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If you are a Discord user, you must have seen multiple Discord bots on pop servers. Whether it is a music bot or a server moderation bot, in that location is a bot for almost everything. Just in case you are interested to create a Discord bot yourself, follow our guide to make a uncomplicated Discord bot in 2022 and beyond.

Create a Discord Bot (2022)

Prerequisites to Brand a Discord Bot

  • Node.js

We were initially planning to utilize the pop Python bot for this guide. Notwithstanding, because the future of the library, we take decided to use the discord.js Node library instead. Hence, brand sure you have
installed Node.js
on your PC. You tin download the latest version of Node.js from the official website (visit). Y’all can run the following commands to brand sure that you’ve properly installed Node.js and npm on your PC:

node -v npm -five
  • Code editor

To efficiently view, write, and modify lawmaking, you tin utilize any of these best text editors for coding. If nosotros were to pick one, we would go with Microsoft’south Visual Studio Code (download), which also has a multifariousness of VSCode themes.

Set Upwards Discord Bot Account and Add to Discord Server

1. Visit Discord’south developer portal and sign in with your Discord account. Once you are there,
click on the “New Application”
push at the top-right corner to get started.

create new application discord

two. Enter a name for your application and
click on “Create”. Practice annotation that the awarding name doesn’t necessarily have to exist the same every bit the bot’due south name. Yous can choose to modify the bot’due south name later.

name and create application

iii. Now,
switch to the “Bot” section from the left sidebar
and click on “Add Bot”.

add bot discord dev

4. When the pop-upwardly appears, click “Yes, do it!” to proceed farther.

confirm adding bot to app

5. Discord has now created your bot. You can at present choose to change the bot’due south proper noun and icon from the “Bot” section. Before that,
click on the “Re-create” push button beneath “Token” to re-create the bot’due south token. The bot’s token is required later. Do keep in mind that you should non share your bot’south token with anyone as information technology grants them access to your bot.

copy token

half dozen. Now, expand the “OAuth2” tab from the left sidebar and
switch to the “URL Generator” section. Here, choose “bot” every bit the telescopic and permit appropriate permissions for the bot. For this sit-in, nosotros are giving admin permissions to the bot.

choose scope and bot permissions

7. Gyre downwardly and click on the “Re-create” push button to copy the bot’southward URL.

copy bot url

8. Visit the copied URL from your browser to add the bot to your Discord server. All yous take to do is choose the server from the “Add to Server” list and click “Continue” to add together the bot.

add your bot to server

Create and Host Discord Bot Locally on Your PC

Now that you have added the bot to your Discord server, it’due south time to configure the bot. But follow the steps beneath to locally host a Discord bot on your PC.

1. Create a new binder anywhere on your PC.
You should so create two files in this folder — .env, bot.js. In the .env file, paste the bot’s token you copied earlier in the following format:

        DISCORD_TOKEN= Paste your token here without quotes
paste token in env file

ii. Up next, add the following lawmaking to your bot.js file. With this code, the bot will reply “pong” whenever a user sends “ping”.

        require('dotenv').config(); const Discord = require("discord.js"); const client = new Discord.Customer({intents: ["GUILDS", "GUILD_MESSAGES"]}); client.on("ready", () => {   console.log(`Logged in as ${client.user.tag}!`) }) client.on("message", msg => {   if (msg.content === "ping") {     msg.reply("pong");   } }) client.login(process.env.DISCORD_TOKEN);
discord bot code

iv. At present, install the Discord.js library using the post-obit command:

npm install --salve discord.js dotenv
install discordjs lib

v. Upward next, you should
create a package.json file using the command “npm init -y”.

create package json

vi. You lot can finally use the command “node bot.js” to run your Discord bot.

run your bot

7. Every bit yous can see below, the bot works every bit intended and has replied to my test message.

bot output

Create and Host Discord Bot in the Cloud

If yous would rather host your Discord bot online, we recommend using Replit. For those who don’t know, Replit is an online IDE, where you can run and host over 50 programming languages. In addition, the process to ready up Replit is fairly straightforward likewise. So permit’s go right into it.

1. Y’all should get-go
sign upwardly for a new Replit account. You could use your electronic mail address or continue with your Google, GitHub, or Facebook accounts.

sign up replit

Click on the “Create” push at the height-left corner
to create a new project.

create new replit project

3. From the pop-upwards that appears,
choose Node.js template, proper noun your project, and
click on “Create Repl”.

create repl

Expect for a lock symbol in the left sidebar
and paste the bot’s token yous previously copied. Y’all should paste the token in the “value” field and fix the token name in the “key” field.
Click “Add new cloak-and-dagger”
to confirm the token and add together it to your Node.js code.

add your token replit

v. Paste the following lawmaking and printing the greenish “Run” button at the top to run the project. You can now use your bot even after shutting down your PC.

paste the code and run

        const mySecret = process.env[`TOKEN`] const Discord = require("discord.js"); const client = new Discord.Client({intents: ["GUILDS", "GUILD_MESSAGES"]}); customer.on("set", () => {   panel.log(`Logged in every bit ${client.user.tag}!`) }) client.on("message", msg => {   if (msg.content === "ping") {     msg.answer("pong");   } }) client.login(process.env.TOKEN);

6. You can come back to the Replit project and click on the “Finish” button to stop the bot. And there yous take it. You can modify the bot’s code to add or remove the features yous need.

stop replit

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I create a Discord bot for free?

Aye, you can create a Discord bot for free and host information technology locally on your PC or in the cloud.

Q: How to make a Discord bot without coding?

If yous have to create a Discord bot without coding, you will accept to await for sample Discord bot projects others accept done and change the bot based on your needs. If that proves to exist a hassle, you can always utilise one of the available best Discord bots to improve your server’s capabilities.

Q: Can I use for creating my Discord bot?

The programmer of the popular Discord Python library “” is not happy with Discord’s mandatory transition to slash commands for verified bots from April 2022 and has decided to deprecate the library. The library is no longer under development, and the GitHub page of is at present in read-only mode. While unverified bots are not afflicted at the moment, that could potentially change in the futurity.

Create Your Own Discord Bot

So, that’s how yous tin can create a bot on Discord. While we have shown a unproblematic bot that responds to a text, the possibilities of customizing a bot’s capabilities are endless. If yous want inspiration or ideas for your new Discord bot, go through our article on the best Discord bots and try implementing the features you like the near.