How To Lock My Galaxy Watch

Our hopes for Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches are naturally inconsistent and it, fortunately, does all the things from getting a phone phone call to tracking your health. Leaving your sentry lying around without a security lock isn’t a good thought equally it opens for anyone to access easily.

So, when y’all set up a Pivot or password every bit a security lock your Galaxy scout ever asks for it to unlock each fourth dimension it is removed from your wrist. But if you locked out of your Samsung spotter or forgot your Samsung sentinel Pin? And then this guide has all answers that yous are searching for, read on.

How to Remove PIN From Samsung Galaxy Watch?

If you activate the Milky way Watch lock when not wearing it for security reasons, yous need to enter the requested Pivot or password every time to unlock it. But yous can remove your watch’s Pivot if you don’t desire to describe it every time.

Remove PIN From Samsung Galaxy Watch

Pace one:
Press the Home button located at the bottom on the side of your Samsung Galaxy Watch that opens the App screen.

Footstep 2:
Tap Settings.

Pace iii:
After that, tap the Security & Privacy option and cull Lock.

Stride 4:
Striking Blazon.

Step 5:
Y’all volition and so come across options to set upwardly PIN, pattern, or None. To disable your Pin code, choose None.

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Lookout man If Forgot PIN?

If y’all forgot the Samsung watch PIN you have to reset information technology. Ordinarily, in that location are ii methods that Samsung prefers to reset your Milky way lookout Pin.

Method 1. Mill reset Samsung Smartwatch

Step ane:
Unpair your Smart Watch from your phone

To protect your scout and telephone from software issues, make sure to disconnect the existing Bluetooth link between the devices.

  • Become to the “Settings app” on your telephone.
  • Tap selection “Connections” and choose “Bluetooth”.
  • A list of “Paired devices” appears.
  • Hit the “Settings” (gear) icon, located next to the proper noun of your watch.
  • Tap “Unpair”.

Step 2:
Enter the Reboot Carte du jour of your Milky way Lookout

  • Plow Off the spotter and switch information technology On.
  • When your spotter is powering On, press and concord the Power key until Rebooting screen appears.
  • Release the Power key and then promptly printing and release it repetitively to enter the Reboot System Carte.

Factory reset Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

Step three:
Factory Reset Galaxy Watch

Press the Power push until the Recovery screen is called. To select Recovery, press and hold the Power push and every bit the screen goes black, release the Power key.

Step 4:
Reconnect your Smart Watch with your Android telephone

One time the factory reset process is finished, your watch reboots. As you see the Welcome screen. Connect your picket with your Android phone using Galaxy Wearable App, after that bank check for the software updates for your watch, if bachelor.

Your watch asks for your Samsung account to gear up up if y’all didn’t disable the Reactivation lock earlier performing a factory reset.

Method 2. Remotely reset Samsung smartwatch

Step 1:
Caput to Find My Mobile Site

Get to the browser, navigate to the Find My Mobile website and log in using your Samsung business relationship.

Step 2:
Choose Erase information

Select your watch name that appears on the left side of the screen on the map. And so choose the option Erase data located on the right side of the screen. Cull Erase again to confirm your choice and enter the countersign of your Samsung Account.

Remotely reset Samsung smartwatch via Samsung Find My Mobile

Step 3:
Connect your Smart Lookout man with your phone

As the remote reset process is completed, reboot your Samsung sentinel. One time you see the Welcome dwelling house screen, connect your watch with your smartphone via Galaxy Habiliment App. Wait for the required software updates for your watch.

Extra Tip: How to Unlock a Samsung Phone or Tablet?

It’s quite easy to unlock the Samsung lookout man using the to a higher place methods. Once it unlocks, you volition enjoy the complete features of your smartwatch. Besides Galaxy Smartwatches, people frequently search for how to unlock Samsung phones or tablets.

If y’all locked out of your Samsung phone/tablet and stucks on the verification screen after a manufacturing plant reset or y’all forgot screen lock. I have a solution that perfectly unlocks your Samsung phone in 5 seconds. It’due south an Android unlocking software iToolab UnlockGo (Android). The tool successfully bypasses Samsung FRP without a Google account and removes the screen lock with ease.

Bank check how this tool is helpful on Samsung devices (Android 12).

UnlockGo (Android)

  • Easily removes Pin, pattern, password, fingerprints, face unlock
  • Bypass FRP in Samsung devices (supports Bone v-12)
  • Unlock Samsung screen locks without data loss (before S7)
  • No technical expertise is required
  • Supoorts meridian brands Huawei, Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi etc.

If you lot are using an Android device other than Samsung, please use the post-obit method to remove the screen lock. make sure to follow each footstep every bit mentioned beneath.

Pace 1: Connect your phone

Download and install the Android PIN/pattern remove tool on your PC. After that open the tool and cull the option Unlock Screen Lock and click Kickoff.

Unlock Android Phone

Step 2: Device confirmation

UnlockGo (Android) asks you to choice your Phone brand. As y’all did it, select Unlock.

Select the brand of Android device

Step three: Enter your Phone in Recovery way

Android smartphones enter Recovery Mode differently, click this guide to enter Recovery fashion wisely.

Boot your Android device into Recovery Mode

Stride 4: Unlock Android phone and tablet

In one case you successfully enter recovery mode using the higher up guide. Follow the instruction your screen shows to unlock your phone.

remove lock screen from Android device other than Samusng

Step five: Congrats, your Android device unlocked

Restart your phone and create a new password without any restriction.

Unlock Android Screen Locks

Final Words

If you are locked out of Samsung Galaxy watch then performing a factory reset is the only way to regain access. These methods will non corrupt your Bone organisation and only reset your watch to the manufacturing plant defaults.

Additionally, if you lot are locked out of your Samsung phone, a Samsung unlocker tool – UnlockGo (Android) is all set up to unlock your phone without whatsoever complications or registrations.