How To Save Password In Superputty

Learn how to relieve PuTTY output in logfile locally on the desktop. Of import settings to be done on PuTTY client before you kickoff your sysadmin work!

Save PuTTY session output in file on desktop

PuTTY is one of the widely used SSH, telnet client to connect Linux Unix servers. Its open up-source software and can be downloaded here. This commodity is
intended to beginners
who just stepped into the command-line earth of *aught. Experienced sysadmins already knew what this article is all about!

Virtually of the beginners are non familiar with PuTTY settings and they just use default ones. This leaves them into two troubles :

  1. If the control output is too long, it scrolls up the PuTTY screen and the output commencement is non visible.
  2. Afterwards closing the PuTTY session, the user won’t have a trace of what he did in his session.

To avoid them nosotros demand to tweak few settings in PuTTY and gear up them in default ones. So that next time you fire up PuTTY client, information technology starts with tweaked settings as default and makes your life like shooting fish in a barrel!

How to increment PuTTY curlicue length

Many times your output is long enough to scroll across PuTTY screen buffer and you won’t be able to get to the beginning of the output. To avoid this you demand to increase the screen buffer size in settings. Allow’s run into how to practice it. Open PuTTY and select ‘Window‘ on left side pane equally below :

Putty scrollback size

Y’all will exist presented with settings folio on the right which has a field where you tin set up ‘Lines of scrollback‘. Enter the number of your choice here (big enough). That’due south information technology. Now PuTTY will be having a scroll buffer of the number of lines you specified. Never lost your output beyond scroll!

How to save PuTTY session output on local storage

The next challenge is users don’t get any logs saved by default in PuTTY. So in case you want to a checklist of commands y’all ran and their outputs, information technology’s not possible to cheque (in one case y’all shut your session). Here session logging comes to rescue. Let’due south come across how to gear up it. Open PuTTY and select ‘Logging‘ nether ‘Session‘ on the left pane.

Save putty session logs

You will nowadays with logging settings on right. Session logging is off by default. Yous need to check bullet box next to ‘All session output‘ to log all session output in file. Provide log file name using browse push (specify where to salve logs on your system). Yous tin utilize parameters like &Y, &Thou (meanings listed below choice), so that every fourth dimension you first a new session, new logfile have unique name. This will avoid overwriting existing file with same name.

PuTTY likewise offers you to fix options what to do when it finds file proper name already existing on specified path. You lot can cull to overwrite, suspend or ask user.

Now whatever commands you type and outputs you lot meet in your session will be saved equally information technology is in a file on your figurer as well. These log files can exist opened in notepad/Wordpad to view subsequently. Be sure you lot don’t leave your session running with commands similar a tiptop (which continuously changes data on the screen for infinite time). Considering this will fill upwardly your logfiles fast and you may end upwards filling your local hard disk drive!

Save customized settings in PuTTY equally default settings

At present you learned these two settings which are very much of import to gear up merely you don’t want to set information technology everything yous fire upwardly PuTTY customer. Yous tin relieve them as default settings!

Open PuTTY and do the above changes. Now, click and select ‘Session‘ on left pane which will bring you back to the client home screen.

PuTTY default setting

Now click and select ‘Default Settings‘ as shown above and click ‘Salvage‘. That’s information technology! Your customized settings are at present saved as default settings. At present whenever you start PuTTY customer it volition start with your customized settings.

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