How To Play Gamepigeon On Android

GamePigeon is a skill-based, multiplayer mobile gaming platform that is making waves.

It is an iMessage app that allows users to play various games with their friends, family, and colleagues in the app. It is an excellent way to pass the time when you are bored and waiting for someone.

The awarding has a few key features that stand out against its contest. For example, at that place are over xx unlike games available on the application.

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This article discusses GamePigeon and the process of starting the game on your iMessage.

How To Start A Game On GamePigeon

The following are the steps to play GamePigeon:

  • To kickoff, get to your iMessage app and select whatever thread and tap information technology.
  • Tap on the Appstore icon, which is located at the lesser of the screen
  • Click on the four dots that will announced on the bottom-left side of your screen
  • Adjacent, click on the store and search for GamePigeon on the search bar
  • Choose the first result; click on install and expect for a few minutes until the installation procedure is over.
  • Open any messages thread on your iOS device and select someone to transport.
  • Click the AppStore icon and select whatever game of your choosing
  • Start playing with your friends.

What Is The Game Dove App?

GamePigeon App is an iMessage awarding that allows users to play games. GamePigeon is a free app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Information technology is bachelor in the App Store and is uniform with iOS 10.0 or subsequently.

The GamePigeon iMessage app on 13th September 2016 by Vitalii Zlotskii. It is bachelor in xi languages: English, French, German language, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

It features fantasy violence and intense cartoon genres and is suitable for everyone above 12.

This is a Text-based Game that runs inside your messaging app. Yous can play this game with anyone in the world. All you need is to know their phone number, and you are good to play.

GamePigeon was created to make the social gaming process easier for users to find the right people easily and play with them seamlessly.

It works by sending you a message from someone and then giving you a choice of a couple of games you can play.

The games are all multiplayer to play with your friends. You can unlock points which you lot can then spend on unlocking more games.

GamePigeon has a lot of potentials to go a large striking shortly. Due to the increasing number of downloads, GamePigeon remains one of the most popular apps in the App store.

The inflow of the iMessage App may not be as big as that of Pokémon Become, but it will practice just fine.

The app comes with xx-four games: Archery, Checkers, Darts, Four In A Row, Basketball,xx Questions,9 Ball,8 Brawl, Crazy 8, Dots &Boxes, Gomoku, Filler, Anagrams, Chess, Sea Battle, Tanks, Reversi, Knockout, Mancala, Miniature Golf, Paintball, Word Games, and Word Bites.

Features Of GamePigeon

With GamePigeon, you can play your favorite games on iMessage. The GamePigeon app works with all games that support the AIM Games Platform and offers a wide diversity of features, including:

  • The ability to play Games on Letters
  • Chat with your friends while playing those games on Letters
  • Invite friends to join y’all in an existing game by sending a message or posting a public challenge to your social media accounts
  • Play confronting friends or random opponents online in multiplayer lath games such as Checkers, Chess, Backgammon, Reversive

The app GamePigeon allows yous to send a game of darts, chess, or paintball to whatsoever of your friends via iMessage. The game is played on the app itself, and no board is required.

The interface is simple and can be used in a dice game mode. It is best to play with friends and family members in two groups.

Ways Of Playing GamePigeon

Y’all can play the game App in two different ways:

  1. iMessage grouping chats -The game involves at least two players () You can play confronting friends and other users).

  2. iMessage i-on-one conversation -Play this game with a single player. Yous tin play against bots. If yous want to win big on GamePigeon, and then your best bet is to pit your skills against existent players rather than bots.

The GamePigeon iMessage app is one of the most fun and addictive games to play on iOS devices. These games are and then fun, interactive, and addicting that people spend hours playing them every day.

This app can become addictive because it has an interesting concept set in a virtual world. Y’all tin purchase items and raise your avatar’s level so that you lot can participate in more challenging games.

 To exist successful in this game, you will demand to learn the basics of how to play the GamePigeon App and go through the processes involved in winning each game.

What Makes GamePigeon Different From Other Games?

What’s unique nearly GamePigeon is that it’south the only app that lets y’all play video games with your friends via iMessage. Players can chat and play using their existing iMessage contacts or invite new people to play.

How To Fix GamePigeon When Information technology Shows Up As A Film In The iMessage

GamePigeon is a pretty smashing game app that allows you to play games with your friends. The only downside is that you can’t play with your friends if GamePigeon shows upwardly equally a moving-picture show in the iMessage.

To fix this trouble, follow these unproblematic steps below:

  1. Go to the “Settings” on your iPhone/iPad
  2. Next, click on messages and select “button on.”
  3. Ensure that iMessage is on
  4. Go to the SMS box and unselect to prove “off.”
  5. Your GamePigeon should at present be fixed

How To Uninstall GamePigeon App

Here are the steps on how to uninstall the GamePigeon app:

  1. Go to your Home Screen
  2. Touch the GamePigeon App and hold it
  3. Three options will appear; Edit Home Screen, Share App And Remove App
  4. Choose Remove App
  5. Tap on the Delete To Confirm when prompted by the popular-up message.

Information technology will take a few seconds for the app to uninstall.

Why Is My iMessage Not Working?

iMessage is Apple tree’south messaging app that comes with every device. The iMessage App allows you to send your friends, family, and colleagues. This can be done through a Wi-Fi network or your telephone’s data plan.

Notwithstanding, it tin sometimes exist a pain to use. Several reasons could cause issues with iMessage:

  • Your iOS device is not up-to-date; you tin easily fix this past updating your phone. Get to the settings, open general, and click on the software update. It should install new updates and restart in a few minutes.
  •  Information technology could be a network connection issue; reset your telephone’s settings by performing a factory reset to set this trouble.

Now that y’all know how to fix the problem, y’all can bask using iMessage again!

Other Multiplayer iMessage Games


Pictoword is a multiplayer word game where you guess two images given. The user tin can blazon the words in the chat and run into other users’ guesses on the correct side of the screen.

The game and the application are complimentary. The player has to guess the subconscious give-and-take, and once information technology is done, the thespian has to send it to their friend with the help of the iMessage app.

Word Streak With Friends

“Word Streak with Friends” is a multiplayer game where you claiming your friends to run into who can create the longest streak of words from one letter.

Use every letter in the alphabet and strategically use power-ups to trounce your friends and climb the leaderboards!

Tic Tac Toe

This is a game where ii people tin can play against each other via iMessage, using a three-past-three board. The player that hits the button kickoff will move their symbol on the board.

8 Ball Pool

Eight Ball Pool is a multiplayer billiards game that tin can be played on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Impact. Challenge your friends to addictive matches while chatting and sharing your achievements on iMessage.

Play online confronting players worldwide or invite them to a private match. You can even create your tournaments and challenge everyone in your circle of friends.


GamePigeon is a game-changing messaging app. Information technology’s convenient, fast, and fun to play with your friends. Now that you know the nuts of starting a game on the app, you tin can join in on the fun someday with your friends.

All it takes is a few minutes to get started, so be certain to download the app today! We hope you enjoy playing GamePigeon!