How To Pair Bone Conduction Headphones

Os Conduction Headphones Bluetooth



    vii.32 ten 5.51 x 2.28 inches (xviii.6 x xiv x 5.eight cm),
    (25 grams),
    i Lithium Polymer batteries required,
  • BRAND:
    nine DIGITAL,
  • Grade FACTOR:
    On Ear,

9 DIGITAL bone conduction Bluetooth headphones utilize proprietary os conduction technology instead of air to send sounds to the auditory nervus. It brings the unrivaled comfort and experience to you. The open ear design allows you to hear what is happening on effectually y’all, keeping y’all continued and aware of what is going on around you lot. Information technology’southward safer than typical earbuds and headset headphones, and it’southward ideal for jogging, hiking, cycling, working out, going to the gym, sports, and driving.


These earphones are easy to article of clothing and easily be used for several hours. You lot simply accept to accuse them ane. Titanium wire skeleton is strong and durable, providing unobtrusive all-mean solar day condolement. ix DIGITAL open ear headsets are painless and prophylactic for your ear canal, also as clean and sanitary for you.


On a single charge, the device can handle half dozen.5 hours of continuous music and telephone conversations, besides every bit 480 hours of standby time. Annotation: Because the playing time is dependent on the loudness, it is brash that the volume be prepare to 80 per centum when playing or calling.


ix DIGITAL wireless bone conduction headphones are waterproof and may be used for both indoor and outdoor activities. These are not for swimming. You cannot put these on and go for swimming. The headphones are sweat-resistant.


These earphones are multifunction like other earphones. Play, intermission, skip, and answer calls are all controlled via the multifunction button. The microphone enables y’all to speak con calls and give a very loud and clear voice.

What’southward in the box

  • Bone conduction headphone
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Sponge earplugs
  • User transmission

How to turn on the earphones

Y’all can easily turn on the earphones by following the steps given:

  • Just, press and hold the + button for three seconds.
  • Your device volition be ON.


How to increment the volume:

You can hands increase the volume of the earphones by following the steps given:

  • But, press + button for once.
  • The volume volition be increased.


How to subtract the book

You tin hands decrease the volume of the earphones past following the steps given:

  • Only, printing – button for in one case.
  • The volume volition exist decreased.





  • Good sound quality
  • Good price.
  • Good battery fourth dimension.


  • Uncomfortable after some time.

nine DIGITAL bone conduction headphones are a wonderful alternative if you want something that stays on and is lightweight.

Oftentimes Ask Question

  • Is the sound quality of bone conduction headphones proficient?
    The sound quality of bone conduction headphones is junior to that of normal headphones. At that place are several considerations at play here, the most important of which is that delivering vibrations through the potent material of your jaw needs far more energy than sending them through the air.
  • Is it possible for bone conduction headphones to crusade hearing loss?
    While bone-conduction headphones have a significant condom and design advantages over standard headphones, they can nevertheless cause hearing damage when music or audio is played at excessive volumes.
  • What is the maximum volume that os conduction headphones can produce?
    The greatest documented output level in the peer-reviewed literature that nosotros are aware of is 120 dBA with a tight-fitting earphone.

  • Is information technology truthful that bone conduction headphones are less dangerous than earbuds?
    Because of their pattern and awarding, os conduction headphones are safer than standard headphones. Because they don’t force air into your ears, they have a lower risk of causing hearing bug direct connected to your eardrum than regular headphones do when played too loudly and for besides long.
  • Can os-conducting headphones be used in the h2o?
    The IP68 rating of the AfterShokz Xtrainerz ways they tin be used underwater for up to two hours at a depth of two meters, making them the platonic waterproof headphones for swimming.
  • What happens if my ears ring?
  • Damage to sensory hair cells in the cochlea, , is the about common crusade. Tinnitus can manifest itself in a multifariousness of ways, including ocean noises, ringing, buzzing, clicking, hissing, or whooshing.
  • What is the decibel level of headphones?
  • When it comes to headphone utilize, it’south crucial to remember that personal listening devices are adjusted to a maximum loudness of roughly 105 to 110 dB.