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This wikiHow teaches you how to beat i of your iPhone or iPad contacts at Cup Pong. Cup Pong is an iMessage (Apple’s messaging platform) game available through GamePigeon, a free addition you lot can download through the iMessage version of the App Store. Once you install GamePigeon, you can employ information technology to beginning a real-time digital game of virtual Cup Pong with anyone else who uses iMessage.

  1. 1

    Open up the Messages app .
    It’due south the green-and-white speech bubble icon on your habitation screen.

    • If you lot haven’t yet installed Game Pigeon, the iMessage app you’ll need to play Cup Pong, come across Installing Cup Pong.
  2. 2

    Tap the conversation with your opponent.
    Y’all can play Cup Pong against any of your contacts who besides use iMessage on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac to communicate with you. You lot tin can tell someone’s using iMessage if your texts to them announced in bluish bubbles.

    • If your texts announced in green bubbling, the person you’re chatting with cannot play Loving cup Pong with you lot.


  3. 3

    Swipe left across the icons and tap

    Game Pigeon


    The icons are above the keyboard and below the typing area, and the Game Pigeon icon looks like a bird with a game controller for a face up.

  4. 4

    Whorl down and tap

    Loving cup Pong


    This adds an invitation for Cup Pong to the message.

  5. 5

    Tap the blue-and-white arrow to ship the message.
    It’s at the bottom-right corner of the typing area in the conversation. Your opponent will then need to tap the invitation to start their turn.

    • One time your opponent finishes their plow, you’ll see a video still from the opponent’southward game with the message “YOUR TURN.” If they practise not cease their turn, merely find a new opponent and retry steps.
  6. half-dozen

    Tap the Cup Pong video nevertheless to view your opponent’s plough.
    This replays your opponent’south turn. When the color of the cups changes, it’ll be your turn.

  7. 7

    Drag the ball toward the middle cups to play your first turn.
    You’ll have two chances per turn to get the ball into your cups. When making your starting time shots, drag the ball direct forth the vertical line—it’south a surefire way to country the ball into one of the centermost cups.[1]

    • When your brawl lands in a cup, the cup will be taken off the lath.
    • Y’all’ll earn points for each of the cups you land.
  8. 8

    Veer slightly left or right on your next turn.
    Subsequently your opponent plays their turn, it’ll be your turn again. This time, stay shut to the vertical line, just veer slightly left or right (whichever side has more than cups remaining) once you get about halfway up the line. The flim-flam is to aim the ball in the direction of the most cups for the all-time shot.

    • Aim for the closest cups outset instead of going for the more difficult ones in the back. This could give you lot an edge over your opponent who might be trying for the far cups.[2]
    • Before making your shot, endeavor to visualize the exact path the brawl must travel to arrive into a loving cup. Hold a straight-sided object, like a ruler or a postcard, against the screen to create a path between the brawl and cup to figure out the perfect line.
  9. 9

    Continue playing until either y’all or your opponent has cleared all of the cups from one side of the table.
    Recall to veer your finger slightly in the management of the remaining cups as you play.

    • Play often to improve your aim and command over the ball for best results.
    • You tin get out the game screen open up to play in existent-time or return later by tapping the Loving cup Pong video even so in the conversation.
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  1. i

    Open up the Letters app.
    It’s unremarkably at the lesser of the home screen.

  2. 2

    Select an opponent.
    You can play Cup Pong against any of your contacts who as well utilise iMessage on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac to communicate with you. You can tell someone’southward using iMessage if your texts to them appear in blueish bubbles.

    • If your texts appear in green bubbles, the person you’re chatting with cannot play Cup Pong with you lot.
  3. 3

    Tap the App Store icon.
    Information technology’s below the typing area in the message.

  4. 4

    Tap the magnifying drinking glass and search for
    game dove.

    As y’all type, a list of matching results volition announced.

  5. five



    in the results.

    It should be the first option.

  6. vi




    This downloads GamePigeon to your iPhone or iPad.

  7. vii

    Tap the


    to shut the App Shop.

    Now that you’ve installed Game Pigeon, yous tin can easily launch Loving cup Pong in the Messages app. See Playing and Winning to learn how.

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1. Drag the ball forth the vertical line to aim for the eye cups first.
2. Veer slightly left or right (but shut to the line) on your next turn.
three. Rest a straight object on the screen to help you lot visualize the path.
4. Aim for the easiest cups first.

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