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Five Nights at Freddy’s is a 2014 indie survival horror game and is ofttimes considered one of the scariest games of the twelvemonth. Exercise you accept the guts to play it? If and then, read on.


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    to the phone guy.

    The phone guy was a previous security baby-sit at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. He volition requite y’all useful and important information. Some of the information he gives is to check security cameras often, as well every bit to shut doors and turn on lights merely if necessary. He also requite some groundwork information on the restaurant itself, and so if you’re very into the lore, listen closely on the last bit of his message.

    • Equally the nights go on, the Phone Guy’s letters volition be shorter and volition mostly utilize to the twenty-four hours’southward events pertaining to the animatronics, and what you should do on that night. Apply what you have learned from him. The movement patterns of the animatronics will be much faster than the beginning dark.
    • On the fourth dark, the Telephone Guy has recorded his last bulletin. In the recording, you tin hear animatronic noises, then Freddy’due south jingle, the Toreador March. An animatronic jumpscare scream is heard, and the telephone call is cut short.
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    Use power sparingly.
    You have a limited power supply for each night. If you run out of power, Freddy will grab you, unless y’all go far to half dozen AM before his jingle ends. Your shifts concluding for six hours, from 12 AM to 6 AM, and then go on this in heed while rationing power. The transition from five AM to vi AM tin can interrupt Freddy’due south attack if y’all run out of ability, and then try to survive until 5 AM at the to the lowest degree.


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    Exist very careful from the tertiary nighttime on.
    While the game volition all the same be tough the first two days, the animatronics will become more active on the third night. Be sure to have most of your power saved. Y’all’ll need it much more than on nights 3, four, v and six.

  4. four

    Empathize the animatronics behavior.
    There are 5 animatronics in the game: Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Craven, Foxy the Pirate Trick, Freddy Fazbear, and Gold Freddy. Bonnie and Chica come from the left and right doors, having a random path. Foxy goes to the left door and is more aggressive depending on how much you check on him. Freddy comes to the right in a single path. Gilded Freddy is summoned through a rarely-appearing poster.

  5. v

    Be prepared for the fifth night.
    The Phone Guy volition not take a bulletin for you that night, so you will be on your own. The animatronics will be as agile as always every bit this is the last main night, and this is the one that you’ll need your ability the most. On dark five you go a strange, garbled phone phone call that is speculated to come from Freddy. It’south quite possible that later on Phone Guy’s death, the animatronics had access to the phone, which is why yous receive this. This call has been confirmed to come up from the book “Autobiography of a Yogi.” Don’t let it distract you lot though!

  6. half-dozen

    Do your best.
    If this is your first time playing, exist prepared. V Nights at Freddy’s is somewhat weird, and very scary. Be prepared for not but the 5th night, but things like jumpscares, animatronics traveling, and much more!

    • If you have succeeded in surviving the 5th night, you can play night half-dozen and vii.
    • Upon beating Night half dozen you tin unlock night 7. Here yous can set the animatronic’s AI difficulty. Setting Freddy to ane, Bonnie to 9, Chica to viii, and Foxy to 7, when you press “Go!”, instantly, Gilt Freddy’s jumpscare appears, indicating that the kid haunting Golden Freddy was killed in 1987. There is a lot of speculation and theories most this.
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    How practise you get rid of Golden Freddy?


    If you happen to meet Gilt Freddy on the floor of your office, rapidly film your monitor (the cameras) upwards for ane 2nd, so back downward. Otherwise, Aureate Freddy will crash your game, and you volition have to shut and re-open your game to play it.

  • Question

    What is the mask for?



    Community Respond

    The mask is to fool the animatronics that you are Freddy instead of the night guard.

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    What volition happen if I run out of power?

    You will die. Unless Freddy’s jumpscare is cut off by the 6 am bell, which is rare.

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  • If you lose, you may endeavor once again. Practice makes perfect.

  • If you want, you can record yourself playing the game and post it on YouTube.

  • If y’all don’t want to get besides scared, try grabbing a stuffed animal earlier you start playing, and you can clasp it and bury your confront in it if information technology gets too scary.

Prove More Tips


  • If you do come across the affiche of Gilt Freddy and he appears in your office, do not stare at it for too long or else he will kill you. Y’all have about three seconds to pull up the monitor earlier he crashes your game.

  • Try non to play the game too much or too late at night, or you may accept nightmares.

  • If y’all get the Custom Night,
    do not
    set it to 1/ix/8/7. Golden Freddy’s kill screen will announced immediately, and crash the game.

  • Do non play if y’all don’t like jumpscares, flashing lights or loud noises.


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