How To Play Valorant On Chromebook

Are y’all a fan of fast-paced first-person shooters with a affair for tactical gameplay? Riot Games’ front-running free-to-play IP is a must-try, just ChromeOS users may not encounter information technology that fashion due to the lack of the game’s credible unavailability. Even so, there is a way that demonstrates how to play Valorant on a Chromebook, and we’ll walk yous through that.

Chromebooks have come a long manner since they first started their journeying and at that place’s just no doubting that. From beating macOS once in a specific fiscal twelvemonth to expanding the ChromeOS family with the onset of ChromeOS Flex, the developers don’t plan on giving up on this high-quality operating system anytime shortly.

Go along reading to discover what yous demand to do to get guns blazing with Valorant.

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Valorant’s best features

Before we get into the installation office of the game, permit’southward accept a deep dive into Valoran’t most notable highlights, then we can judge how exactly the first-person shooter shapes upward at the end of the twenty-four hour period.

5 vs. 5 tactical shooter

Valorant isn’t like your boilerplate shooting game. Information technology’southward much more deeply involved, assuasive players to get a rich taste of high-quality shooting. However, we must warn you near i facet of Valorant beforehand. It isn’t for easy-goers; it’southward pretty complicated to chief and doesn’t set out any breathing room for those who do not program on improving.

As for the overall setting of the championship, 5 players are on either side, each with their unique “Hero.” Heroes in Valorant are special characters that possess extraordinary abilities. We’ll talk about the latter in one of the later subsections, but for now, practise sympathize that the discussion “boredom” is out of the question when Valorant is in the house.

Shooting range

For players who are genuinely looking to improve, Valorant incorporates a shooting range gameplay style that allows users to hone their combat skills and chief their hero character before taking them out on the battleground. Putting in a few hours of practice each day will brand you a seasoned player—sooner or later.

The shooting range fashion is feature-rich and comprises bots and targets for y’all to try shooting at to perfect your aim. It’due south a great way to brush up on your gameplay skills, so we highly recommend prospective players delve into the shooting range earlier getting into actual match-ups.

Complimentary to play

One of the best parts well-nigh Valorant is that it’s entirely free to play. Yous do non have to pay a unmarried penny to download and install the game on your Chromebook.

Riot Games — the developer of Valorant — says that Valorant is gratuitous and will always stay that way. The image is shifting in the context of the free-to-play genre of video games. We’re getting more and more quality out of these titles.

Remarkable level design

If we take a straight look at titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and other like-minded freebies in the shooter genre, their level of art and level design and the ane that Valorant sports are remarkably different. The latter is more than colorful and feels as if in that location’s more life in it.

The game higher up cannot say the same about itself apart from its highly addictive gameplay. This is a major reason Valorant does not feel boring even if you play it for years. The level pattern of the free-to-play tactical shooter is outright refreshing, and we cannot help but adore Riot Games for that.

Ultimate abilities

What makes Valorant stand up out in the contest is that the playable characters the game features aren’t monotonous figures that shoot and move around. Valorant’s sci-fi element is humming with vigor, then it was simply expected from the hero characters mentioned in-game to have special powers.

Using the latter timely, you accept the power to decimate your foes on the spot. Valorant features 18 playable characters or “Agents,” as the championship likes to money them, and each agent has an ultimate ability. For example, an agent chosen Killjoy can dish out a power chosen Lockdown.

The latter allows the agent to prepare down a device that scans nearby enemies and performs the function of a UAV. Information technology’south a great characteristic of Killjoy that can help you turn the tides of matches along with the rest of your teammates.

Playing Valorant on ChromeOS

To get Valorant on a Chromebook in a playable state, you volition demand to perform multiple different steps on your Chromebook. These instructions volition be laid out in an easy-to-grasp format ahead, so y’all should be able to follow through with the process diligently.

The procedure isn’t complicated, merely it sure is lengthy; but you’ll quickly become in that location in due time, provided y’all replicate the guidelines advisedly on your stop.

Setting up the Linux terminal

Outset, we need to set upwardly the Linux terminal on the device. Thankfully, the Crostini Linux concluding comes pre-installed on ChromeOS—you have to enable it from the “Settings” section.

Our guide on installing and configuring Linux on ChromeOS is a one-stop shop for you lot to read up on enabling the Linux terminal on ChromeOS. Feel free to follow the instructions embedded in the write-upward to speed with how the procedure plays out.

The gist of it is that you head over to the “Developers” section from the “Avant-garde” portion of your Chromebook’s “Settings” and click on the “Plow on” push to outset installing Linux. On a side note, some Chromebooks fabricated earlier 2018 may not exist compatible with the Linux functionality. So take a wait at  Chromebooks that run Linux apps for a detailed guide on the topic.

