How To Record With A Firestick

With the launch of YouTube Idiot box, the cord-cutting community gained some other streaming service worthy of attending. Peculiarly since it provides access to major network channels similar ABC, CBS, Fob, NBC, ESPN, AMC, CNN, and many others.

With so much content airing live, it’s hard to keep track of everything you desire to watch. That’s where YouTube TV’s excellent DVR feature comes in. It allows y’all to tape entire shows without whatsoever limit since in that location’south no storage space to worry about.

Follow along in this article to learn all about recording your favorite shows using YouTube Tv set.

How to Record All Episodes of a Show on YouTube Tv set on an Amazon Firestick

If yous’re using Amazon’s Firestick streaming device, y’all probably already have YouTube TV on it. If not, you can install it from Amazon’southward app store. Of class, in order to employ the app, you’ll have to subscribe to the service past paying a fixed monthly fee.

  1. To record all episodes of your favorite show with your Firestick device, employ your remote control to navigate through the YouTube TV menus.
  2. Detect the show y’all want to record and click
    Add, it will appear in your DVR library, filling up with new episodes equally they air. Also, the
    icon will plough from the plus sign to a checkmark, letting yous know yous’re recording it.
  3. When you want to watch the prove you’ve recorded, select “Library” from YouTube Television’s peak bill of fare. This will nowadays you with a list of all the shows you have in your DVR library. Just select the evidence and choose the episode y’all want to watch. That’s it.

All the shows you lot record will remain in your library for the side by side nine months. Of course, there might be a moment when you lot want to remove some of the shows. To practise so, navigate to the show you lot want to remove and click the checkmark icon. The icon volition then turn into a plus sign. If you lot always want to add that show again to the library, simply repeat the process, as described above.

Please note that the first generation Burn TV and Burn down TV Stick devices are not compatible with YouTube Tv. Most other Amazon’s streaming devices work quite well with YouTube Tv. These include Fire TV 2nd and third generation, Fire Telly Stick second generation, Fire Television Stick 4K, and the starting time and second generation of Burn Boob tube Cube.

How to Record a Single Episode of a Show on YouTube TV on an Amazon Firestick

Sometimes, you might want to record only one episode of a show. Unfortunately, YouTube Boob tube doesn’t permit you to do that. The only way to record one episode is to add the show to your list, which volition salve all upcoming episodes as well, as soon equally they air.

As there’southward no limit to how many shows you tin can tape, this shouldn’t present a problem. If you’re worrying nearly the available storage space for your recording, residual like shooting fish in a barrel considering YouTube Tv provides an unlimited infinite for its DVR characteristic.

How to Record All Episodes of a Show on YouTube TV on a Roku Device

With Roku streaming devices, recording shows on YouTube TV is almost identical to Amazon’s Firestick. Of course, first, you’ll take to install the app on your device and pay the monthly subscription fee. You can download it from Roku’s Channel Store.

  1. Start the YouTube TV app on your Roku device.
  2. Using the search option in the top right corner of the app’s screen, find the testify y’all’d similar to record and click the
    push that looks similar a plus sign.
  3. This adds that unabridged evidence to your YouTube Television receiver library. This will enable all time to come episodes of the prove to appear in this list one time they air.

To be sure that you’ve successfully added a show to the DVR feature, verify if the
button turned from a plus sign to a checkmark.

How to Record a Unmarried Episode of a Show on YouTube TV on a Roku Device

Since YouTube Tv set more often than not doesn’t permit you lot to record only one episode of a show, this applies to Roku devices as well. Considering in that location’s no limit to how many shows you can record, this is not a bad thing.

With the unlimited storage space for your YouTube TV recordings, the only downside to this is having too many shows in your library. To reduce the clutter, you lot tin can easily remove any shows you lot don’t detect entertaining enough for a repeat watching. To do and so, follow these steps:

  1. Open up your YouTube Television set library, observe the show you lot want to remove, and click the
  2. The icon should now turn into a plus sign, meaning y’all’ve successfully removed the bear witness from your DVR library.

It’s worth pointing out that at any moment you can re-add the show you’ve removed. Just select the plus icon, and that’south it.

How to Tape All Episodes of a Show on YouTube TV with Apple TV

Before you proceed reading, it’s important to note that earlier models of Apple TV don’t back up YouTube TV. But if you’re using the 4th generation of Apple tree Boob tube or Apple Idiot box 4K, you get to bask your favorite shows on YouTube TV. The app is bachelor for download on Apple tree’due south App Store. Of course, to be able to use it, you’ll have to pay the monthly subscription fee.

