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x Tricks to Make Your Phone Not Reachable –
Everyone hates getting unwanted phone calls, and the worse part is that yous tin’t do much about it. Even so, at that place are a few simple tricks you lot can use to make your phone less accessible and less likely to be disturbed by callers. Whether you’re looking to make your phone completely inaccessible or just reduce the number of incoming calls, read on for 10 helpful tips.

There are several reasons for you do not want to receive calls from others, whether it be friends or family. And at times, you’ll end up with picking upwards calls, which yous really don’t want to. Well, there are some small tricks with which you can make your smartphone not reachable when someone is calling you, which volition be helpful considering do not picking up someone’due south call is kind of weird stuff.

10 Tricks to Brand Your Telephone Non Reachable


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    10 Tricks to Make Your Phone Not Reachable
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    ten Tricks to Make Your Phone Not Reachable and Avert Unwanted Call Detail
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    Follow Elementary Tricks To Brand Your Smartphone Not Reachable

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      Turn on the Airplane/Flight Mode
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      Change The Mobile Network
    • 3.3
      Modify Network Mode
    • three.four
      Manually Select Your Network
    • 3.v
      Frontward Your Call
    • 3.6
      Sim Card Trick
    • 3.7
      Third-Party Applications
    • 3.eight
      Remove The Battery
    • iii.nine
      Aluminum Foil
    • 3.x
      Block The Number
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    Frequently Asked Questions

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      What Is it possible to track the number of unanswered calls on my telephone?
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      What are another ways to protect myself from unwanted callers?
    • 5.3
      How can I block unwanted calls from my phone?
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      How do I stop unwanted calls on my phone?

Keeping your phone locked and inaccessible is the all-time fashion to avoid unwanted calls and messages. Here are 10 tips to aid you make your phone inaccessible.

x Tricks to Brand Your Telephone Not Reachable and Avert Unwanted Call Particular

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Follow Unproblematic Tricks To Brand Your Smartphone Not Reachable

Making your smartphone inaccessible tin can be a great way to avoid unwanted calls and letters. At that place are a few simple tricks that yous can apply to make your phone inaccessible. For example, you lot can envelop the telephone in aluminum foil and seal it close with duct tape. You tin as well disable location services and push notifications if y’all don’t desire people knowing where you lot are at all times. Another great manner to make your telephone inaccessible is to put it in rice for ii-3 hours. This will block electromagnetic waves from reaching the device and brand it inaccessible! If you’re feeling extra secure, you can lock the screen with a passcode or by drawing a padlock onscreen. That’s all for now!

If your smartphone doesn’t have a 4G network and your smartphone has support for 4G LTE. So merely put your network manner to 4G/LTE, which will make your unreachable.

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Turn on the Airplane/Flight Mode

The easiest and simple trick to make telephone non reachable is by keeping the Android phone in flying style. When in Flying Way, the network operator detects that the phone is out of coverage area and reflects caller as not reachable. Information technology volition do the job of sending the caller and message of you being unreachable and making them recall that this might be because of a network error or whatever other technical fault in the device. This trick, look at the top quick settings bar of your mobile telephone, and yous volition find the option of aero plane or flight mode. You can also notice it by holding the power button of a telephone for about ii seconds. Enable it, and you are done.

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Alter The Mobile Network

No ane wants to receive unwanted calls, and the number i way to avoid them is by irresolute the mobile network your phone is connected to. This can be done by either adding a contact number to your blocked list or past changing the mobile network your phone is currently continued to. Once your settings are updated, make sure to do information technology regularly in case of any changes or updates on the mobile networks available. blocking calls can be washed in a number of ways, and the all-time fashion to find the right solution for y’all is to endeavor out unlike methods and see which one works the best for you lot.

Irresolute the mobile network will as well exercise the task successfully without giving any hint to the caller. Information technology is besides relatively easy to practise. All you need to do is go to the organization settings. There you will find mobile and network settings. Click on manual selection in one case you lot get there and select whatever network that is not yours. Your phone volition be unreachable the moment y’all accept washed it. You can later on choose your actual mobile network to disable this setting. While there are more than tricks to how to make your telephone not reachable, this is one of the reliable ones. If your Android telephone doesn’t accept a 4G network but has back up for 4G LTE, then you tin can make your telephone not reachable by n only put your network mode to 4G/LTE.

