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Did you know that the “IR” in “IR blaster” stands for infrared? Most remote controls use infrared to communicate with home entertainment components such equally TVs, audio receivers, and DVD players. Some older Android models come with a built-in IR blaster, and with the correct app, you lot tin utilise your phone or tablet to control your TV and more. This wikiHow article teaches you how to turn your IR-enabled Android telephone or tablet into a virtual remote command for any Television set.

Things Y’all Should Know

  • Check if your Android has the IR blaster hardware already installed.
  • You can purchase a plug-in, adapter, or dongle if your Android doesn’t accept the hardware installed.
  • In the case that your Android does already have an IR equalizer, check to see if you lot take a pre-installed app.


  1. 1

    Brand certain your phone has an IR blaster.
    The easiest style to find out is to search the internet for your telephone model’s specs (or your phone model and the words “IR equalizer”) and see what comes up. Fewer Androids come with IR blasters these days, merely you’ll detect them on some models.

    • Modern HTC and Samsung models no longer come with IR blasters, but you lot can often find them on newer models released by Huawei, Award, and Xiaomi.[1]
    • You can as well check your Android’s user manual if you’ve hung on to information technology.
  2. 2

    Install an IR Universal Remote app if you lot don’t already accept one.
    Before downloading a new app, check your app drawer for a congenital-in remote control/IR blaster app. Nigh Androids that come up with an IR blaster component installed besides have a pre-installed app that can do this. If you don’t run across one, there are many gratuitous and paid apps on the Google Play Store you can use to command your home audio and video devices. Some popular and highly-reviewed options are Universal TV Remote Control by CodeMatics and AnyMote Universal Remote + WiFi Smart Home Control by Color Tiger. You may accept to try a few unlike apps before you find the one that best suits you.

    • Not all IR apps are universal remote control apps. Some are for specific brands. Be sure to read the app’s description before installing. For example, you can utilize Mi Remote merely for Xiaomi phones.


  3. iii

    Open up your IR remote app.
    Yous tin can tap
    to launch the app from the Play Store or tap its icon on the app drawer.

  4. 4

    Select your IR blaster when prompted.
    The app should inquire you to choose your IR blaster the commencement fourth dimension you lot open it. Follow the on-screen instructions to select it and/or thou appropriate permissions.[two]

  5. 5

    Select the model you lot want to command.
    Most apps come up with a built-in listing of supported audio and video devices from which you tin cull. You’ll normally have to select the manufacturer kickoff and and so the model.

    • Depending on the app you’re using, you may be asked to enter a universal code for the component. You can find these codes on the web by searching the internet for the model and “remote command code.” You could also visit a site like to find your lawmaking.
    • TVs, DVD/Blu-Ray players, audio receivers, and much more than tin can be controlled using an IR blaster.
  6. vi

    Follow the on-screen instructions to gear up the device.
    In one case you choose your model, your app will display some instructions for linking it to the app. The steps vary by app and device. One time yous’re finished with the setup, you should exist able to use your Android to control the device.

    • Some apps allow you to add together multiple devices. If the app is free it may limit the number of devices you tin can add.
  7. vii

    Point the IR blaster to the device you want to control.
    Only similar a normal remote control, the IR blaster will work best when you are holding the device correctly. Nearly of the time, the IR blaster will be at the elevation of the device. Merely point and press the keys on the screen of your Android to control the device you lot choose.

  8. eight

    Test your remote functions.
    Endeavor pressing the power button to turn the device on or off as a starting point, and so work up to other controls. The virtual remote in the app should take the same (or like) functions equally the product’s actual remote control.

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  • Question

    Does iPhone take an IR equalizer?

    Nicole Levine, MFA

    Nicole Levine is a Engineering science Writer and Editor for wikiHow. She has more than twenty years of experience creating technical documentation and leading support teams at major web hosting and software companies. Nicole besides holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Portland Country Academy and teaches composition, fiction-writing, and zine-making at various institutions.

    Nicole Levine, MFA

    wikiHow Engineering science Writer

    Expert Answer

    iPhones do non have IR blasters, but you can use an iPhone as a remote control for an Apple tree TV.

  • Question

    My smart Telly is a Coby but my phone does not accept IR blaster. Can I apply my phone every bit a remote?

    Nicole Levine, MFA

    Nicole Levine is a Applied science Writer and Editor for wikiHow. She has more than than 20 years of experience creating technical documentation and leading support teams at major spider web hosting and software companies. Nicole also holds an MFA in Artistic Writing from Portland Land Academy and teaches limerick, fiction-writing, and zine-making at various institutions.

    Nicole Levine, MFA

    wikiHow Applied science Writer

    Expert Answer

    Even if your Android doesn’t take an IR blaster, y’all may be able to utilize it every bit a remote for sure smart TVs over Wi-Fi using a universal remote control app. Check the Play Store to run into if there’s a remote app for your TV and attempt it out!

  • Question

    How do I know if I tin can utilize IR equalizer on my Android device?

    wikiHow Staff Editor

    This reply was written by one of our trained team of researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

    wikiHow Staff Editor

    wikiHow Staff Editor

    Staff Answer

    Step one says information technology: you lot tin can perform an cyberspace search, like Google, to read forums and run into if your phone has the hardware or not. You tin can also look at your telephone’s manual to see if it has the IR components.

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  • If your Android does not accept a built-in IR blaster, you tin can buy infrared adapters or dongles that plug into your telephone via audio jack (3.5mm jack) or into the USB port as USB-C dongles. Not all dongles or adapters will piece of work with every Android, still, and it’s of import that you make sure the external IR blaster will work with your phone before you lot buy it.

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  • Some adapters or dongles require a specific app for the production to work. If you’re trying to employ an IR blaster in your USB-C port but it’south not working, attempt looking up who else is using your product and what app they are using. For example, the “Android Adapter Smartphone Micro USB Blazon C IR Infrared Remote Control Universal” works best with the “Zazaremote” app.

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