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Where is my content?

If you lot’re looking for developerWorks content or a Support forum and ended upwardly here, don’t panic! Y’all are in the right place. The content you’re looking for. This page will help y’all find the content you are looking for, get answers to your questions, and find a new community to call home.


The IBM developerWorks site has been decommissioned, and its forums, blogs and other Connections content migrated to here the IBM Community.

Support Forums

The forum content formerly located under the IBM Back up site has been moved to the IBM Community.

Where am I? What is this “IBM Community” of which you speak?

This legacy welcome page is role of the IBM Community site, a collection of
of interest for various IBM solutions and products, everything from Security to Data Science, Integration to LinuxONE, Public Cloud or Business Analytics. This is where anyone—customers, partners, students, IBMers, and others—can come up together to collaborate, inquire questions, share cognition, and support each other in their everyday work efforts.

Each solution, concept, or topic surface area has its own
grouping. For case, the Data Direction
related to database products, technologies, and solutions, such as Db2 LUW , Db2 Z/bone , Netezza(DB2 Warehouse), Informix
and many others.

Navigating the Customs is unproblematic: Choose the customs in which yous’re interested from the Customs menu at the elevation of the page. In each community, choose your group from either the Topic Group menu, or from its group tile in the community page itself. Want to join? But click i of the many Join buttons on a group tile or the group page to become a fellow member!

What was wrong with the way information technology was?

The style it was didn’t serve product users as well as we wanted, and was not as clear on where to await for answers and information so as to be the nigh useful.

Every bit a product user, we know how frustrating information technology is to get to a corporate site and think, “Okay,
where exercise I go to get my answers?” And what is more frustrating than going to three different internal corporate sites to observe what you’re looking for? We wanted to convalesce that. By moving the content to the IBM Customs, we provide a unmarried, centralized location where people can: Read and write forum posts; blog about IBM products; store or find files and other content such equally videos, whitepapers, PDFs, etc; exist notified of events; and have access to other product users.

We invite you to come explore the community, join the groups of interest to you, and participate in the discussions that are ongoing. After all, a community space is the best place to get answers to your questions.

Other sites to explore

IBM Developer

More 100 open source projects, a library of knowledge resource, and developer advocates ready to help.

IBM Support
This is where you can go to study a problem, submit a case, or register for a support account.
Written report a problem, submit a case, or register for a back up business relationship.


IBM Documentation
(formerly called IBM Knowledge Eye)

Home of IBM production documentation.


Where is the IBM Developer Answers (formerly developerWorks Answers) forum?

The platform was dusk on 30 Apr 2020. Much of the content was migrated to the IBM Support forum. Links to specific forums will automatically redirect to the IBM Back up forum. Y’all can find migrated questions by using the forum’s search mechanism or by choosing the product or topic tag.

Where is my product specific forum, formerly located on IBM Programmer?

These individual forums were decommissioned on 31 May 2020. The questions from many of these forums were migrated to the IBM Back up Forum and you lot can find them using the search machinery or by choosing the product or topic tag. Forums not migrated to the IBM Back up Community were migrated to the IBM Community area or decommissioned.

Were all IBM Developer Groups, Wikis, Communities and and so forth migrated?

No. In full general, migration and dusk decisions were decided by the business area. Content that was not migrated was archived or retired. Content that was migrated is now located either on the IBM Support forums or the IBM Customs.

Where is the Support data that was previously on the IBM Developer platform?

Much of the forum, wiki and community content was migrated to the IBM Support forums. The search field on the IBM Support forum volition help y’all find the migrated content. For more data about the Support Transformation initiative, delight follow the IBM Back up Insider blog to larn more than and to stay up to date.