Your phone overheats. Simply is it happening all by itself, or is a specific app causing it? Are yous streaming a ton of video, or is the weather simply too hot? It’due south difficult to pinpoint just why your smartphone is heating up.

When a phone gets too hot it slows down. In some cases, it may automatically shut downwardly until it has cooled downwardly. Don’t want to miss an of import call?

Let’s look at how to gear up an overheating phone and the all-time means to avert the problem in the offset place.

Why Is Your Telephone Overheating?

Before continuing, it’s worth taking the time to examine what is hot, and what is non. Your phone nether normal use should non be hot. If it is, you have a trouble.

However, don’t interpret warm as hot. A slightly warmer experience afterward playing a game for 15 minutes is normal. But if your phone has an overheating protection app like Device Heat Cooling Principal and it displays an alert or you discover the device is surprisingly hot to the touch, then you should investigate.

You’ve probably already closed a few apps or restarted your device to troubleshoot. Maybe you’ve fifty-fifty Googled a few fault messages.

Almost every time, you’ll see a collection of the aforementioned sometime reasons for your telephone overheating:

  • Your display brightness is too high
  • Your Wi-Fi has been continued for too long
  • Yous’ve been playing also many games (ofttimes with the boosted “it’s not a game panel” advice)

Only these reasons are express to older phones. No smartphone on the market today should overheat for whatsoever of these reasons. If your brand-new Samsung telephone is overheating, it’s probably due to other causes.

Of class, the brand of phone you employ doesn’t matter—if you want to know what causes your phone to get hot and how to stop it, keep reading.

Buggy Apps Can Cause Telephone Overheating Bug

Scratching your head and wondering “why is my phone overheating?” Well, it might exist due to 1 or more buggy apps.

Perhaps y’all’ve installed a new app that doesn’t run well with your telephone. Maybe an app you utilise regularly has been updated and the new version is causing Android to overheat.

Automated app updates are useful, but sometimes they crusade issues like this. Yous take ii solutions:

  • Uninstall the app in question
  • Check for an update

As soon equally the app is uninstalled, restart your phone, and wait a few minutes before checking it again. If the phone is still hot, effort a dissimilar solution below.

Intensive Camera Apply Can Overheat Phones

Using your phone’s video camera for prolonged periods can event in the device overheating. This doesn’t happen in all cases and typically depends on some other factors:

  • Selected resolution and frame charge per unit
  • Screen brightness
  • Prolonged camera use

Just record a video for a few minutes using the front-facing camera, and y’all might find your telephone soon overheating.

To avoid this happening, ensure your phone camera is simply used when required, that the screen isn’t set too brilliant, and that you’re not trying to record at an excessive resolution.

Why Is Your Phone Overheating? You lot Left It in Direct Sunlight

Fifty-fifty iPhones become hot and demand fixing, but the device itself might accept nothing to practice with its temperature. Environmental factors tin crusade your phone to overheat.

Leaving the phone in direct sunlight is a mutual issue. Your phone will almost certainly get too hot if mounted on a machine dashboard on a sunny day, for example. In such a scenario, use your vehicle’s air-conditioning system to help cool the phone.

In other scenarios, go on the phone out of sight and away from direct sunlight. If yous actually need to utilize information technology, try and keep the phone in the shade. When you’re done, prevent your phone from overheating by storing it somewhere cool.

Slow and Overheating? Check for Malware

Malware on your Android device could cause excessive rut. Afterward all, malware developers aren’t interested in the wellness of your device; they simply want your data. Malware might strike Android devices via malicious adverts (malvertising) or fake apps from the official Google Play Store. Information technology is difficult to know when and where malware can strike.

Consequently, yous should learn how to spot dangerous apps and remove them. There are several costless antivirus apps for Android to choose from that tin can help protect your phone from heating issues.

Is Your Example Heating Up Your Phone?

