How To Lock Instagram With Password

As you already know,
it is then of import to go on your telephone safe
. If you are so dedicated to the security of your telephone and apps, you lot might need this article.

Hither we desire to explain how yous tin can set a password for your Instagram on your iPhone or Android device.

An Instagram account is very personal for everyone. Unless you have a professional business relationship, in that example, because a team is managing the account, y’all won’t demand that kind of security. only also yous tin use this methods to prevent unlikely things from happening.

Almost of the users are worried if someone heads to their Instagram account for prying. So it is better to set up a lock in case of this happenings. Let’due south get to know how we can protect our account.

How to Lock Instagram App on iPhone?

In that location are many means to lock apps, specially Instagram, for their prophylactic. In case you want to keep your Instagram safety and secure, all you have to do is follow some simple steps. If you are the kind of user who cares about Instagram security, cheque these guides.

To lock the


application on iPhone:

  1. Open the Settings department on your iPhone device.
  2. Navigate to Screen Time, and and so Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  3. And so Tap Allowed Apps.
  4. Turn off the switches for the applications you don’t want to use. And turn the switch on for Instagram.
  5. You tin can tap the Back button or even swipe upwards to go dorsum to the Home screen.

Yous likewise can use
Bear on ID
to lock a finite number of apps using the fingerprint-based security option.

  1. Open the Impact ID-compatible app.
  2. Become into its settings.
  3. Find the feature which locks the app with your fingerprint. It may be in a Privacy or Preferences tab.

Y’all can bank check this video on YouTube to understand the process better.

How to Lock Instagram App on Android?

Locking the apps on Android is a bit different. Yous can use 3rd-party apps that are bachelor on the Google Play Store. There are and then many other apps you can use, only we accept brought one of them here.

1 of the most trusted apps is
AppLock. You can download the app and so continue locking Instagram for your android device.

Using this app is so easy; all yous need to do is follow the construction below:

  1. Afterwards downloading the app, open information technology.
  2. When the app asks, enter your countersign for the individual application that you desire to be locked. (Make certain it is not your telephone’due south pass!)
  3. Permit AppLock, to open on the other apps so that information technology tin can lock them.
  4. Select the app that you lot chose and then tap the “Lock” push.
  5. The app will show you a notification that says the lock was successful.

At present you can open Instagram and see AppLock wants a password for allowing you to enter this platform.

Furthermore, it can provide fingerprint locking to protect your individual apps.
This featured app besides offers a cleaner that can complimentary upwards storage space on your device.

How to screen pin Instagram App on Android?

There is some other security characteristic that helps you in a needed state of affairs. It is called
pin apps to screen. Yous tin lock your phone’s screen to a particular app using it.

For case, you have a kid who wants to play a game on your phone, If she wants to leave the app or close information technology, your lock screen will activate and won’t let this happen.

At present, allow’s see how we can actuate this feature for our device:

  1. Go to Settings and detect the “Security & Location” department.
  2. Select “Avant-garde” and so “Screen Pinning.”
  3. Switch Screen Pinning to the “on” position, and then activate “Ask for PIN earlier unpinning” as well.
  4. Select the Overview selection.
  5. Find an app you want to pin, and then select “Pin.”
  6. Then you can tap on “Got it” to finish the process.

How to Lock Instagram App on Android and iPhone

How to screen pin Instagram App on iPhone?

You lot can use a screen pin to prevent other people from accidentally or consciously opening your other apps instead of the 1 you are currently using.

This also has unproblematic steps for iPhone users. All you have to do is pursue the guidance below:

  1. Use your phone to Go to the settings bill of fare.
  2. Find the security tab and open it.
  3. Ringlet downward to observe Screen pinning.
  4. Turn on the Screen pinning option.
  5. Open up the Screen you desire to pin, for example, Instagram.
  6. Touch Recent app.
  7. Bear on the pivot icon then select “got information technology.”

These are some ways to protect your activeness on your telephone when other people are around you, and you might exist uncomfortable.

How to Lock Instagram App on Android and iPhone?

smartphones have many features to protect your data and prevent uncomfortable situations.
Y’all can apply them for your safety.

Too, if your phone doesn’t take some of these features, you can download third-party apps and get their help. It is adequate to accept care of your phone’southward safety.


At that place are lots of features that you tin utilize to secure your apps.
Instagram is i of the essential apps for users
, and they want to protect it past adding a special password before entering the app.

This article talked about locking the apps individually to protect them. You too can pin them to the screen in some cases that are needed.


If yous have any questions about this paper, enquire us in the annotate department to help you if needed.