How To Scan On Galaxy S10

Would you like to know how to
browse QR code

in Samsung Galaxy S10 Smartphone device? Well, this step-by-pace tutorial will testify you how yous can turn On and Off QR Codes Scan in Samsung Milky way S10 device.

Today in every product packaging, be it any product, we find a QR code. The visitor asks its customers to browse the QR code to find some more than details nigh the brand or to run across some existing offers and discounts. In such a case, we need to turn on our scan QR code settings from our camera. Unless you turn on scan QR lawmaking fashion in Samsung Galaxy S10 on your camera volition not grab up any codes. So before you put your camera over a code, make sure you plow it on from the settings.

This detailed tutorial volition evidence you how to scan QR code in Samsung Galaxy S10. All android phone does not take this feature and if you need assistance, feel free to drop us a bulletin.

How To Scan QR Code In Samsung Galaxy S10?

Most of the android devices do have the inbuilt QR Lawmaking Scanning option and you can enable that from your settings carte du jour. Allow’s see how to capture the QR Code using the telephone’s inbuilt pick.

Method 1:

Footstep 1– At the offset, unlock your phone and navigate the carte “Camera” from your smart abode screen.

Step 2– Every bit the photographic camera app opens, look at the extreme left meridian corner of the screen to find the
camera settings.

camera settings

Step three– Click on the camera and then select scan QR code. Information technology must turn blue when you tap on the carte du jour. The blue colour is the indication that the scan QR code mode is enabled.


If yous are going to utilize the QR Code for the very first time, you lot beginning need to enable the QR code scanner from app’s Settings menu. Next fourth dimension onwards, yous tin skip this process and simply launch the QR reader.

  • To do that, first the Samsung Internet app.
  • Tap on the 3 vertical lines at the bottom correct of your telephone/or screen.
  • From there, go to ‘settings‘>”Useful features.”
  • Now brand sure to drag the radio button right to turn on the QR code scanner on

Camera QR CODE

Stride 4– At present press the dorsum button twice and return back to the page where the QR code is displayed. Angle your photographic camera towards the QR code.

The camera volition automatically blot the QR code and the following website will open upwardly on your phone screen. This way, you lot can scan whatsoever code you lot like to whenever and wherever you want.

In instance you desire to disable the browse QR code fashion, practise this same process all over again. In one case you disable, it will turn black again. Then you volition know that the scan QR code fashion has been disabled on Samsung Galaxy S10.

Method two:

If the inbuilt QR Code scan is not available on your android device or the bixby vision, and then you can opt-in for the alternative procedure to Scan QR Code In Samsung Milky way S10.

Footstep 1: Open up
Google Play Store
and search with the keyword “QR Lawmaking Scanner” or ‘code reader app’
and hit the search push button. You can alternatively utilise this link too. It volition return a list of available apps which lets you scan QR codes.

Step two: Open and installed your desired apps from the list of displayed apps for the search query ‘QR Code Scanner’.

Footstep 3:
Open up the QR code scanner app and focus on the QR lawmaking which yous need to capture and once and it will successfully capture the QR code every bit requested.

We hope this tutorial has been a great help to you every bit information technology was written in simple language. If you have been benefited from this tutorial to Scan QR Lawmaking In Samsung Galaxy S10, recommend it to your friends, family companions.