If you’re nonetheless asking yourself “why is my phone heating up?”, check what you have it in. Specifically, if yous keep your phone in a case, this could be the reason.

Many cases are constructed from plastic or contain a large amount of plastic. Fifty-fifty those made with leather accept the same problem: the phone is insulated, keeping heat in and cold out.

Android Camera Case

For condom reasons, as the phone gets warm (particularly during loftier-performance tasks), it needs to radiate the heat abroad, and the presence of a instance made from an insulating fabric prevents this. Information technology’s like exercising in a duffel coat.

What tin you do to stop your Android from overheating in this style? Removing your phone from the case is a good start, only if you’re uncomfortable with this (peradventure you wish to maximize your phone’s potential resell value), so it is not a viable long-term selection.

Phone Overheating When Charging? Check Your Charger Cable

Another thing that tin lead to Android phone overheating bug is the condition of the battery. The charging cable can also cause bug.

If you have an older phone that’s been overcharged many times (y’all should never charge to 100% if you tin help it; regularly charge to fourscore-90% to keep the battery healthy), and then smartphone overheating can occur.

Use our top tips for extending your Android phone’southward bombardment life and you’re less likely to panic over why your telephone is hot.

At the finish of the day, phones should not get hot plenty to cause problems when charging. If this occurs, the reason could exist a damaged bombardment, a poor-quality charging cable, or a trouble with the port. What options exercise you have?

  • Replace the cable and mains adapter
  • Supervene upon the battery (frequently this isn’t possible)
  • Repair the charging port

If your phone is out of warranty a charging port repair will cost around $30. If damaged, repairing should end your telephone from overheating all the time. Overheating phone still in warranty? You may be able to get a free repair or an exchange.

Do Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Overheat Your Phone?

Your smartphone could overheat due to an overuse of online services. This includes Wi-Fi and mobile net in particular. Older devices may also overheat due to their overuse of Bluetooth.

Android users are susceptible to apps running in the background and cartoon on resource, such equally CPU, Wi-Fi, or mobile internet. If apps run in this way, your device can heat up.

Android’s battery settings let y’all identify what apps are leeching resource. Go to
Settings > Battery > Battery usage. This tool volition detect which apps are draining the bombardment and let you restrict them.

You can also monitor information use by specific apps:

  1. Open
    Settings > Apps > (See) all apps.
  2. Select the app y’all want.
  3. Tap
    Mobile information & Wi-Fi
    to see its activity.
  4. Toggle
    Background data
    to disable net admission.
  5. Toggle
    Unrestricted data usage
    to allow or block information when using the data saving feature, as this can also impact the battery.

While this puts groundwork functionality out of service, you lot can be confident that information technology also means reduced resource utilize. This can help to keep your smartphone from overheating.

Absurd It Down: How to Fix an Overheated Phone and Go along It Efficient

Have you lot been hitting past your smartphone getting too hot and slowing—or worse, shutting down? If and then, endeavor the following steps to cool your telephone down again:

  • Remove the phone’s example
  • Switch on airplane mode to disable all connectivity
  • Move it out of direct sunlight
  • Direct a fan at your telephone (but don’t put it in a refrigerator, freezer, or libation)
  • Reduce the display effulgence

One time you’ve washed this, you demand to know how to stop your phone from overheating once again:

  • Use Battery Saver manner
  • Clean upwardly your telephone to remove junk files and malware
  • Reduce photographic camera use
  • Reduce Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS use unless needed
  • Replace the charging cable or battery or consider repairs

Non only should your phone cease overheating in the future, only the battery should also last longer!

Accept Skilful Care of Your Android Device

As a condom feature, phones and tablets are designed to shut down in extreme temperatures. Y’all’ll just demand to expect for it to recover from the high temperatures to put the to a higher place tips into do.

Beyond well-known overheating problems, there are plenty of apps yous can utilize to bank check if your Android device is functioning properly. “Why is my telephone hot?” could have a far more complicated answer.