How To Remove Enchantments In Minecraft

Minecraft Dungeons possesses a wide array of enchantments that players can affix to their weapons and armor, only the game besides allows experimentation and sometimes heroes simply need to remove their enchantments and endeavour other ones.

Certain items come with built-in enchantments, but many others are invested into with enchantment points that are provided to heroes when they level up in Minecraft Dungeons. However, getting them dorsum can exist tricky. Players shouldn’t exist besides worried when they’re first starting out, simply veteran high-level players should be more tactful with their enchantment point utilise, every bit reclaiming them or removing enchantments from gear can set a player back slightly.

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Enchanting in Minecraft Dungeons: Reclaiming enchantment points and removing enchantments from gear

Enchanting can be fun in Minecraft Dungeons, but it can occasionally require planning (Image via Mojang)
Enchanting tin exist fun in Minecraft Dungeons, but it tin occasionally require planning (Prototype via Mojang)

In Minecraft Dungeons, weapons and armor tin accept upwardly to 3 total enchantment slots. Heroes can and then invest their enchantment points into enchantments placed on their gear to increase their effect. However, in one case these points are spent, reclaiming them will be required before they tin be used on other equipment. As ane choice, players can apply the salvaging arrangement to flake the gear and receive resources and enchantment points. Heroes will need to unequip the desired gear and so select it for salvaging, which will return their enchantment points and provide them with an emerald bonus, only it will destroy the item in the process.

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The other means of reclaiming enchantment points is via using the upgrade function of the blacksmith at the hero’s campsite. By handing over their gear and paying a sum of emeralds to the blacksmith in Minecraft Dungeons, players can receive an upgraded piece of that gear afterwards undertaking three missions. This method is useful in Minecraft Dungeons considering it preserves the gear (the blacksmith volition render information technology in its unenchanted grade) and returns all enchantment points used on information technology before being upgraded. This ways heroes are gratuitous to employ their enchantment points while they wait for their upgraded (and unenchanted) slice of gear to be ready for them. This not just “cleanses” a piece of gear of any unwanted enchantment effects, but it also allows the reallocation of enchantment points. Just put, information technology’s a win-win in virtually cases.

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At the stop of the day, it all comes down to player pick in Minecraft Dungeons. Some heroes may adopt the emerald bonus from scrapping gear, while others are willing to go without a beloved detail for a few dungeon delves while they wait for its return from the blacksmith. With players receiving and so much loot and many new enchantments on their adventures, enchantment points are finite. Using them wisely will keep heroes alive and thriving in the later stages of Minecraft Dungeons’ difficulty modes.

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