And then y’all’re finally ready to create your first Discord bot from scratch, but how does one get about doing that? Before y’all can even brainstorm developing and optimizing your bot, you lot still accept to take a few extra steps beforehand. You’ll need to set up an application projection with the Discord platform and create a listing for your bot so it tin can exist invited to other servers. This guide will walk you through the steps required to listing your bot with Discord and how to bring it over to your own server for testing purposes.

What are Discord bots?

Although Discord is an incredible platofrm for grouping chats, it works best with a fiddling aid—that’southward where bots come into play. Discord bots are AI tools perform diverse moderation and administrative tasks. At that place’s no shortage of off-the-shelf Discord bots that you can easily install on your server. That said, if yous’re unable to observe the perfect bot to fit your needs, you can create your own.

How to set upwards a Discord application project for your new bot

The get-go part of this whole process involves logging into the Discord Developer Portal and working on creating a listing for your new bot. You’ll add a new application, an icon, and fifty-fifty a description for your bot if y’all programme to go public. To get started adding your bot to Discord, y’all can exercise the following:

  1. Visit the official Discord Programmer Portal then log in with your account credentials.
  2. Tap on the
    New Application
    push button in the upper right corner.
  3. Give your new Discord application any proper noun you want, then press the
  4. Tap the
    App Icon
    section to upload a unique image that’ll brand your bot easily identifiable.
  5. Now y’all can blazon a curt description of what your bot does and add a few tags for search purposes.

    • To add a tag, you just type in a word then hit the enter central. Add upwardly to 5 different tags to make it easier for others to find your bot when going public.
  6. If needed, you lot can add a link to the
    Terms of Service
    Private Policy URL

    • If you’re making a bot to be used privately on your ain server betwixt family and friends, you can probable skip this office.
  7. Tap the
    button at the lesser to finish up here.

How to add your new bot to your Discord application project

After creating the awarding projection where the bot will be stored, it’south time to actually add the bot to the project itself. You lot’ll get a unique code that allows your bot to communicate with the Discord platform. Thus, yous’ll exist able to then host the bot on Discord, which will enable yous to invite it to your ain server later. To get started adding your bot to your application project, you can do the following:

  1. Tap the hamburger menu in the upper left, then go to the
  2. Under
    Build-A Bot, tap the
    Add Bot
    button to go along.
  3. Read the brusque description that pops up and hit
    Yep, do it!
    to add your bot.
  4. Under the
    department, copy and paste that number somewhere safe where information technology won’t get lost.

    • If you ever lose access to the token, you lot’ll need to striking the
      Reset Token
      button to get a dissimilar 1. In one case you do that, you’d have to use the new code to log in before you can update your bot on the Discord platform.

How to invite your new bot to your Discord server

With the new Discord bot listing created, it’due south time to invite the bot to your server so yous can use it for yourself. Earlier starting with that, you’ll demand to ensure the
Manage Server
permission box is checked on your Discord account. We have the steps in another guide under the
How to enable bots on your Discord server
section if needed. In one case that’south taken care of, yous can invite the bot to your Discord server by doing the post-obit:

  1. Tap the hamburger menu in the upper left of the Developer Portal, and so select
  2. At present you desire to go to the
    URL Generator
  3. Under
    Scopes, scroll down as needed and check the
    box to continue.
  4. Scroll down to the
    Boot Permissions
    department, and so check all the permission boxes that your bot volition use.
  5. One time the appropriate permissions are fix, gyre to the bottom nether the
    Generated URL
  6. Hit the
    button to add the Discord bot URL to your clipboard for the adjacent stride.
  7. Open up a new tab in your web browser, paste that URL, then become to the authority page for your bot.

    • You may have to log into your Discord account again to add together your new bot, so do that here if needed.
  8. Under the
    Add to Server
    drop-downwardly carte du jour, select the server for your business relationship, then hitting the
  9. You lot should now see all the permissions you lot set earlier that your bot uses to work correctly.
  10. If everything checks out, striking the
    push to invite and add together your Discord bot to the selected server.
  11. Hitting the
    I am human
    box, solve the CAPTCHA paradigm examination, then you should encounter the
    folio afterward.
  12. Head over to your Discord server, and you should notice a welcome message for your new bot.

The real piece of work can begin at present that you’ve created a bot list on Discord, got the unique token, and invited it to your server. You’ll be setting upwardly a few parameters in the procedure and telling your bot what you lot want it to exercise. The bot volition stay offline until your code is aligned correctly and synced with the Discord platform. Once y’all get past the long initial setup and coding phase, you can finally share your new bot with anybody on your server.

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