How to repair a broken Avast Antivirus uninstallation

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In rare cases Avast Antivirus won’t be removed properly by standard uninstallation or may get otherwise corrupted, leaving you with unwanted files and non-functional antivirus. Hither’s how to rescue your PC without reinstalling Windows.

The worst case scenario is that your PC ends upwardly in a state where Microsoft Defender won’t activate in Avast’s place. It’s an edge example, merely information technology’southward previously happened to me on two systems, both times following a major Windows update.

Fortunately, Avast has you covered for even this eventuality, with the avastclear software removal tool.

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What nosotros used

  • Any Windows 10 or xi figurer with Avast installed

The Short Version

  1. Download avastclear
  2. Prepare to reboot in safety mode
  3. Navigate to avant-garde reboot options
  4. Enable Condom Mode
  5. Run avastclear
  6. Select your Avast install directory and version
  7. Reboot
  1. Step


    Download avastclear

    Visit https://world wide and download avastclear.exe using the link in the instructions. In one case’s you lot have information technology, elevate information technology from your Downloads binder to your desktop for convenience.

  2. Stride


    Prepare to reboot in safe mode

    Click the Offset carte, and so your user profile at the far left. Click Sign out in the sub-menu that appears. You lot’ll exist taken to the Windows login screen. Click anywhere and so click the power button symbol at the bottom right. Hold the shift key and click Restart.Windows sign-in screen shows the reboot options

  3. Pace


    A blue screen will give you lot a few reboot options. Click Troubleshoot, so Avant-garde options. Click Startup Settings, and and then press the Restart button.advances options for Windows reboot

  4. Footstep


    Enable Safe Mode

    Your PC will reboot and you’ll exist presented with a Startup Settings options listing. Printing F5 to Enable Safe Fashion with Networking. Windows will boot into safety mode.A list of startup settings for a troubleshooting reboot of Windows

  5. Footstep


    Run avastclear

    Log in and double-click on the avastclear executable nosotros copied to the desktop earlier. If a Microsoft SmartScreen warning appears (which may be the case if you’ve booted safe mode without networking) select Run. The Avast Antivirus Clear application will load.Windows 10 booted to safe mode with avastclear on desktop

  6. Stride


    Select your Avast install directory and version

    If you installed Avast at default settings, you won’t need to change much for the uninstall tool to work, but if you installed Avast or its data in a custom directory, you must click alter and browse to these. If in dubiousness, leave these path settings at their defaults, as the contents of any directory you put hither will be deleted. Now select the version you accept installed – Premium Security is the default, and click Uninstall.Select Avast removal options

  7. Step



    An uninstallation screen volition show a progress bar then written report on your uninstallation. Click Done, and so manually reboot your PC from the starting time card to exit safe manner.Avast removal complete

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Is avastclear ever a necessary tool to use?

The method detailed above is not required for a standard uninstallation of Avast Antivirus, where everything’s working as information technology should.

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