How To Make Stars In Procreate

Are you looking for a brush to assist you create stars in your digital art? Well, await no farther!

In this blog post, I am giving away three costless star designs you tin use in your artwork. So go creative and add some sparkle to your work!

FREE-Procreate-STAR-Brushes 4

3 Gratuitous Star Brushes For Procreate

Procreate star stamp
Procreate Milkyway star postage stamp

Milky Way Stars Brush Procreate

Procreate star stamp
Procreate Geometric star stamp

Geometric Procreate Star Brush

Procreate star stamp
Procreate Shooting star stamp

Procreate Shooting Star Stamp

Download the Free Procreate Star Brushes Here

Downloading my Free Star Brushes Is As Easy Equally i – 2 – 3

Download the stars brush stamps to your iPad – you will become the link for this instant download when y’all signup 🙂

In one case you have your Procreate brushes/ postage file, y’all can import them into Procreate.

If you want to apply the stamps as objects, you’ll need to resize and rotate them, so they fit into your scene.

Once you’re happy with their placement, y’all tin can simply color them in with your chosen colors or create a pattern or a pretty wildflower scene.

If you’re using imported stamp images, you’ll demand to select the brush tool from the tool menu and cull your desired stamp from the library.

You can then resize and rotate the stamp as desired before placing it in your scene and painting it.

How to Brand a Star Brush in Procreate?

If you prefer learning through watching, hither is my easy video tutorial on

How to Make a Stamp in Procreate.

If you lot’re like me, you lot love doodling stars all over the place. Now, with Procreate, yous can turn your doodles into star brushes!

This is a great mode to add some pizzazz to your drawings, and it’s really easy to do.

one) Draw your star pattern on a square canvas.

2) Copy the canvas in the actions menu.

3) Select the brush card and add together a new castor.

Procreate star stamp

4) Tap the Shape Option, select Edit, and then Import —> Paste.

Procreate star stamp

v) Capsize the design past tapping the screen with two fingers.

Procreate star stamp

half dozen) Adjust the stroke path size.

Procreate star stamp

7) Adjust the opacity under the Apple Pencil Setting.

Procreate star stampProcreate star stamp

8) Adjust the brush size under Preferences.

Procreate star stamp

9) Edit the “Nearly this brush” section.

Procreate star stamp

10) Relieve your castor and exam it out! With these unproblematic steps, yous’ll have a custom star castor that you can use to add some sparkle to your Procreate artwork!

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How to use a Star Brush in Procreate?

To use the Procreate star postage stamp, merely select the color y’all want the design to be, select the stars brush from the castor card, and start stamping away!

Pro tip: Remember to work on several layers every bit you go on. This ways you tin easily move the stars around or change the colors if yous want to.

What are Procreate star stamps, and why are they useful?

Procreate star stamps are digital stamps used to create artwork or craft projects with stars of diverse sizes and shapes.

Digital stamping is very much similar stamping in real like – you tin use the repetitive design to create backgrounds, foregrounds or even but to add a little flake of ornament to your work.

The main difference is that digital stamps give you much more than control over your stars’ size, shape, and colour.

This ways that you tin can create some really unique and customized star designs.

They are useful for creating backgrounds, adding texture to paintings, and creating patterns.

The stamps can be rotated and flipped to create different furnishings, and the opacity can be adapted to create different levels of darkness.


What can you practice with your Star Brush in Procreate?

A star brush is a great nugget to have in your Procreate brush library. There is just then much you can do with information technology!

Here are some slap-up ideas for using stamps in Procreate…

Procreate Star Brush Ideas 🙂

  • Utilize it to create a sparkly background.
  • Add together stars to an existing drawing.
  • Use it to create a galaxy scene.
  • Postage stamp stars randomly over a black canvas to create a night sky.
  • Create a starry trail behind a falling star.
  • Use different colors of stars to create a rainbow effect.
  • Create a star-filled pattern.
  • Add stars to a photograph.
  • Create some Starry Cards – or design your ain Christmas Cards!
  • Maybe you’re creating a night sky scene and want to add some stars. Or maybe you’re making a birthday card and desire to decorate it with stars!
Procreate star stamp tote bag design
Procreate Star Postage Tote Bag

Create your own unique patterns and backgrounds by layering dissimilar colors of stars or alternating between big and small stars.

Simply postage stamp out a agglomeration of stars or other shapes onto a blank sheet, then make full in the infinite between them with whatever colors and designs you like.

You lot tin likewise use digital stamps to create elements for collages or

art journal

mixed media pieces.

Impress a few copies of the stamp on paper, then cut them out and gum them down onto your Collage or mixed media surface.

Procreate star stamp idea wall art
Procreate Star Stamp Wall Fine art

Some other great way to use digital stamps is to add them to existing Procreate artwork as embellishments.

For instance, if you lot’ve already created a beautiful night sky scene in Procreate, why non add some stars into the mix?

Or, if you’ve got a lovely landscape painting, endeavor adding a few trees or flowers using digital stamps.

The possibilities are endless!

So go ahead and experiment with digital stamps – they’re a great mode to add an extra bear on of inventiveness to your Procreate artwork.



A Procreate Star castor is a keen manner to add some extra sparkle and pizzazz to your Procreate artwork. I hope you lot take plant this drove of graphics helpful and you have fun with your Procreate analogy 🙂

I regularly update my site with gratuitous brushes and templates. Remember to subscribe to the Artsydee newsletter, so you don’t miss out!

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