How To Pause Video On Iphone

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iPhones are one of the all-time smartphones effectually the world. As you all know, iPhone is mainly known for its top-notch quality and security system. But the toll of the iPhone is pretty high compared to others. Nevertheless, it ranks as the number ane smartphone with advanced features supporting the all-time-in-class photographic camera. The photo and video quality are arguably superior to any other smartphone photographic camera. The latest models of the iPhones tin shoot a pic in high-resolution quality. The users can even tape the iPhone screen to share the same with others. Now, many of u.s.a. dubiety if it is possible to interruption and resume the video recordings. If yous are looking out for an answer, accept a expect at how to pause a video recording on iPhone.

Can You Intermission Video Recordings using iPhone Camera?

Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn’t have an pick to pause or resume a video while recording a video. The users can end the video recording, merely pausing and resuming options is non possible in iPhone. Imagine you’re directing a brusque moving-picture show or shooting a video. Editing the footage every time afterwards filming is a time-consuming and tiresome process to do.

In these cases, the suspension and resume features will come in handy. These options on video recording, in plough, reduce the work of an editor. The only possible way to get suspension and resume features in iPhone is by installing third-party applications from App Store.

How to Pause or Resume Video Recordings on iPhone

In that location are enough of apps bachelor to break a video in the market, while but some of them stand out every bit unique and liked by many. One among them is PauseCam. Y’all can pause or resume video recording by installing the PauseCam app on your iPhone with the below steps.

i) Visit
App Store
on your iPhone and search for
in the search bar.

2) Tap
to download the app.

3) Install the
PauseCam app.

iv) Launch the PauseCam app on your iPhone and requite permissions to access the photographic camera and microphone.

5) On the app’south interface, y’all can encounter a large red push button.

6) Tap the
red push button

to showtime recording the video.

tap the red button to start recording

7) To pause the video while recording, select the
Pause button
displayed at the bottom of the screen.

tap the pause button to pause the recording

8) Tap on the same button again to outset the recording.

9) Follow these steps repeatedly to intermission or resume the video while recording.

x) To

a video, tap on the
tick mark
displayed on the right side of the screen, and to discard the video, select the cross marker.

11) Subsequently borer the tick mark, select the
Share icon
displayed at the top correct. you lot’ll be navigated to a new screen.

12) Choose your video quality. You lot can save the video just in low quality. You should pay to relieve the video in high qualities like Original, High, Medium.

choose your video quality

13) After selecting the video quality, the screen displays sharing and saving options. If you desire to share the video with your friends, select the sharing fashion under the heading

xiv) If you like to save the video in your iPhone gallery, tap on
Relieve in Photos
or else tap
to explore the options available to save your video.

select sharing options or saving options.

Bonus: VideoCam+ Pause Video Recorder

VideoCam+ is the second near popular app to break and resume a recording video on the iPhone. The installation and using procedure is almost similar to PauseCam. The zoom in or Zoom out feature is available in this app, assuasive users to zoom the video while recording. If y’all’re looking for the all-time alternative for PauseCam, VideoCam+ Pause Video Recorder is the right one to choose!

download VideoCam+ Pause Video Recorder

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Now, we’re at the end. Follow the steps described in a higher place and pause your video recording on your iPhone. The in a higher place-listed method is the only way to feel the break or resume characteristic in video recording. If you don’t like to install any third-party apps, download the Apple product iMovie software on your Mac to cut and trim your videos. Promise this blog helps you to solve the query you lot’re looking for. Share this commodity with your friends and cheque our blog to know nigh Apple products and updates.