Change Network Mode

It can be frustrating when someone calls you and your telephone just won’t terminate ringing. The solution is to change the network mode on your telephone. This will end people from locating your device past using cell tower signals. If you want to prevent your phone from reaching unwanted callers, yous can alter the network mode to ” airplane ” or ” off “. If the caller does accomplish your telephone, you tin can utilise a contact blocker app to block their number. Call up to keep your phone protected by using a expert security app and a strong password.

Hanging the network mode is another helpful trick to make your telephone not reachable. By default, your smartphone selects the all-time available network automatically and selects the strongest 1 automatically. But you can besides make a manual option of the network, and in example you select a network that is non bachelor, then this shall make your number not reachable. To enable these tricks to make your phone non reachable, yous need to become to Settings of your device, then select network settings, and inside it, select ‘Manual’ nether network choice. This shall make your number not reachable.

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Manually Select Your Network

All you need to do is head over to Settings> More than Settings> Network Selection> Automatic or Manual. Now, choose manually and wait for x-15 seconds and your smartphone will show the bachelor networks within your achieve. Now, your smartphone will lose bespeak, which results in unreachable mode. This 1 is another easy trick to make phone not reachable. Just become to Settings> More than Settings> Network Selection> Automatic or Manual. At this stage, cull Network manually and look for 10-xv seconds. The phone volition now evidence the available networks inside your achieve. At present, your smartphone will lose signal, which results in unreachable way.

Forward Your Call

Don’t allow the phone ring all the time! Hither are 10 tricks to make your phone non reachable and avert unwanted call. Other tricks to make your phone not reachable are to forward the telephone call to an expired number. All you demand for doing this is an old and expired number. Simply become to the call settings of your mobile telephone, and there you will find the option of forwarding calls. There, enter the number which is not in use and is expired. However, call up that the caller may know about the telephone call being forwarded and gauge that you are doing it on purpose. This is little tricky, merely besides very simple. Make your network forward calls to any landline number and attempt to brand a call to your number. It will surely say every bit unreachable to this network right at present.

Sim Carte Pull a fast one on

Information technology’s never fun when someone calls y’all unexpectedly, and the last matter you want is to answer the phone and have the chat be uncomfortable. Luckily, there are a number of tricks yous can use to brand your phone inaccessible and avoid unwanted telephone call. 1 method is by changing your number with a service similar FreedomPop. This mode, yous volition keep your current number simply block unwanted calls from going through. If someone does call, just press the cerise button to cease the call without hearing anything back. Another trick is by disabling your phone’s reception or sim card. Finally, one way to avert unwanted calls is by blocking caller ID numbers with your phone’due south settings.

You can as well make your phone unreachable by removing the SIM card. All you need to do is take out the SIM card, switch off your phone, and insert the Sim menu back over again. This will make your number non reachable until you restart your device.

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Third-Party Applications

No one wants those pesky phone solicitations, but especially non on the busiest days. Luckily, there are a few unproblematic tricks that you tin use to keep your phone from existence reachable and avoiding unwanted calls. For starters, make sure to use a screen lock selection – even if information technology’s just for a brusk time. This way, others can’t access your device without your permission. Secondly, disable all unnecessary extensions and app notifications. This volition aid to save on bombardment life. Thirdly, beware of third-party applications that merits to block calls and texts, but in reality they simply drain your battery. Finally, continue your phone locked if you lot don’t desire those pesky incoming phone call or text solicitations from businesses or telemarketers. These elementary tips should help to continue the phone-related nuisance at bay.

There are some apps on the app stores such as “Phone Signal Jammer“, “PilferShush Jammer“, and many more similar apps that claim that these tin can block cell reception, which makes your number go not reachable. These apps are gratis to use and are only available on Android, simply their functionality varies from device to device, so yous tin test it out on your device and run across if this works.

Remove The Bombardment

Smartphone security is important, no affair who you are or where you are. That’s why it’s of import to know the 10 tricks to make your phone non reachable and avert unwanted call. Beginning and foremost, enable location services only when necessary. This will brand tracking down the phone much more difficult for criminals. Additionally, keep your device’s software up-to-date by downloading the latest security patches and updates from Apple or Google Play Shop. This will brand tracking down the phone much more difficult for criminals. Last but non the least, if your phone is lost or stolen, remove the battery and never plough it on again. That way, the device can’t be used in any manner and the thief won’t be able to access your data or photos.

