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    Become to the website.
    Go on your browser (e.g. Google Chrome) and type, “” in the search bar and press


    on your keyboard.

    • You can also access the game via the app.
  2. 2

    Selection a name.
    To start playing, pick a username you want to use to play.


  3. iii

    Choose the skin you’d similar to use.
    You lot can only become custom skins past sharing the game on Facebook. If you do non, then you will have the default solid color skin.

  4. iv

    Choose the game mode you desire.
    There are many options. These include:

    • Classic game
    • Fast speed — jet engines
    • Slow speed — turtles are fun too
    • Inverted controls — capable hands
    • Small map — you can capture a large percentage
    • Small map + fast speed
  5. five

    Use the arrow keys or WSAD keys to motility around the map.
    You can move left or right, up or down.

    • On a mobile device y’all merely just swipe in the direction you want to go.
  6. 6

    Capture equally much territory as possible.
    This is the goal of the game. Utilise the arrow keys to move your ‘cake’ around, outline the surface area you lot wish to capture, so, come back to the place you started from. The expanse yous have surrounded will become yours and volition fill in with your colour.

  7. seven

    To kill an opponent, run through the ‘tail’ that they leave behind.
    Be admittedly careful, though! If an opponent runs through your tail, you will immediately die. Y’all are safe while you lot are in your own color (the space you created), only the moment you move out of information technology to capture more expanse, an opponent tin run through your tail and kill you.

  8. 8

    Offset past capturing pocket-size areas and don’t take a large area unless y’all are absolutely sure there is no one else around and just y’all are in a big amount of space.

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  • Question

    How do you play two?

    Daddy & Katie

    Community Reply

    Information technology’s the aforementioned thing. Controls are pretty much the same. The main difference is that 2 has more rounded shapes.

  • Question

    Isn’t the object of the game to gain territory? I’ve played for months and the last calendar week or so it seems anybody thinks the object of the game is to spawn, kill someone and die themselves. Boring!

    Community Answer

    You proceeds territory too as kill people along the way. Maybe y’all’re just encountering people who are more interested in disruptive play than strategic play. Accept a talk to them about the difference.

  • Question

    Why does the arrow key only go straight when I endeavor to modify direction merely I am unable to exercise so?



    Community Answer

    Showtime endeavour restarting your browser. If that doesn’t piece of work, restart your computer. If you’ve tried both 1 and two, then use W-A-Southward-D instead, or try a dissimilar keyboard.

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  • You expand along with your longer borders. Traveling a short distance out and along your territory enables yous to claim land while being able to swiftly retreat to safety. Don’t miss the great game!

  • You need to conquer land when there are no enemies in sight. The easiest way to die is for a competitor to cantankerous your tail so brand full use of opportunities when your opponents are out of sight.

  • If you lot choose to travel a long distance, be 100% sure in that location is no one nearby, equally they volition impale yous since y’all are vulnerable, of course, traveling a brusk distance out is recommended.

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