How To Reset Firestick On Laptop

How to manufactory reset Firestick
has become i of the most frequently asked questions all over the cyberspace.

The Firestick is Amazon’s affordable and accessible solution to requite y’all admission to several of the biggest blockbusters and most awaited shows on your tv set screen.

Simply its express storage chapters can significantly bear on its performance and your streaming experience.

So if you are hither considering of this nightmare, we got your back covered.

Let us look into the possible methods you tin practise to bring your Firestick back to its default factory settings.

When To Hard Reset Firestick

Performing a mill reset on your Firestick volition unlink it from your Amazon account.

Because of this, you would need to prepare upward your device again to your WiFi network. But aside from this, your Firestick will also expect equally good as new.

Since resetting your device will return information technology to its default factory settings, you should simply perform a difficult reset if you experience whatsoever of the post-obit issues:

  • Firestick keeps rebooting
  • A black screen
  • Freezing applications
  • Laggy programs
  • Random applications opening

How To Factory Reset Firestick

Like any other streaming device, your Firestick is decumbent to several malfunctions.

Simply earlier you decide to purchase a slice of new streaming equipment, you can effort any of the methods below to permit your Amazon Fire Stick reset itself.

Practise not worry considering these are easy and straightforward techniques that tin do their amuse in no time.

Manufactory Reset with Remote

reset firestick with remote

At that place are various techniques you tin can practice to perform a factory reset on your device.

The most convenient way is by using your remote control. So, if you have your remote with you, follow the guided steps below.

Method 1 – Using The Settings Menu

Step #i.
Connect your Firestick to your television and wait for a few seconds for it to finish loading.

Step #ii.
One time your device is running, access the Settings bill of fare located at the superlative of your screen.

Step #3.
Look for the My Fire TV pick on the right side of the bill of fare and click on it.

Stride #4.
Once the carte appears, curlicue down and select the Reset to Factory Defaults option. Brand sure to enter your Pivot code to go on.

Step #5.
Choose the Reset button and wait for most v to eight minutes for the entire procedure to finish.

firestick settings

Once your device has finished resetting, yous would need to prepare it up again.

Make sure to enter the right WiFi details and other essential log-in usernames and passwords to prevent error notifications from popping on your screen.

Method ii – Pressing Buttons

If your television screen all of a sudden freezes, you lot may not have access to the Settings carte du jour.

When this situation occurs, y’all can notwithstanding bring your device back to its default factory settings using your remote control. You merely need to follow these steps:

firestick remote pic

Photo byAmazon

  1. Press both the right and dorsum buttons of your remote control simultaneously for around ten seconds.
  2. Otherwise, you can also press both the play and select buttons to perform a soft reset.
  3. Afterward, follow the instructions seen on your boob tube screen to reset your device.

Factory Reset Firestick Without Pin

firestick factory reset

Resetting your Firestick through the Settings menu will prompt you to enter your Pivot.

But what steps can yous do if you lot accept forgotten this essential slice of information?

Method ane – Requesting For A New Pin

  • Go to the official Amazon website and sign in to your account.
  • Access the Settings carte and choose the Parental Controls choice.
  • From here, click on the Alter push button beside your Pin.
firestick setup

Photo by Support

  • Enter a new countersign and press Relieve. Brand sure that you accept applied this alter to your Firestick.
  • Look for a few minutes before y’all can proceed with resetting your device.

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Method 2 – Pressing Buttons

If yous want to avoid opening your Amazon business relationship, you tin can also use your remote to bypass the Pivot requirement when resetting your device.

But press both the right and back buttons for at least ten seconds. However, this technique only works on some versions of the Firestick.

Factory Reset Without Remote

reset firestick without remote

If you take a malfunctioning remote command, you lot can still perform a factory reset on your device past following these guided methods:

Method one – Downloading The Fire Television receiver App

  1. Download the Burn Goggle box application on your Android or iOS device.
  2. One time installed, connect it to the same WiFi network and launch the application.
  3. Enter your four-digit PIN and navigate the Settings card.
  4. After, choose Organization and click on the Reset To Mill Defaults option.
app firestick

Photo byGoogle Play Store

Method two – Using Another Remote Control

If you know someone with a Burn TV remote command, you can infringe it and use it to reset your streaming device.

Just pair information technology with your Firestick by pressing the Home push for well-nigh twenty seconds, and you are good to go.

But if your television has the HDMI-CEC setting, you can apply your very own remote control to admission your downloads and applications on your screen.

However, this option is only bachelor to more advanced TVs.

Manufactory Reset Firestick With Estimator

If yous ever catch yourself in a identify where you only take access to your computer, you lot tin still reset your Firestick.

Compared to the methods nosotros discussed in a higher place; this technique is not that simple.

bluestack firestick

Photo byBlueStacks

  • Stride 1.Download the BlueStacks Android emulator on your desktop or laptop.
  • Step 2.Once installed, open the application on your device. You need to expect for a couple of minutes to complete this procedure.
  • Step 3.Go to Google Play Shop and download the Burn remote application.
  • Step 4.Subsequently, launch the Burn down remote awarding on your computer, and navigate the Settings menu.
  • Pace 5.Choose Organisation and click on the Reset To Factory Defaults pick.

Streaming Has Never Been This Easy

Amazon’s one-stop solution to give its customers access to thousands of programs is its Firestick.

But loading it with besides many applications and downloads tin can result in a meaning functioning drop.

Hopefully, this guide was able to teach yous how to factory reset Firestick to get the best streaming experience at your habitation’s comfort.

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