How To Root Oneplus 7 Pro

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Y’all are using a T-Mobile OnePlus seven Pro and you desire to customize it with unlocking bootloader and rooting information technology. This guide will testify you lot how to root and install TWRP recovery on T-Mobile OnePlus vii Pro.

OnePlus vii Pro is now one of the most powerful Android flagship on the market. Those who are living in the US will have two options that are global OnePlus 7 Pro and carrier OnePlus 7 Pro, locked T-Mobile. I know many people volition cull T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro because of its cheaper toll while there is nothing dissimilar over the global version. However, different the international variant, tweaking the T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro is more than complicated. Yous can easily unlock the bootloader, gain root admission or install TWRP recovery on OnePlus 7 Pro, just the carrier T-Mobile version requires more steps. Should you are looking for means to root and install TWRP recovery on your T-Mobile OnePlsu vii Pro, this guide will help you lot.

Steps to Root T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro


  • You can only unlock your phone after you accept paid it off entirely and used your T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro for at least 40 days. Once you lot meet the requirement, you tin then unlock the bootloader past post-obit OnePlus’ online class. After that, do these steps below to unlock the bootloader.
  • Installing OTA updates will cause the root access to be lost and you will have to become through the entire process again. Simply, once you have rooted your telephone, you flash Magisk to other slots later an OTA update. All you need is to install the update equally usual
    WITHOUT REBOOTING. Later that, open Magisk Manager app, tap on “Install to inactive slot”.

Footstep 1: Toggle OEM Unlocking On

Get-go of all, you need to enable OEM Unlocking on your OnePlus first. To practice so, caput to
Settings > Nearly Phone
and tap on Build Number vii times until y’all see a message “you are now a programmer”. Return to
Settings > Programmer Options
and plough on OEM unlocking.

Enable OEM Unlocking option

Footstep 2: Annotation Your IMEI Number

The adjacent step is to note the IMEI number of your T-Mobile OnePlus vii Pro to get the unlock lawmaking. To do this, simply dial *#06# from the dialer and it will brandish on the screen.

Step iii: Get Unlock Code

Power your OnePlus 7 Pro off and kick it into Fastboot Way. You lot tin can enter the bootloader by toggling USB debugging on, install
adb and fastboot
and then enter the control “adb reboot bootloader” in cmd.

Alternatively, you can press and hold the
Volume Down + Ability
buttons to kick up your OnePlus. Subsequently that, type in “fastboot oem get_unlock_code” command in cmd. Note it down since you need it for T-Mobile’s online form.

Unlock lawmaking of T-Mobile OnePlus vii Pro

Footstep four: Fulfill the online grade to get your token

Fill up OnePlus online form

This is the place you lot demand to enter IMEI and the unlock code. After submitting it, there will be a flashable unlock token sent to yous within two weeks. You then install information technology with the following control.

                fastboot flash cust-unlock
unlock T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro

Step 5:
Unlock your phone

Download and install
adb, boot your T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro into bootloader and enter the post-obit command in cmd. (you need to open up cmd in ADB folder)

                fastboot oem unlock
unlock Bootloader OnePlus vii Pro

Step half-dozen: Install TWRP recovery

Now, yous need to install TWRP recovery before flashing Magisk root file. You take to prepare both the epitome file and the installer.nada. Download it from the link below

TWRP for T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro

After downloading them, copy the installer.naught file into the internal storage, boot your telephone into fastboot mode and run the control.

                fastboot boot twrp_file_name.img

After hitting Enter, your phone will immediately enter TWRP recovery, where yous need to flash the TWRP installer zip file. Then, kicking your T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro into OxygenOS.


7: Flash Magisk


Side by side, enter TWRP recovery once again and flash Magisk. Download Magisk from the link below and re-create it into your phone storage.

Download Magisk

That’s how to root T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro. If you lot follow all the steps properly, you lot tin exercise it with ease. Do you have whatever trouble? Let’due south know in the comment below.