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Slow download speed

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Slow download speed

This is a troubleshooting guide about download speed.
In general, bad download speed is not any kind of fault of JDownloader but either a user error (bad configuration, bad connection) or caused by the users’ ISP, a host-side issue such equally temporary server issue or a host-side limitation.

This guide will try to help yous to notice out why your download speed is bad and how to possibly improve it.

In all cases, you should always compare the speed in JDownloader vs. the speed in your browser by downloading the SAME file over the SAME service with the Same account(s) in the Same period of time.
If y’all are using a proxy/VPN in JDownloader, brand sure you’re using that in your browser as well if you lot want to get meaningful examination results.
In a lot of cases y’all will notice that the speed you lot get via browser is the same you get via JD which would signal server issues/slowdowns of the service you are trying to download from.

Slow download speed when downloading from video/streaming websites?

Some video streaming sites take bandwidth limits in identify – especially those that do not provide any comfortable ways to download their content e.g. a download button on their website.
They’re basically limiting the max. download speed somewhere nigh the max. bandwidth of the currently streamed video quality.
This ensures that users who stream the video can do so without any lag and prevents bandwidth bottlenecks caused by users who are downloading streaming content.
In such a case there is null you can practise virtually it.

Slow download speed because of as well depression connectedness settings?

Check your connection settings!

High CPU usage during download?

Check for potential SSL related issues!

Are other users having similar issues?

Check the JDownloader forums and search the web.
If other users have reported similar issues recently, the event is most likely not on your side but on the hosters’ side. In that case you can’t do anything about it.

Other mutual mistakes and problems:

  1. Did you lot enable a speed-limit by mistake in JD? (Speedgraph does show a red line for enabled speed-limit)
    Picture of speedgraph in the top right corner with the blood-red “limit” line, visible while downloads are running:

    – Make sure that the pause button is disabled: Information technology is correct adjacent to the “start downloads” (“play push symbol”) button
    – Make sure that you did non enable a speed limit by fault: See Speed limit and Intermission mode settings
  2. Did you lot forget to add together your premium account?
    If y’all ain a premium account for a certain service, you should add it nether Settings –> Business relationship Manager –> Add together
  3. Did you lot disable your premium business relationship by mistake or is in that location an error-state on it?
    If you lot’ve added a premium account for a service, make certain it is activated under Settings –> Account Director
    Too check for temporary errors (= account gets displayed in colour xanthous) or permanent errors like invalid password which would display the account with a blood-red background.
  4. Did you globally disable premium past mistake?
    In the chief toolbar at that place is a symbol with a yellow lock.
    This globally enables/disables all premium accounts – make sure information technology is enabled!
  5. Are you a premium user only JDownloader savage back to gratis account download for some reason?
    Offset answer these questions:
    Did you get a captcha, a pre-download wait time or are you only able to get-go ane download at the aforementioned time?
    If you can answer some- or all of them with
    yes, add an account usage rule for the website you lot’re trying to download from and endeavour again.
  6. Does your firewall/AV scanner block JDownloader?
    Make sure that your firewall does not block JDownloader in whatever way.
    You tin check this e.g. past completely disabling it – deactivating it might not ever turn it off completely.
    If you are using the firewall of your OS only (e.g. “Microsoft Defender”) however, it is enough to temporarily disable it for testing.
  7. Practice you use a VPN/proxy for downloading?
    VPNs tin become a bottleneck when downloading.
    Plow it off and endeavour again! In some cases though, a VPN/proxy tin really exist the solution (meet signal eight “routing issues”).
  8. Does your ISP have problems?
    There are various speed exam websites out there – grab one and examination the max. speed you’re currently getting via your ISP.
    Your issues might as well exist acquired by routing issues and then better test with multiple different speed test websites.
    In the case of routing problems, using a VPN tin can ameliorate your download speed and so requite it a attempt.
  9. Does the service you want to download from take server/speed issues?
    Search the web to find out if there are currently whatsoever reported issues with the service you lot’re trying to download from.
    In this case y’all would definitly have to contact the websites’ support – the JDownloader support volition be unable to help solving problems which 3rd party services are having!
  10. Is your upshot connected to the device you’re currently using?
    Test the same file via the same account with the aforementioned proxy/VPN on other devices in your network to find out if your issue is e.thou. related to the device yous are currently using.
    If yous’re on a shared network (university network/company network), maybe the overall load is loftier.
    If your device is connected via WIFI, connect it via LAN cable and see if you lot get better speeds then.
  11. Does the issue only happen with a specified file?
    Bank check if you can reproduce your event no matter which file you lot are downloading (download files from the
    In some cases, some files might be stored on overloaded servers so out of many files you may try to download, only single files have a slower download speed.
    In this example all y’all can do is wait or accept the low download speed.
  12. Wrong IP Version in use or bad speed because of overloaded IPv4 routes?

    JDownloader should automatically observe IPv6 connectivity and you for it on your own via eastward.yard.
    If this detection of JD fails for some reason, you tin can try the following:
    Go to Settings -> Avant-garde Settings -> Search for
    -> Prepare this to IPV6_IPV4 (or IPV4_IPV6) -> Restart JDownloader and cheque if speeds are improve.
    Reset this setting to default (“System”) if you lot do non notice whatsoever changes in downloadspeed.

Only contact our back up regarding speed issues, if:

– Speed in browser- and JDownloader are clearly different

– You’ve gone through this troubleshooting guide and were unable to identify any other causes of your speed problems other than JDownloader

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