How To Make Gif Wallpaper Android

How to Make Live GIF Wallpaper on Windows and Android

Are you tired of only putting a simple wallpaper on your telephone or desktop? Well, it’due south not a problem anymore! By creating an blithe live GIF wallpaper with
GIF wallpaper maker, y’all can reach your very lively screen. Without paying for the Wallpaper Engine, you can create your own GIF wallpaper for Windows/Mac/Android. Keep on reading to know how to use GIF wallpaper maker and prepare alive GIF every bit your wallpaper.

Part 1: The All-time GIF Wallpaper Maker for Windows/Mac/Android

When looking for the best GIF wallpaper maker where you tin can create your animated GIF wallpaper, 4Easysoft Total Video Converter is the perfect ane for you! This GIF wallpaper maker enables you to adjust the frame charge per unit and quality, and then you can make sure that your upshot is loftier-quality. You tin too use the enhancer powered past AI technology to increase the GIF quality. Moreover, its built-in editing functions permit you to ingather, rotate, and add together filters/effects/stickers on your GIF wallpaper.

One of the Best GIF Wallpaper Maker with Powerful Editing Tools:

Making GIF wallpaper from a variety of image and video formats.

Offer dozens of filters/effects to brand the GIF wallpaper more than lively.

Adjust the output settings, such as the resolution, frame rate, and zoom way.

Crop, trim, rotate, and add together text on the GIF wallpaper every bit you like.

Step 1First thing is to download 4Easysoft Total Video Converter – the GIF wallpaper maker on your desktop. Later launching it, become to the
menu tab and tap the
GIF Maker
option to get-go the procedure. Once you click the
GIF Maker
characteristic, you can choose whether to convert a photo to GIF or a video to GIF. In this way, you can make moving pictures to set up a GIF wallpaper.

Toolbox GIF Maker TVC

Step iiUpload the files and so you can outset customizing your output settings. Adjust the frame charge per unit and the size to run across your desired quality and resolution. Y’all tin as well cull from the different cute dozens of filters and add together subtitles or watermark for an attractive consequence. You can also remove the unnecessary clips of the files.

Moving Picture Output Settings

Step iiiOnce y’all are fulfilled with the outcome of your project, you lot tin can now salvage it from this GIF wallpaper maker. Tap starting time the
Relieve to
button to locate a folder of the output to find it easily. Lastly, click the
Generate GIF
push to convert the live wallpaper into a GIF file.

Toolbox Media GIF Maker TVC

Part 2: How to Fix Alive GIF as Wallpaper on Windows/Mac/Android

After creating GIF wallpapers with the help of GIF wallpaper maker, you should know more about how to set live GIFs as wallpaper on Windows, Mac, and Android.

i. Set GIF wallpaper on Windows

The BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Changer is so popular because this is an all-in-one wallpaper management software that can exist used on Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, and 11. Also helping you lot to gear up the GIFs file as wallpaper, it also enables you to make your GIF wallpaper more than alluring on the desktop.

How to fix GIF as wallpaper on Windows using BioniX:

Step 1Launch information technology, go to the
Video Wallpaper
area, and pinpoint the GIFs binder. Upload the GIF file you want to make as your reckoner’south wallpaper.

Step 2And then y’all tin conform the size and other parameters of your GIF wallpaper. After that, tap the
button to apply your GIF wallpaper.

Bionix GIF Wallpaper Changer

2. Apply GIF wallpaper on Mac

GIFPaper is one of the workable GIF wallpaper maker for setting animations as the wallpaper on your Mac. Since it’southward relatively an out-dated program, the GIF wallpaper volition occupy about fifteen% of your estimator’s CPU. Bank check the following steps to apply GIF wallpaper on Mac easily:

Footstep aneOpen GIFPaper on your Mac and click the
button to choose the desired GIF wallpaper from the local binder.

Step 2Afterward that, you can customize the alignment, scaling, and groundwork color to make your GIF wallpaper more beautiful. And then you lot demand to find a file called GIFPaperAgent to set GIF wallpaper on Mac.

GIFPaper Mac

iii. Set Animated GIF equally wallpaper on Android

Android is a system with a lot of customization options. Nearly mobile phone units like Samsung, Oppo, RealMe, and others support a diverseness of wallpapers. Some wallpapers can be used for complimentary, and some are paid. To enjoy the overview of the interface of your screen, employ GIF wallpaper now!

To start the procedure of setting GIF every bit wallpaper, you have to use the GIF Live Wallpaper app. This is such a great GIF wallpaper maker app because it allows you lot to suit your alive GIF wallpaper’s playback, rotation, speed, etc.

Stride 1After you download and install the GIF Alive Wallpaper app to your Android device, y’all have to launch it. Upload the GIF files you wish to make as your device’s GIF wallpaper.

Step 2Edit and adjust it to run across your expectations just past following the prompts. At terminal, set the GIF every bit your device’due south wallpaper to finish your projection.

Android GIF Wallpaper Changer

Office 3: FAQs nearly How to Make Live GIF Wallpaper

  • Does using live wallpaper use so much ram?

    Yes, they do. Since alive wallpapers have a very high-performance level, it requires 1GB of RAM to function. They consume more space in your memory which makes your device laggy. Set the GIF wallpaper maker – GIFPaper every bit an instance, it will bleed virtually 15% of the figurer’s CPU power to display GIF wallpaper.

  • Practise live GIF wallpapers decrease fps?

    You don’t have to bother near the configuration of the live wallpaper if it’s high. Because they only utilise no more resource and ability compared to regular wallpaper. Specially when you have the best GIF wallpaper maker – 4Easysoft Total Video Converter, which provides different frame rates for you to choose.

  • Practise alive GIF wallpapers drain the battery quickly?

    There are ii ways why live wallpapers could kill your battery life quickly; the first is considering it causes the brandish to have to calorie-free upwards vivid images. Second is, it may demand constant action from your mobile phone’south processor.


There you lot have it! Given the to a higher place is the best GIF wallpaper maker yous can utilise to set alive GIF as your wallpaper on Windows, Mac, and Android. We have too presented yous with the most updated GIF wallpaper maker of all fourth dimension, the 4Easysoft Total Video Converter. For more queries, please go out your message below.

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