Permit’s Play GamePigeon!

In 2020, iMessage isn’t simply used to send letters quickly or exchange emoji’s – it’s also almost playing exciting games with friends. Here are some of my favorite games y’all can play with GamePigeon, a free iMessage extension that allows you to play upwardly to 22 games with anyone else who has iMessage. Be careful – you might get addicted!

Photo from Raag Venkat.

Loving cup Pong

Players: two

Cup Pong is one of GamePigeon’south most famous games. The rules of the game are actually pretty unproblematic, probable because it follows the standard beer pong rules in existent life (without the drinking, of form). Each player starts with x cups in a triangle facing the opposing player. Then, each histrion takes turns throwing the balls into their opponent’south cups, with each player throwing two balls per turn. The loving cup so disappears if the brawl lands in it. To throw a brawl, simply swipe up on your device. If a player manages to get both balls in cups, the player receives “Assurance Dorsum” and gets some other turn! When at that place are no cups left on the opponent’s side, you have won!

My advice, aim for the middle cups outset. This is considering you don’t need a lot of accuracy and angular manipulation, only plenty power. This and then ensures that y’all have an reward over your opponent in the long run, particularly because when you accomplish six and iii cups, the cups will reorient themselves to the heart, regardless of where they were earlier!

Photo from Raag Venkat.

Crazy 8s

Players: Up to four

GamePigeon rolled out their first ‘up to four-thespian game’ with Crazy 8s. Crazy 8s is a wild, fast-paced game. If you like games that guarantee suspense and upsets, this game is for y’all.  The rules and regulations of the game are like to the real-life card games “Crazy Eights” or “Uno.” The goal of Crazy 8s is to lose all your cards. It seems simple enough, correct? Wrong. Crazy 8s will nowadays you with twists and turns at every corner, and so my advice is to backstab your friends before they backstab yous, no matter how good your friendship is!

Photograph from Raag Venkat.


Players: ii

E’er wanted to striking a bullseye? Well, now is your hazard with GamePigeon’s Archery. Archery has iii rounds, and the player that wins two of these rounds wins the whole game. In each round, you get three arrows and your score for the circular is calculated depending on which ring you shoot the arrow on (0-10, with 10 being a bullseye). Still, Archery presents an interesting obstacle. Air current speed and direction must be taken into consideration when shooting the arrows – this information is just above the band lath. Overall, it is a fun game but requires patience and accuracy to calculate the optimal location to shoot your arrow, given that wind speed and direction are factored in. Luckily, every time you lot play Archery, you become a lot better at predicting how different air current speeds and directions affect your arrows. Now, get get that bullseye!

Photo from Raag Venkat.


Players: two

Anagrams are one of the two-word games on GamePigeon, with the other one being Discussion Hunt. Anagrams is a 60-second game, where you are presented with six letters and you lot combine them to brand words. Yous endeavour to brand equally many words as you lot can and the more letters a give-and-take has, the more points you accumulate. The role player with the nearly points ultimately wins the game. I accept two things for you to keep in listen. One, the give-and-take must be longer than two letters. And two, each player gets the same messages, and so don’t let your sneaky friend run into the letters beforehand if you cease up playing earlier them.

The play a trick on for Anagrams is to just make whatever combination that makes sense. Personally, while I’m playing Anagrams, I don’t even recall about if it’s a give-and-take or not – every bit long as information technology has a vowel, I test it out! Some Greenhill students are basically pros at this game. In fact, senior Varun Gande has accumulated more than than 1000 wins on Anagrams. So, if you would like to acquire from an expert, he’s the guy to talk to.

Photo from Raag Venkat.

20 Questions

Players: two

20 Questions are different any other GamePigeon game I have seen before. It requires deep critical thinking skills and a lot of patience on both sides. First, the histrion who sends the game to a friend will think of an object and type it on the designated line. The other player volition then inquire a series of yes or no questions that the commencement actor will reply either “aye,” “no,” “sometimes” or “You’ve Guessed Information technology!” The goal of the game is to use these yes or no questions to get closer to the object in question and so successfully guess it in 20 questions or less. If the guesser does not get the object inside 20 questions, the object is revealed. The game can go for about five minutes or even five months, depending on how well the guesser plans and uses the yes or no questions. In the end, twenty Questions serve equally a classic game of deductive reasoning and inventiveness.

To start, merely download GamePigeon on the app store and send a game of your choice to a friend over text. Happy gaming!