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Download Article is a popular game played online by people around the world. In the game, you are a ophidian that has to eat glowing orbs to grow and get points. Y’all play against 500 other players online. If you lot come across another actor, yous lose. This wikiHow teaches you how to play

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    Download (smartphones and tablets just). is available online for PC and Mac, or as a downloadable app for smartphones and tablets. Use the post-obit steps to download for your smartphone or tablet:

    • Open the
      App Store
      on iPhone and iPad, or the
      Google Play Store
      on Android devices.
    • Tap the
      tab (iPhone and iPad only).
    • Type “” in the search bar.
    • Tap
      in the search results.
    • Tap
      next to the graphic.
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    To open on PC or Mac, simply navigate to
    in a web browser. On smartphones and tablets, tap the icon to open up the app. It has a blue app with a cartoon snake.


  3. three

    Alter your slither’s skin color (optional).
    When you lot start a new game of, you will be given a random serpent color. If yous want to alter the color of your slither’southward skin, click or tap
    Alter peel
    in the lower-left corner. Click or tap the arrows to the right or left to change your skin color. Click or tap
    to salvage your skin.

    • Additionally, you tin can click or tap
      Build a slither
      in the lower-right corner to build your own slither skin. Then click the colored orbs to build your snake. Click
      to save your slither, or click
      to start all over again.
  4. four

    Enter a nickname.
    Apply the field in the heart of the screen to enter the proper name that will appear to other players and in the leaderboard when y’all play the game. Y’all can enter any proper name you want.

  5. 5

    Click or tap

    Play Online


    Play Against A.I.


    This will commencement your game. Tap the button that says
    Play Online
    to play against homo opponents online. Tap
    Play Confronting A.I.
    to play confronting computer opponents. You volition experience faster gameplay if y’all play against A.I.

    • The option to play against A.I. is only available for smartphones and tablets. When playing in a web browser, just click
      to start an online game.
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    Use the mouse cursor to control your slither.
    Your slither will move in the management of the on-screen mouse cursor. On PC and Mac, simply use the mouse to control the direction your slither moves. On smartphones and tablets, place your pollex on the left side of the screen and drag information technology in the direction yous want your slither to motion. You will run into the arrow icon move and point in the management your slither is moving.

    • You tin can see where you are in the play surface area using the mini-map in the lower-right corner.
  2. 2

    Eat the glowing orbs.
    You will abound by i ball length for each glowing orb you consume. Swallow every bit many glowing orbs as you can to get as long equally you can.

  3. 3

    Activate speed boost.
    On PC or Mac, simply click and hold whatever one of the mouse buttons to actuate speed boosts. On smartphones and tablets, tap and concord the pointer icon to the right to activate speed boosts. While using speed boosts, your slither will lose 1 ball length for every second y’all don’t eat.

    • On smartphones and tablets, you can tap
      Movement controls
      at the elevation of the screen to move the speed heave push button from the left to right side.
  4. four

    Avoid other players.
    While playing, you will run into other player’s slithers. If the head of your slither runs into another thespian’s slither, you lot volition lose the game and your slither becomes glowing orbs for other slithers to swallow. Use speed boosts to endeavor to get abroad from other players.

    • In that location is no penalty for running into the body of your own slither.
  5. 5

    Effort to get other players to run into you.
    The longer you lot get, the harder you lot are for other players to avoid. The easiest fashion to try to get other players to come across yous is to form a circle around them to trap them. And so they tin can’t escape. Also, be careful if other snakes try to exercise that to you. In some lucky cases, you lot permit the head of the other snake crash into y’all, and so you lot are surrounded past food orbs.

    • Bigger snakes may also try to trap you. Try to stay away from big snakes. If they enclose you in their trap, they are most likely to eat you when y’all are destroyed. Be careful!
  6. six

    Endeavour to get on the leaderboard.
    The height ten players on your server are listed in the upper-right corner. The longer you last, the bigger your slither gets and the more points you get. If y’all last long plenty, you lot will get to run across your name on the leader board in the upper-right corner.

    • If you are particularly proud of your score, you can click
      Share on Facebook
      Share on Twitter
      to brag about your score on social media when you lose.
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    Is it all-time to use a mouse for it or the arrow keys?


    It is best to use a mouse because it gives you more control. Just you could utilize arrow keys if yous are comfortable with them.

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ane. Become to
or open the app on your smartphone or tablet.

2. Enter your nickname in the center of the screen.

3. Click or tap
Play Online
Play Against A.I..

four. Use the mouse cursor to control the direction of your slither.

v. Eat glowing orbs to grow longer.

6. Click and hold any mouse button or the arrow icon on the right side to actuate speed boost.

7. Avoid running into other players.

eight. Stay alive as long every bit you can while growing as long equally you can.

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