When you want to tape a testify, the procedure is the same as for Amazon Firestick and Roku streaming devices:

  1. Start YouTube TV, search for the show you want to tape, a click the
    YouTube TV - Add to Library
  2. Once you do that, find that the plus sign has now turned into a checkmark. This way, you lot know yous’ve added the prove to your YouTube TV DVR library.

Every bit with all other devices, to sentinel the latest episode of a show you’re recording, just get to your library, find the show on the list, and play the episode. It’s that elementary.

How to Record a Unmarried Episode of a Show on YouTube TV with Apple TV

With YouTube Telly providing unlimited space for all the shows you want to tape; they don’t find information technology necessary to enable recording a unmarried episode. Truthful, this may turn your library into a never-catastrophe list of shows, merely yous can always remove certain shows you lot don’t follow anymore.

  1. To do and then, simply locate the bear witness y’all want to remove and click the checkmark icon. The icon will plow back to a plus sign, notifying you the show isn’t in your library anymore.

How to Record All Episodes of a Evidence on YouTube TV on a PC

To provide a universal user experience beyond all platforms, using YouTube TV on your PC is no different than using information technology on streaming devices. It provides unlimited storage space to record various shows which disappear from your library nine months after you’ve added them.

To add together a show to your YouTube Goggle box library, follow the steps below:

  1. Open an Internet browser on your PC and become to
  2. When the YouTube Television set folio opens, utilise the search field to observe the bear witness you desire to record.
  3. Click the show’due south encompass art.
  4. The pop-upward window appears, displaying relevant details about the show. Click the
    Add together
    button that looks like a plus sign. Information technology should be next to the show’s title.
  5. The plus sign should now turn into a checkmark icon, informing yous that you’ve successfully added the evidence to your library.
  6. To lookout man the episodes, click the
    option from YouTube Idiot box’southward height menu and detect the show. When yous open the show’southward screen, select an episode, and play it.

How to Record a Single Episode of a Show on YouTube TV on a PC

Like with all other platforms and device types, the PC version of YouTube Tv likewise doesn’t allow recording a unmarried episode of a show. Instead, you have to add together the evidence to your library, adding all future episodes as they announced. Although this might seem super user-friendly, if you’re recording a lot of shows, you might ataxia your library.

If you want to do some cleaning, simply click the checkmark icon on the shows yous don’t want to record. This volition remove them from your YouTube TV library, allowing y’all to return and add them again, whenever you want.

And retrieve, YouTube TV comes with an unlimited DVR storage space. This allows you to tape every bit many shows equally you like, leaving them bachelor in your library for the adjacent nine months.

Additional FAQ

How do I cancel a YouTube TV recording?

To abolish a YouTube Television receiver recording, simply select the bear witness and click the checkmark push button next to its title. This will remove the show from your library, finer stopping the recording procedure.

Can I play the YouTube Tv recordings from whatever device?

Yep, yous can, considering YouTube TV is built to provide a universal user experience across all devices and platforms. As long as y’all can install YouTube TV to your device, you’ll be able to access your library. This will let you lot to watch the shows you’ve decided to record previously.

Where does YouTube Idiot box store my show recordings?

YouTube Goggle box keeps all the recordings on their servers, relieving yous of whatever stress regarding the available storage infinite. That existence said, information technology’s important to note that you take to maintain your Internet connection in social club to access the content yous’ve recorded.

How many shows on YouTube TV tin I keep recorded?

With YouTube Tv set, you tin keep equally many shows equally you want in your library. That’s probably because YouTube doesn’t create an bodily digital recording of the prove for each user individually. It’due south more likely that they go along all the content on their server, allowing you lot to link to it through your library. Probably like to the way standard YouTube videos work.

Keeping the Record of Your Favorite Shows

Now that you know how to record whatsoever show you’d like to watch, you tin can rest easy and enjoy them whenever you accept time. With no limits to how many shows you tin can tape, the merely thing you should call back about is giving them a sentry until they automatically disappear from your library. And that won’t happen for nine months after you’ve recorded them.

Accept you lot managed to tape your favorite shows? Practise you discover YouTube Tv’south recording feature good enough? Delight share your thoughts in the comments department beneath.