someone, that person won’t get any letters or snaps you lot post in the grouping. They won’t be notified despite existence in the same group.

And then what y’all can exercise is
block the group members one by 1, and you tin leave without anyone knowing. Don’t worry; you have to block them only for a few minutes.


This brings the states to the end of the article. We hope you lot found it helpful. Snapchat is all about fun and frolic, and groups are a groovy way to stay connected with friends and family.

So become ahead, create a grouping, add your friends, and accept a boom! Just if you want to leave a group, yous at present have all the assistance you lot demand.


You can notice your Snapchat groups by opening the app and
borer on the chat icon. If you have already started a grouping conversation, it’ll exist readily available among the diverse conversations. If non, you tin create a new group by tapping on the new chat choice in the lesser right corner.

Snapchat group chat messages are automatically deleted
24 hours
subsequently everyone has seen the message or 7 days after the message was sent.

Aye, the proper noun of a Snapchat grouping can be changed. To exercise so, visit the group chat and press and hold the group’due south name. A carte volition pop up; select “Edit Grouping Name” from it. Enter the new name of the group and striking “Relieve.”