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This wikiHow teaches you lot how to mash potions in Minecraft. Potions can increase your strength, restore health, or even harm enemies depending on their ingredients.

  1. 1

    Travel to the Under
    There are several ingredients that you can only gather while in the Nether, so you’ll need to become to the Nether in order to kick off the potion-brewing process.

    • The Under is incredibly unsafe, especially for new players. Consider setting the game difficulty to “Peaceful” while in the Nether to avoid dying until yous want Ghast tears, Magma cream, Blaze rods and Blaze Pulverization.
  2. 2

    Gather Nether ingredients.
    You’ll demand to get together two things while in the Nether:

    • Nether Wart:
      A mushroom-like item found on the ground in Nether fortresses. It grows on soul sand. (Can exist found in Nether Fortress or Breastwork Remnant as of 1.xvi)
    • Blaze Rods:
      Blazes drop blaze rods when killed. You will need to bump the difficulty upwards to ‘Easy’ for Blazes to spawn.(Salve some for crafting some Optics of Ender later on)
    • Soul Sand:
      If you wish to grow more Nether Wart in the Overworld, y’all can catch some of these brown blocks that look like they have faces trapped within. (Not to be confused with Soul soil.)


  3. 3

    Return to the overworld.
    Get out the Nether past going back to your Nether portal and hopping through information technology. But brand certain a Ghast doesn’t put it out. You lot can also use a respawn ballast, which is made with crying obsidian and glowstone.

  4. 4

    Craft your brewing stand and identify it on the footing.
    Open your crafting table, place three asphalt blocks in the bottom row of the crafting grid, place a bonfire rod in the middle square, and motion the brewing stand to your inventory. Select it in your inventory, then select the basis to identify the brewing stand.

    • In Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition), merely tap the brewing stand icon then tap

      1 x

      to create the brewing stand up.
    • On the console version of Minecraft, select the brewing stand and press


      on the Xbox or


      on the PlayStation).
  5. 5

    Arts and crafts glass bottles.
    Open up the crafting table, place a glass block in the middle-left, bottom-middle, and middle-right squares, and move the stack of 3 glass bottles into your inventory.

    • In Minecraft PE, merely tap the glass canteen icon and tap

      3 10
    • On the panel version of Minecraft, select the glass bottle icon and press


      on the Xbox or


      on the PlayStation. (To get glass bottles; y’all can craft it from three glass (smelt 3 sands in a furnace), you can get it from line-fishing or even from killing a witch or annexation)
  6. six

    Create blaze pulverization.
    Open up the crafting table, place a blaze rod in any of the squares, and move the resulting pulverisation into your inventory (probably best not to utilize it all upward. You’ll need some afterward).

    • In Minecraft PE, tap the blaze powder icon, and then tap

      two x
    • On the console version, select the blaze powder icon and press


      on the Xbox or


      on the PlayStation.
  7. seven

    Find secondary ingredients.
    Base potions don’t take whatever effects, and demand to have another ingredient added to make them do something. The ingredients you choose volition dictate what kind of potion you create.

    • Spider Eye
      – Dropped by Spiders, Cave Spiders, and Witches. Used for poisonous substance potions.
    • Glistering Melon
      – You can craft a glistening melon by surrounding a Melon with eight Gold Nuggets in the Crafting Grid. Used for instant health potions.
    • Golden Carrot
      – Can be crafted by surrounding a single Carrot with eight Gold Nuggets in the Crafting Grid. Used for night-vision potions.
    • Blaze Powder
      – Tin can be crafted by crafting a single Bonfire Rod, dropped by Blaze enemies. This will produce ii Bonfire Powders. Used for strength potions.
    • Fermented Spider Eye
      – Can be crafted from a Spider Center, Mushroom, and Saccharide. Used for weakness potions.
    • Pufferfish
      – Can be caught by fishing or (Equally of Update Aquatic) in a Water Saucepan. Used for water-breathing potions.
    • Magma Cream
      – Dropped past defeated Magma Cubes, or tin be crafted by combining Blaze Pulverisation (Crafted from Blaze rods) and a Slimeball (Dropped past Slime). Used for fire resistance potions.
    • Carbohydrate
      – This tin be crafted from unmarried pieces of Sugar Cane. Used for speed potions.
    • Ghast Tear
      – Dropped by Ghasts. (Can be difficult to obtain since Ghasts tend to hover over lava). Used for wellness regeneration potions.
    • Rabbit’s Foot
      – Dropped by defeating Rabbits (ii.5% drop charge per unit). Used for leaping potions.
    • Phantom Membrane
      – Dropped by phantoms. Used in potions of tedious falling.
    • Turtle Shell
      – Crafted by placing 5 turtle scutes in a helmet formation in a crafting table. Scutes are obtained by starting time breeding turtles, waiting for the eggs to hatch and the babies to grow into adults, and then killing the resulting adult turtles. Used in potions of the turtle master.
  8. 8

    Collect potion modifiers.
    You can further change a potion by adding another ingredient later on it is created. This will normally increase the amount of time the potion is active. You can also make potions throwable so that they splash on bear upon.