But remove your battery from your smartphone without switching off the smartphone. By doing this, you will be unreachable, until you turn on your smartphone. If you remove your smartphone’s battery without switching off the device, then this can work as a trick to make your phone not reachable. Your mobile phone will exist unreachable just by doing this piddling fox making this another extremely piece of cake method. Your phone volition switch off automatically after taking off the battery. Y’all tin can bank check by calling on your mobile number from any other device to be assured of this. Retrieve to keep your phone on why you are removing the battery, or else this trick will not work.

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Aluminum Foil

It’s the dreaded call that you just can’t avert. You answer the call, only to find out that the caller knows how to bypass your phone’south blocking characteristic. Worse, the call could potentially be from someone you don’t want to talk to. Luckily, there is a elementary trick that can assistance you lot avoid unwanted calls – aluminum foil! To use this trick, simply wrap your phone in foil and avert using the phone when y’all’re within a building or near a source of EMF. Brand sure to use enough foil to embrace the whole phone – don’t skimp! This method is constructive for both Android and iPhone users. So, if you want to keep your telephone from being reachable by the people you lot don’t want it to be reachable past, try using aluminum foil.

Assume that you are plagued with poor network connection at your home, and so this trick will surely help you. Having said that, wrap your smartphone with the help of an aluminum foil and you’re ready to not receive calls. Wrap your mobile phone in aluminum foil. It may sound similar a stupid and non-working DIY, simply it does the trick equally it causes poor network connectedness. Doing these tricks makes your telephone not reachable, your smartphone’s radio antenna won’t receive whatever mobile network, and it becomes difficult for your device to receive any signals once you lot wrap it in aluminum foil.  This DIY trick volition actually make your phone non reachable. When you warp your mobile phone in aluminum foil, the smartphone’s radio antenna will not be able to receive any mobile network and will therefore make your phone non reachable for other callers.

Block The Number

This flim-flam to brand your phone not reachable is a fleck risky and usually only works for Android devices. Some android devices deliver the message “the number you take dialed is currently busy” when putting the number on the cake. Still, some Android devices inform the caller about the number beingness unreachable on blocking. First, information technology is best to bank check these tricks to how to make your phone not reachable past blocking any of your other or alternative numbers and then calling on your device past that number. If the message existence delivered is of an unreachable device, then congratulations, as y’all can but block the number whose call yous want to contrivance. To block calls on your device, you can either utilize in-congenital telephone call block functionality that tin can be viewed by selecting the contempo calls menu and blocking the numbers manually.


By post-obit the unproblematic tips listed in this blog, you can brand your smartphone inaccessible to unwanted callers. By blocking phone numbers, forwarding calls, and disabling applications, you tin foil the efforts of pesky callers and protect your privacy. Brand sure to bank check the blog regularly for more helpful tips on making your telephone inaccessible to unwanted callers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is it possible to rails the number of unanswered calls on my phone?

It is possible to runway the number of unanswered calls on your phone by using an app or by simply going to Settings->Telephone->Phone call Logs and scrolling downwards. By doing this, you can hands avoid annoying callers and save yourself fourth dimension from having frustrating conversations.

What are another means to protect myself from unwanted callers?

There are a few other ways that you tin protect yourself from unwanted callers. 1. Install an app like Blockphone which will help you filter and cake spam calls, telemarketing calls, and other types of unwanted calls. 2. Use caller ID spoofing software or a blocked number on your telephone to make it difficult for people to contact you by telephone. iii. Brand sure that your phone’s privacy settings are enabled then that the people you want to contact you cannot see your number.

How can I cake unwanted calls from my telephone?

Yous can register your numbers on the national Exercise Not Call list at no cost by calling 18883821222 voice or 18662904236 TTY. You must telephone call from the telephone number you lot wish to register. You lot tin besides register at add together your personal wireless telephone number to the national Do-Not-Call list

How practice I stop unwanted calls on my phone?

The steps for blocking numbers on an Android phone vary based on the device and operating organisation version. Yous should be able to open up the Phone app and select recent calls or call history. Tap the number yous want to block and observe the command that says cake and/or written report as spam.

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