How to Run Windows Apps on M1 MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini

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Apple tree’due south M1 flake has revolutionized the Mac with outstanding performance and incredibly power-efficiency. Just there’south a catch; it’s architecture is radically different from the older Intel microprocessors, and that stops you lot from dual-booting into Windows using Boot Camp. Also, popular Windows virtualization software such equally Parallels are notwithstanding to adapt to the new chipset. Don’t give upwards hope, though. If you use a MacBook Air, a MacBook Pro, or a Mac Mini with an M1 chip inside, you can still run Windows apps on it using the CrossOver compatibility layer.

What is CrossOver For Mac?

CrossOver is an application that provides a Windows compatibility layer on the Mac. It allows you to download, install, and run Windows apps in a fake Windows environment without having to install Windows itself. It’s too updated for macOS Big Sur and fully supports the Apple M1 chip. Here’s The Witcher 3: Wild Chase running — almost — perfectly on an M1 Mac with CrossOver.

Not all Windows apps may run well on CrossOver, however. And then, it’s best to head over to the CrossOver compatibility database and check out the compatibility rating — on a scale of ane-5 stars — for whatever specific Windows app that y’all want to run on your M1 Mac. You can also check that before installing an app in CrossOver itself.

That said, CrossOver isn’t free — information technology costs $14.95 for a single license or $20.95 for a license with 12 months of support. However, it does offer a fully functional 14-day trial, which is what we recommend that you utilise first.

How to Run Windows Apps on M1 Macs

Installing CrossOver is not complicated in the slightest. Merely head over to the CodeWeavers website and download CrossOver. Then, install CrossOver just similar you would whatever other programme and you’re set up to go.

The following steps volition bear witness you how to use CrossOver to install and run a Windows-just plan on an M1 Mac.

Step one:
Launch CrossOver.

Step 2:
Select the
Install a Windows Application

CrossOver Main UI

Stride 3:
Type the name of the Windows application that yous want to install. Then, selection information technology from the search suggestions. Equally an example, let’due south search for and selection the charting platform MetaTrader 4.

CrossOver Search

Step 4:
You will run across a compatibility rating for the selected program — equally long as the app has a rating of at least three stars, you should be able to run the app without major bug. Ideally, however, a program should have 4-5 stars to run properly. If you want to go along, select

CrossOver Rating

Step 5:
Select an installer source. Usually, CrossOver volition automatically come up up with a direct download link for an app and yous won’t have to do annihilation. But in some cases, you must manually download the program’s installer using your web browser and select the file from your Mac’s download folder — use the
Cull installer file
Choose installer folder
to do that and select
Go on.

CrossOver Installer Source

Stride 6:
Select a “canteen.” But what is it? A “bottle” is basically the simulated Windows environment that you must use to run the selected program. In nearly instances, CrossOver will automatically select the correct “bottle,” and so simply click

CrossOver Bottles

Step vii:
Install the app. CrossOver will automatically download the required files — or use the files from the download installer — and brainstorm to install the program. It will also install any dependencies that the awarding needs to run properly.

CrossOver Install Program

Stride 8:
You may accept to deal with a few popular-up prompts forth the way. If CrossOver fails to add together something, information technology will enquire you to
— if information technology fails repeatedly, consider skipping the file.

Pace ix:
Later installing the program, select the
icon from the summit-left of the CrossOver window. Then, select the plan “canteen” on the side-bar and double-click the programme’s icon to run it.

CrossOver Run Program

If CrossOver managed to install the program properly, yous should be able to apply it without issues.

CrossOver makes it ridiculously piece of cake to run numerous Windows apps on your M1 Mac. Not every app will work optimally (and some won’t run at all), but that’southward every bit adept every bit it gets for the time beingness. And then, what are your thoughts about CrossOver? Sound off in the comments below.


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