Installing Linux

Installing Vino

As soon every bit y’all’re done with installing Linux, the side by side step is installing a program called Vino. The latter functions like an emulator in running Windows apps but is quite different from an emulator in the context of its working mechanism.

Fire upwardly the terminal, therefore, and get started with the installation of Wine on ChromeOS. Our tutorial on how to play League of Legends on Chromebook features in-depth instructions on installing Wine, so it’due south a good thought to refer to that write-upwards and get dorsum here when you’re done with Wine’s installation.

  • Updating and upgrading Linux earlier getting started is zilch but valuable.

Wine installed on ChromeOS

Wine installed on ChromeOS

Downloading Valorant

When Wine is installed on your Chromebook, the side by side step will be inputting quite a few commands inside the Linux concluding. Follow the instructions outlined to go to the bottom of the scenario and finally first playing Valorant.

1. The showtime pace is downloading the Valorant game file from the official Anarchism Games website. However, y’all won’t be able to do that just notwithstanding earlier creating a Riot business relationship. Make a new one for yourself, and you’ll automatically be taken to the download page upon clicking on the link.

Making a Riot account

Making a Riot account

2. Later creating a new account successfully, you will need to download the game’south client on your Chromebook. Since ChromeOS is currently officially unsupported by Riot Games’ Valorant, you will see the following page on your terminate. Click on the “Here” button to download the client file nonetheless.

Downloading the Valorant game client

Downloading the Valorant game client

three. Afterward downloading the client, the adjacent step is to move the “Install VALORANT.exe” file to the “Linux files” folder in the “Files” system app. This will allow us to access the particular file from the Linux terminal much better.

Moving the Valorant game client file to the Linux files folder

Moving the Valorant game client file to the Linux files folder

4. Correct afterwards the last footstep, fire upwardly the terminal on your finish and type in the “ls” command. Doing and so will make information technology possible to list all nowadays files within the mainline Linux directory on your Chromebook so that you lot can visualize the “Install VALORANT.exe” file just as well.

Entering the"ls" command

Inbound the “ls” control

5. Use the following command to begin downloading Valorant on your Chromebook. The process will take some time, but it’ll be over in nigh v-ten minutes. In the outset, though, you will exist asked for confirmation to proceed. Press the “Enter” key to move forwards.

wine 'Install VALORANT.exe'

Installing Valorant through Wine

Installing Valorant through Vino

6. The Riot Games customer should pop up when you’re washed with the download. It’ll appear similar to what yous see in the screenshot below. We realize it spells a adequately large-sized download for you to go through. Nevertheless, Valorant is, indeed, a relatively substantial commencement-person shooter that demands the necessary packages, files, and processes for you to download.

Click on the “Install” button, therefore to begin the process. The game should load upwardly automatically every bit soon equally the proceedings are finalized, so you should be able to play Valorant accordingly.

Installing Valorant through the in-game client

Installing Valorant through the in-game client

That’south about it for installing Valorant on a Chromebook. Nosotros must warn you that the experience at this moment in fourth dimension is pretty buggy, so you may not feel the same quality of gameplay as you would on a Windows PC. To each their own, we presume.

The Valorant feel on Chromebooks

Valorant tutorial phase

Valorant tutorial phase

The screenshot above is from the very initial stages of Valorant. As y’all finish all the downloads and installation, you are starting time introduced to the game’s tutorial mode, where basic gameplay mechanics, such as movement, combat, and firing, are taught to the thespian.

An operator is going to talk you through the whole thing, so information technology’ll exist pretty like shooting fish in a barrel to follow through, even if you have petty prior experience with first-person shooters. From this point onward, yous can painlessly go through the start-upward phase and become into the existent actor modes of Valorant. That’s where the developers keep the real fun.

Since you’ve taken an culling route to run Valorant on ChromeOS, do expect performance stutters, bugs, and other related glitches to pop up here and there. Unfortunately, the game is not officially supported on Chromebooks nevertheless, and then y’all will have to acquit pocket-size grievances occasionally.


Chromebooks are gradually making headway in gaming, allowing users to try Tower of Fantasy, PUBG, Genshin Impact, and many other high-class games on the fly. All the same, the lack of dedicated hardware and an oversimplified operating system may make information technology difficult to catch onto a college level of games at first, such as Valorant.

Thanks to Linux, though, all that is a thing of the by. The Crostini Linux final prevalent on Chromebooks makes information technology possible for users to download first-rate Linux software such as WordPress, GIMP, OpenShot Video Editor, and Wine. Using the latter, specifically, nosotros can download and install Valorant without much attempt.

Do permit the states know down in the comments section whether you were able to get Valorant up and running on your finish or not. As always, Chrome Prepare wishes y’all good luck!

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