    • Redstone
      – You tin find Redstone by mining Redstone Ore. This volition typically yield 4-5 Redstone. This tin can make potions concluding longer.
    • Glowstone Dust
      – Can be obtained by breaking a block of Glowstone. You lot tin can receive up to four Glowstone Dusts per cake of Glowstone. This can make potions stronger, simply shorter.
    • Gunpowder
      – This can exist found by defeating Creepers, Ghasts, and Witches. This makes potions throwable.
    • Fermented Spider Eye
      – This secondary ingredient can also exist used to further alter potions. Information technology typically reverses or corrupts the furnishings of the potion. (Crafted from a Spider eye and brown mushroom)
    • Dragon’s Breath
      – Tin be obtained by using an empty glass bottle on the Ender Dragon’southward purple jiff attack. This makes potions linger on the ground.
  9. 9

    Fill your glass bottles.
    Find a water source (Like a Cauldron total of water or trunk of water), equip the glass bottles, and select the water to fill your glass bottles with it. Once you have a stack of three glass bottles, you’re ready to begin making potions.

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  1. 1

    Open your brewing stand (Crafted from a blaze rod and 3 asphalt).
    Select the brewing stand while facing it to open the brewing stand.

  2. 2

    Identify your h2o bottles in the stand.
    Click and drag your bottles into the three squares at the bottom of the page.

    • In Minecraft PE, tap a square, then tap the water bottle icon on the left side of the folio.
    • On the console version, press
      with the water bottle selected.
  3. 3

    Add a Nether wart.
    Identify the Nether wart in the top square of the crafting folio.

  4. iv

    Add together blaze powder.
    Click and drag blaze pulverisation onto the top-left square in the brewing stand window. Doing and so volition prompt the base potion—known equally an “Awkward Potion”—to begin brewing.

    • Skip this step in Minecraft PE.
    • On the console version, just printing
      with the blaze pulverization selected.
  5. 5

    Place the Awkward Potion(south) back in the brewing stand up.
    Now that you have the Awkward Potion every bit a base, you tin add together a secondary ingredient to alter the potion.

  6. 6

    Add a secondary ingredient.
    Place your secondary ingredient (e.g., a rabbit pes) in the square at the pinnacle of the brewing stand. The potion will begin brewing once more.

    • Your blaze powder from the beginning circular should be expert for 20 brew cycles.
  7. 7

    Place the potion in your inventory.
    Your potion is at present ready to be consumed.

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  1. one

    Making a splash Potion.
    A splash potion is a potion that can be thrown. When thrown, a particle cloud with the effect of the potion (eg. slowness, speed, etc.) volition appear for around a second. You tin make this by the combining whatsoever potion from the tables higher up with a piece of gunpowder.

    • It is possible to turn Awkward and Mundane potions into splash potions.[2]
  2. two

    On peak of that, you tin can brand a lingering potion.
    A lingering potion is kind of like a splash potion, but the effect cloud lasts longer and “lingers” in place. To make a lingering potion, put Dragon’s Breath (Received by using a glass bottle when the Ender Dragon breathes fire.) in the top slot of a brewing stand and put
    splash potion in one of the tiptop slots.

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    How do I brand a poison pointer in Minecraft?

    Abigail Baskin

    Abigail Baskin

    Customs Reply

    To make a poison pointer, put a lingering potion of poison in the middle of eight arrows.

  • Question

    How do I find or make a dragon jiff potion?

    Community Answer

    When the dragon spits out his jiff, have a glass bottle and try right-clicking on the breath and yous volition obtain a dragon breath potion.

  • Question

    How do I make a harming potion in Minecraft?

    Community Answer

    Brand a poison potion, then add a fermented spider center (mushroom, spider eye and sugar).

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  • If you accidentally practise drinkable negative potions, drink a bucket of milk to get rid of the effects. You can get milk from a moo-cow (Not the Mushroom cow, Regular cow). Keep in mind that it’ll too make you lose positive furnishings too.

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