How To Scan On Samsung S21

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Scanning your documents with your telephone whenever you desire is helpful because y’all may not have enough time to become to a shop to scan your files, and those with hybrid and remote work require a scanner most of the time. A scanner machine is no longer needed to scan documents because many third-party apps and mobile phones have scanners inside to bank check your paper whenever and wherever y’all want.
This Techschumz post will bear witness you multiple means to scan documents on Samsung Galaxy Phones running on Android 12 and 11.

Two methods to scan documents on
Samsung Galaxy phones

(S22, S21, and S20)

Method one.
Scan and send documents from your Samsung Phone via the Microsoft Office App

Office is a productivity app that combines Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into a single app for document, spreadsheet, presentation, and file management. Information technology also works as a scanner, so you can quickly scan work or personal documents and share them with others. So, to browse a document as a PDF file on your Samsung phone (S22, S21, S20), follow the steps below.

Step one.
Install the
“Microsoft Role”
app from the
“Google Play Shop”
on your Samsung device, then open it from the device’s home screen.

Open up the “Office” app.

Step ii.
Now the app
requires permission to access your device storage. Tap on
“Got it”
to permit the app to go access.

Now tap on the “Got it” to permit the app to access your device's storage.
Choose the “Got it” choice.

Step three.
Next, it requires permission to have pictures and video recordings and select the

To permit app access to take pictures and record videos tap on the “Allow” option.
Tap on the “Allow” selection.

Pace 4.
The following requirement is getting access to your Samsung Milky way phone’south files, photos, and media. Select
“Allow information technology”
to permit it.

Permit the app to access photos and files on your device by selecting the “Allow” option.
Choose the “Allow” option.

Footstep 5.
Now, tap on the

sign at the bottom of the app’s screen.

Tap on the “Plus sign” now.
Tap on the “Plus sign.”

Step 6.
Now tap on the
selection to scan a document with your Android device.

Choose the “Scan” option to scan a document with an Android device.
Tap on the “Browse” option.

Step 7.
Now put your document in front of the camera, and so tap on the

Place your document and tap on the “Camera icon” to capture it.
Tap on the “Camera Icon” selection.

Pace viii.
Next, tap on
if it’southward okay. If not, tap
information technology and check again.

Now tap to “Confirm” or “Cancel” it.
Tap to “Confirm” or “Cancel” information technology.

Step 9.
There are many options at the bottom of the apps page if y’all want to modify them; on the other mitt, at that place is
which means tap on it to terminate the scanning process.

img 4945 How To Scan Documents On Samsung Galaxy Phones
Choose the “Done” selection.

Step 10.
You accept done scanning. Now, you can
“Edit, Delete or share”
it by selecting whatever options.

Tap to edit, delete or share the scanned document by tapping on the list of options there.
Tap to edit, Delete or Share the scanned document.

Step 12.
To do more with the file, tap on the file and select the
“Three dots”
from the upper correct corner of the screen.

Tap on the “three dots” in the upper right corner of the screen.
Tap on the “Three dots.”

Method ii. Scan documents as a PDF on the Samsung Galaxy via the Google Drive app

Google Drive is a secure app for storing and accessing your contempo and important files by searching for file names and content while offline. One of the most important features is that it also functions every bit a scanner, then follow the steps below to learn how to scan PDF on Samsung Galaxy.

Step 1.
Open the
“Google Drive”
app on your device.

Open the “Google Drive” app to scan document with an Android Phone.
Go to the “Google Drive” app.

Stride ii.
Next, tap on the

sign at the bottom of the screen.

img 4896 How To Scan Documents On Samsung Galaxy Phones
Tap on the “Plus” sign.

Footstep three.
Here are many options. Now select
to scan your documents.

img 4912 How To Scan Documents On Samsung Galaxy Phones
Select the “Scan” option.

Pace four.
Now, by borer on the “Camera” icon, you tin capture your certificate’due south photo.

Tap on the “Camera icon” to scan PDF on Samsung Galaxy.
Tap on the “Camera Icon.”

Step 5.
If you want to rescan your certificate, tap

simply if yous’re okay with it, tap

If you agree with the captured picture, tap on “Ok” if not, select the “Retry” option.
Tap on the “Retry” or “Ok” pick.

Step vi.
At present yous tin crop the browse of your document the way yous want past tapping the

To crop the first picture, tap on the “Crop Icon.”
Select the “Crop Icon”.

Step 7.
After cropping the picture, select the
option at the bottom of the cropped image.

Now you have cropped the picture, tap on the done to scan documents on Samsung Galaxy Phones
Tap on “Done.”

Step 8. You can
rotate the scanned document past choosing the “Rotate” sign here.

Rotate the scanned document by tapping on the “Rotate” sign.
Tap on the “Rotate” option.

Stride nine.
Tap on the

sign if you want to make more changes to your scanned file.

Tap on the “Paint” option to make more changes to it.
Tap on the “Paint” option.

Step 10.
Finally, tap on the “Plus” sign in the left corner if you want to scan more documents. If non, cull the
selection from the lesser of the screen to salve your file.

Save it, or if you want to add another scan, choose the “Plus” sign.
Tap to “relieve” it.

Step xi.
Here, give your document a
and cull a location for it.

Tap to save the scanned document.
Save the scanned document.

That’due south it! This is how you can scan your documents using the Google Bulldoze app on your Samsung phone.

Final words

This article taught you how to scan documents on Samsung Galaxy phones using Microsoft Office and the Google Drive app. If you have any suggestions or questions well-nigh these two methods, please leave them in the comments section below.

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